Miss Lebanon 2013 is Karen Ghraoui

Miss Lebanon 2013 is Karen Ghraoui

Lebanese beauty Karen Ghraoui has been crowned Miss Lebanon 2013 in a lavish event held at the BIEL Center on Sunday night.

Karen studies Interior design at the AUB. She wishes for peace in Lebanon and the world and her answer to one of the questions she was asked by the judges about what she sees on the news every night, she said that she hates to see a mother crying over her child.

22-year-old Karen stole the crown from 15 other girls dreaming to become beauty queens.
First runner up is Jose Rita Azizi, while Christina Dagher came in as second runner up.

Karen hopes to represent the beauty and goodness of Lebanon and its people.

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Rina, Romy Chibany Win Miss Lebanon 2012

Rina and Romy Chibany

If you're wondering why my title has the names of two girls ... that's because twins Rina and Romy both won at the 2012 Miss Lebanon beauty pageant!
Wow! They are twins and one of them won the title, while the other became her 1st runner up! How can you chose between identical twins?!

Sisters Rina and Romy Chibany, 21, participated in the event which was held in Beirut on Saturday night. They were among 16 beauties who competed for the title and the crown.

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Yara Khouri-Mikhael is Miss Lebanon 2011

Yara Khouri-Mikhael

Yara Khouri-Mikhael won Miss Lebanon 2011.
16 Lebanese beauties competed on the title and Tiara of Miss Lebanon 2011, in a night held in Beirut Souks.
Only 5 girls reached the finals.

The 4th runner up is Pamela Jabbour.
The 3rd runner up is Paloma Mady.
The 2nd runner up is Sonia-Lynn Gabriel.
The 1st runner up is Carolina Nassar.

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Miss Lebanon 2011 LIVE (with video)

Miss Lebanon 2011

Tonight, beauties from all over Lebanon compete for the sparkling title and Tiara of Miss Lebanon 2011. Tonight, Miss Lebanon 2010, Rahaf Abdallah, presents her crown to a new young woman that will represent Lebanon in the Miss World pageant.
The event is being held at the Beirut souks in the Lebanese capital.
The event starts with a performance inspired by the Roman Phoenician history of Lebanon.
The beauties strut their stuff and are welcomed on stage as Phoenician Venuses.

The panel of judges is a star studded one, with Reem Acra, Guy Manoukian and former beauty queen Dina Azar and some other VIP's.
Super star Ragheb Alamah is the star entertaining tonight.

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Miss Lebanon 2010: Rahaf Abdallah Wears the Tiara

Miss Lebanon 201

Friday evening, 8th July 2010, marked the crowning of Miss Lebanon 2010. The show started with 16 contestants all from different parts of Lebanon. This year none of the contestants have done any modeling or such in the past as a new rule for the competition. The show had its ups and downs, Lebanese superstar Ragheb Alama and Haifa Wehbe where the star guest each singing two of their known songs and entertaining the audience. Somehow Haifa managed to blind everyone with the bright colors she decided to wear.

Photos of Miss Lebanon 2010 Rahaf Abdallah

Photos Rahaf Abdallah

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Rosarita Tawil is Miss Lebanon 2008

Rosarita Tawil

Last night was a special night for a young Lebanese girl ... she was crowned Miss Lebanon 2008.
20-year-old Rosarita Tawil has competed with 18 beauties from around Lebanon for a title, the title of the most beautiful girl in Lebanon!
Rosarita was crowned by former Miss Lebanon, Nadine Njeim after a night of parading around a huge stage and answering some critical questions.
Rosarita, who is a Leo, is a student of Business Administration in AUB and her hobbies include swimming, reading and traveling.
She wishes to represent her country in the most honorable way through winning this prestigious title.

Congratulations Rosarita!

Miss Lebanon 2008

A lucky girl will be wearing a crown and the title of Miss Lebanon 2008 next Friday!
Who will this beauty be?
Last Friday in the gardens of LBC, 18 beauties from around Lebanon went through a series of tests and questions to qualify for the finals of Miss Lebanon 2008.
The event, which was hosted by Toni Baroud, was graced by the attendance of one of Lebanon's most famous stars, Haifa Wehbe! She performed some of her newest singles from her latest album 'Habibi Ana'.
The girls on the other hand, were under lots of stress, for only 12 of them were going to qualify for the finals.

Photos of Miss Lebanon 2008 Contestants

Pictures of Miss Lebanon 2008 contestants

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Nadine Njeim : Miss Lebanon 2007

nadine njeim

After a night full of beauty at Casino Du Liban, only one girl wore the tiara & carried the title of Miss Lebanon 2007 ... 19-year-old Nadine Njeim was crowned by the former Miss Lebanon Gabrielle Bou Rached.
This is really funny, this is the second Nadine Njeim that wins a Miss Lebanon title!
Nadine will be represnting Lebanon in the Miss Universe 2007 pageant, which will be heald in Mexico on May 27th. Good Luck!
The two runner-ups are Maha Khoury & Sahar Sbeity.

Miss lebanon or Miss Troll!

These are the worst bunch of so-called contestants I have ever seen. I thought to myself - ok there not pretty but they MUST be smart - Bull-crap. They could not even answer the simple questions that were asked of them and many kept tripping on their dresses. Geeze Lebanon why is it that year after year the most gorgeous and smartest contestant is overlooked. My grandmother is better looking then most of these contestants. My God there is one that looks like she was the vampire in Van Helsein.

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