Maya Diab Look-Alike is Stunning!

Maya Diab and Heba Nour

Spotting similarities among the stars is becoming more and more a common thing in the past years like a hairdo, make-up, dress … however the similarities between Syrian actress Heba Nour and Lebanese singer Maya Diab is somehow spooky especially that the two aren't related at all!

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Maya Diab Blue Peekaboo Dress .. Tacky?

Maya Diab has been known for her bold choices of fashion ... designs that catch the eye and leave spectators wondering whether what she's wearing is sexy or just vulgar!!
She opts for revealing designs .. cuts that show a lot of skin, sometimes overtly, other times discretely.

During this year's Cannes Film Festival, she wore two dresses made jaws drop! Whether the dropping happened in a negative or positive sense, that's for you to decide!

Maya Diab Blue Peekaboo Dress

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Maya Diab's New Huge Tattoo!

Tattoo Maya Diab

Have you seen Maya Diab's new tattoo? It's shocking! Simple as that!
Maya has been under the radar for some time now, but appeared at a Makeup For Ever event yesterday in Beirut.
Maya turned heads as she sported a huge tattoo stretching from her shoulder down to her ankle!

Some people thought it was a fake tattoo, but it turns out that it's an actual tattoo that Maya got done by a professional Korean tattoo artist in several sittings.

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Maya Diab Make Up For Ever Daring Ad Campaign (Photos)

Maya Diab Make Up For Ever Ad Campaign

Lebanese singer Maya Diab posted new photos on her facebook fans page showing her coming out of a swimming pool and looks all wet...
These photo which some people considered daring and revealing are part of Maya Diab advertising campaign of her “Special Edition Aqua Trousse” by Make Up For Ever.

Maya Diab Make Up For Ever Ad Campaign Photos

Maya Diab Make Up For Ever Ad Campaign Photos

If you happen to be in Dubai tomorrow, you can meet Maya at Paris Gallery in Dubai Mall at 6.30 pm where she be launching her “Special Edition Aqua Trousse”.

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Ramy and Maya Sawa Video Clip (Photos)

Ramy Ayach and Maya Diab Sawa Clip

These are photos from the new video clip of Lebanese singers Ramy Ayach and Maya Diab for the song 'Sawa' or 'Together'.
The song beat and lyrics are really nice; Ramy's voice is one of the best voices these days and though i'm not a big fan of Maya, I believe this collaboration is successful.

Ramy and Maya Sawa Music Video Photos

Ramy and Maya Sawa Photos

Also along with these photos, you will find photos from Ramy and Maya open air party during Albatron Festival in Lebanon.

You can read about Ramy and Maya collaboration here: Maya Diab Teams Up with Ramy Ayach

Watch Ramy Ayach and Maya Diab Sawa Music Video

Maya Diab Wins Most Elegant Dress at the Murex D’or

Maya Diab at the Murex D’or 2010

Two weeks after the Murex D’or 2010, MTV Lebanon conducted a research to see who the best dressed female at the Murex D’or was. In a live show 1998 Miss Lebanon and host Clemense Ackhar announced the winner. Maya Diab, the ex- 4 cats star and the now reformed actress won it.

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Maya Diab Considering a New Lebanese Series

Maya Diab

Maya Diab, who is very pretty in my eyes, is considering a new Lebanese series, I hope she does I think she was good on “kalam Neswan”. She says she doesn’t want to make a final decission yet she want to read the scenario first, im sure she’s going to be busy since she’s going on a tour with Ziad AL Rahbani for the premiere of ‘’Mniha’’. The tour is going to take place soon in Paris and other Arab cities.

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Maya Diab Celebrates her Birthday & her Marriage

Maya Diab, one of the 4 Cats, celebrated her birthday last Saturday among a group of friends, Family & Lebanese celebrities, like Ghassan Rahbani & Toni Baroud.
During this party, she also celebrated entering into the golden cage of marriage! Maya got married in Switzerland a few weeks back to a rich business man, after a long love relationship.

This gave her a chance to celebrate her marriage in a simple way with all her loved ones, but she is still thinking of holding a huge party for the special occasion.
You know, Maya is really cute ... But she should have put on a bit more clothes ... Don't you think?

Oh! What am I saying! That's non of my business! ... I guess the one that should be saying something is her husband !!!

Photos of Maya Diab

Maya Diab

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