Ahmad Makki & Nicole Saba in Samir Abu Ennil

Ahmad Makki in Samir Abu Ennil

Egyptian actor/singer Ahmad Makki teams up in his latest movie "Samir Abu Ennil" with Lebanese actress/singer Nicole Saba.

The movie is -as usual- a comedy, about Samir, an Egyptian citizen who criticizes social phenomenon in Egypt and is sarcastic about all what's happening in Egypt after the Revolution.
He also is some sort of "baltaji" who bullies the people living in his neighborhood and tries to control their lives and take their money!

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Hidden Evil, First Saudi Horror Film

Hidden Evil movie poster

The 5th Asian film festival 2012, which was held in Jeddah last week, saw the screening of the first ever all-Saudi Horror film "Hidden Evil" or الشرالخفي, among other films.
It's a breath of fresh air to see that the Saudi film business is evolving bit by bit and venturing into different genres.
The film, which was also screened at the Dubai Film Festival, received wide recognition and loads of positive feedback.
The story of the film revolves around a villa, located in on the outskirts of a city, and which is believed to be haunted.
Tenants who rent the villa from its owner, usually run in the opposite direction only days after moving into the villa, after getting scared out of their wits because of an evil haunting the place.

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Finally An Oscar for An Arabic Movie?

hala la wein poster

Is this the year when finally an Arabic movie wins an Oscar?

This year, there's an array of movies that deserve an Oscar, one of which is definitely Nadine Labaki's "Hala' La Wein?"
The others include the Moroccan/Algerian movie "Omar Qatalani" and Egyptian movie "Al Shaouq".

If you haven't heard of "Omar Qatalani", it's a strong movie with a brave look at Justice and the judicial system. It is said that Justice is a blindfolded woman that is honest and chooses the guilty and the innocent conscientiously ... but the truth is otherwise! There is no blindfold and the choice is in many cases based on race, color or religion and not on truth and facts!

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Battle of The Ahmads! Makki Vs. Helmi!

Ahmad Makki & Ahmad Helmi Movies

The Eid is the perfect time for movie releases in Egypt. This year the battle is that of the "comedy" ! Only four new releases after three withdrew just before the Eid.

The competition is among "XLarge", "Cima Ali Baba", "Kaf El Qamar" and "Amn Dawlat".
But the real battle is between the two main comedians Ahmad Makki and Ahmad Helmi.

Makki's movie "Cima Ali Baba" is divided into two parts; Hazlakum Fil Fadaa which takes place in space on planet Rifo and Al Dik Fil Isha which takes place in a chicken coop!

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Nadine Labaki Movie Wins Award

Nadine Labaki movie

Nadine Labaki seems to be doing well and her movies are getting worldwide recognition.
Her latest movie "Where do we go now?" won an award the people's choice award at the Toronto International Film Festival this past weekend.

The movie is a feminine comedy about women in a village during the war in Lebanon.
The women, who are close friends, try everything in their power to stop their men from participating in the religious war that's going on.

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Nadine Njeim Hot & Heavy in Sorry Mom

Nadine Njeim in Sorry Mom

Former Miss Lebanon Nadine Njeim has been climbing the ladder in an acting career she started a couple of years ago.
She started with Rijal Al Hasm and then Matloub Rijal and now she's going to venture in the world of cinema in the new Lebanese movie "Sorry Mom".
The movie, which is a Thriller, is about a wife and mother, who struggles after the kidnapping of her only son and the murder of her husband.
You can imagine the vicious circle she gets into when seeking revenge!
Nadine takes on a bold role and courageously does a few controversial scenes and some hot and heavy kissing!

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Bushra & Sexual Harassment in "6,7,8"

678 Movie Poster

Do you like Egyptian singer / actress Bushra?
I used to hate her as a singer, but as an actress I guess she passes with a B !

Bushra stars in a movie entitled "6,7,8" about the under-discussed issue of sexual harassment.
The movie sheds light on three Egyptian women who have been sexually harassed and how that has changed their lives ... mostly to the worst!

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Helmy vs. Maki?

Helmy vs. Maki new flims

Every summer there is the awaited smack down between all the summer movies- of which there are always many. This year the two big movies and actors everyone's watching are from the 'new' generation: Ahmed Helmy and Ahmed Maki! And it seems experience did not trump this year and Ahmed Maky's movie has done insanely well in the box office grossing a total of more than 10million E.P (over $1.75 million) in just 2 weeks! 'La Taraga, La Tastaslam' stars Makya and the likes of Donia Sameer Ghanim and Ezat Abou Ouf and its gripping and hilarious story has grabbed the attention of the masses.

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Binten Men Masr, Encouraging Immorality?

Saba Mubarak and Zeina

"Binten Men Masr" is the latest Egyptian movie causing controversy.
The movie which discusses important social issues, most importantly shedding light on the problems of unmarried women in the Egyptian society.
The movie has been accused of tarnishing the image of the Egyptian girl and encouraging obscenity and immorality!

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What's The Deal with Kalemni Shukran?

Kalemni Shukran

Have you seen the new Egyptian movie 'Kalemni Shukran' ?
It has stirred up quite the criticism!
One Egyptian critic thinks that with this movie, the Egyptian movie industry has reached a new low!
The movie seems to get a few strange messages across; Kudos to the Egyptian police; they're perfect! Naguib Sawiris is the angel of businessmen! The only solution to getting over your poverty is prostitution!!!

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Adrenaline, Flop or Not?


One of the much talked about movies this past Eid was the Egyptian movie "Adrenaline".
The movie is from the Horror / Suspence genre, which isn't dealt with much in the Egyptian movie business.
The movie stars Khaled Al Sawi, Ghada Abdel Razek and Jordanian actor Iyad Nassar.
This is also the acting debut of Star Academy heartthrob Hani Hussein, who took on the role of the villain!

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Awlad El Am Tops Amir Al Bihar

Awlad El Am Poster

Egyptian movies are in constant competition; which has a bigger budget? which gets in the most revenue? which has the biggest all-star cast?
During The Eid, two movies competed for the top place in the box office and both were pretty close, until Awlad El Am jumped ahead with a whopping 8.174.000 EGP!
It seems action movies always get ahead of comedies, don't you think so?

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Hinedi Breaks Box Office Record with "Amir Al Bihar"

hinedi in amir al bihar

Egyptian actor Mohammad Hinedi is always on top of his game when it comes to those comedy movies of his!
His latest one, released just in time for the Eid, is entitled "Amir Al Bihar" or Sea Admiral, and sheds light on the problem of modern-day pirates terrorising ships these days.
The movie proved to be a hit and the numbers rolling in are the real proof!

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A $150M Movie About Prophet Mohammed

Snap from Lord of the rings

Would you watch a movie about prophet Mohammed if there was one? The thought might not have entered your mind yet but, you’d better start thinking about it because there is a plan to make a movie about him. The plan to make the Prophet Mohammed movie was announced at the closing of the Tribeca Film Festival on Sunday. And it seems that the plan is very solid indeed since the producer has been named already.

The producer is not just anybody. Does the name Barrie Osborne ring a bell? He is the one who produced ‘The Lord of the Rings” and “The Matrix.”

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