Carole Samaha Ties The Knot

Carole Samaha and husband walid

Carole Samaha has entered the golden cage of matrimony! She posted wedding photos on her Twitter account .. and what beautiful photos they are!
Carole wed Egyptian businessman Walid Mustafa and looked like a Greek empress in a Greek style wedding gown by Zuhair Murad.

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Carole Samaha’s Surprise Birthday Party

Carole Samaha was totally surprised by the secret birthday cake that the cast crew of the ‘Al Saida’ play brought her during their practice.

Carole Samaha Birthday Party

Carole said that she enjoyed this surprise birthday party a lot and thanked every one of the cast and she even posted photos of her on instagram while cutting the birthday cake.

Carole Samaha Birthday Party and Practice Photos

Carole Samaha Birthday and Practice Photos

Happy Belated Birthday Carole :)

Carole Samaha Vs. Kim Kardashian in Herve Leger

Carole Samaha is one of the judges on the talent show X Factor, and on last week's prime she wore a body-hugging, Herve Leger dress, just like the one Kim Kardashian wore at a red carpet event in 2012.

Carole Vs. Kim in Herve Leger

The difference is Carole wore the dress in gold & black, while Kim wore it in gold & white.

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Carole Samaha Stuns at Casino Du Liban

Carole Samaha

Carole Samaha chose to celebrate New Year's Eve in Lebanon and specifically in Casino Du Liban.
Her concert was a "full house" and she stunned the audience not only with her performance, but with her eye-catching dress.

She also voiced her wishes for 2013 and stated that she hopes the new year will be that of peace and stability for the Arab world and that the year brings lots of love and happiness for everyone.

What do you think of Carole's dress? Daring? Sexy? Classy?

Carole Samaha Fills The Hole in Her Life With... Botox?

Carole Samaha

So it's nothing new that plastic surgery is popular among celebrities whether Arab or Western and whilst some have chosen to deny it -even though the effects of surgery are obvious- others have been candid about their plastic surgery experience. It seems Carole Samaha fits into the latter category admitting that after finishing her last album she had surgery to make her lips look bigger! She claims she did so that she would 'look her age' and hence appear more credible to her audience... but I don't understand how altering the way you look makes you appear 'credible'?!

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Carol Samaha: Obsessed With Music and Ecstatic for Haifa

Carol Samaha

In an in-depth interview on ‘Sukut Hanghani’ TV show, Lebanese singer Carol Samaha opened up about her love for music, why she doesn’t like performing in Lebanon and more.

Carol said that Lebanon is currently filled with music Mafias who control the concerts, the venues and the singers that perform in them and unfortunately a lot of Lebanese singers are part of them. It is because of this that Carol prefers to have her concerts outside Lebanon especially in countries like Egypt where artists have their rights preserved and are treated with a lot of respect.

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What Carole Samaha Really Thinks of Elissa

Carole Samaha

I guess there's real rivalry ... or is it jealousy! among Lebanese singers and they're not "hush hush" when it comes to their opinion of each other's songs and albums!
Carole Samaha gave a bold opinion on Elissa’s new album “Tisadaa Bi Min” saying that Elissa sings unrealistic fairy tales that concentrate only a happiness. Carole continued to say that Elissa only sings about romance and dreamy love stories, where the lovers go through problems and then the story ends as usual, with a surprising happy ending.

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Carole Samaha on a Busy Tour!

Carole in Abu Dhabi

Lebanese singer Carole Samaha has been very busy the past few weeks and will be busy for at least the coming two!
Carole was in Egypt last week, signing covers of her latest album and holding radio and TV interviews with Noujoum FM and Melody.
After Egypt, Carole jetted off to Abu Dhabi, Morocco and Sharm El Sheikh for concerts.

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Valentine's Day with Carole Samaha

Valentine's Day with Carole Samaha

If you happen to be in Beirut during Valentine's Day, you can whisk your better half to Casino Du Liban for a romantic concert with Carole Samaha! That's if you happen to be a Carole Samaha fan!
Carole will be holding her first concert in Lebanon since releasing her new album 'Hdoudi Essama' at La Salle des Ambassadeurs on February 13th, just in time for Valentine's Day.

Where will you be spending your Valentine's Day?

Carole Samaha Scores with 'Khalik Bi Halak'

Carole Samaha Hdoudi Essama Album Cover

What do you think of Carole Samaha's latest album and the songs it contains?
If you like them, then you'd be happy to know that her album 'Hdoudi Essama' -Sky's The Limit- has won best & strongest album of 2009 in a poll conducted by radio station 'Syria Al Ghad'.
Her song 'Khalik Bi Halak' -Mind Your Own Business- also competed with many songs from popular Arab singers, and won the bet!

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Carole Samaha Jizzin Concert

Carole Samaha in Jizzin

Another successful concert for Lebanese singer Carole Samaha took place recently in Jizzin in Lebanon with an audience that reached almost 20,000.

Everyone enjoyed the night including kids and elderly people, who sang and danced along with Carole. At one point, one guy even climbed over the stage and danced with Carole!

These are some photos from Carole's concert in Jizzin. Enjoy!

photos Carole concert Jizzin

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Carole Samaha at Shabib Festival

carole samaha at shabib music festival

One of the many annual musical festivals in Jordan is the Shabib Festival.
It's not as huge as Jerash Festival but it always attracted stars and thousands of music lovers.
A few days ago, Lebanese singer Carole Samaha held a concert as part of the festival at the Roman Theater in down town Amman.

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