Assi Hilani Undergoes Hip Surgery

Lebanese star and The Voice judge, underwent hip surgery last week and is currently recuperating.
Assi posted photos of himself in his sick-bed but reassured his fans that he's recovering and is feeling well and will be up and going ASAP.

Assi Hilani

Assi was well enough to receive guests, one of which was fellow The Voice judge, Saber Robai.
Assi was ordered by doctors to relax and get as much rest as possible, since hip surgery is a bit tricky!
But the even more tricky part of all this, is that Assi will have to be on his feet by February 22nd, because that's when the LIVE episodes of The Voice begin!

In all cases, we all wish Assi a speedy recovery and lots of health.

Ragheb Alama & Maya Diab on New Year's Eve

Get ready for an explosive New Year's Eve concert ... that's if you're in Dubai for the occasion!

Lebanese mega star Ragheb Alama will be joining forces with Maya Diab to ring in 2014.
The concert will be held at the Hotel Conrad Dubai.

Ragheb Alama & Maya Diab

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Maya Nasri is a Mommy

Maya Nasri and husband Ihab welcomed a little baby girl, whom they named Mickaella.
The couple kept the happy news under wraps until a couple of days ago, when Maya released a statement about their bundle of joy saying:
"On Oct. 5th 2013, a most beautiful baby was born, a gift from the Lord to our little family, our daughter and treasure, Mickaella."

Maya Nasri is a Mommy

Maya and director Ihab Lamii got married back in 2011.
At that time, wedding photos and videos flooded the net and people were surprised by the happy news.

Congratulations Maya!

Assi Hillani in Miss Lebanon 2013

Assi Hillani

The much awaited beauty pageant Miss Lebanon 2013 is just around the corner.
Next week, Sunday Sept. 1st, the event will be held in Casino du Liban.

The guest star of the event will be Lebanese megastar Assi Hillani.

Assi will also be holding a couple of concerts in Lebanon in September, part of Nabay festival and the annual Anjar festival.

Aline Khalaf Ties The Knot in Cyprus

It seems getting married in Cyprus is a trend nowadays!
Lots of Lebanese celebrities have tied the knot in the Mediterranean island; Annabella Hilal, Alissar Caracalla and now Aline Khalaf.

Aline Khalaf Ties The Knot in Cyprus

Aline tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in Cyprus. She has her manager, Carlos Ayyoub became husband and wife in a civil ceremony on the island of Ayia Napa.

Congratulations to the newlyweds ... wishing them a life of joy and happiness.

Enjoy these few photos of Aline's wedding ceremony

photos Aline wedding

Marwa: Another Singer Making Money in the Name of Islam

Ufff ... that's becoming irritating ... another singer, this time Lebanese singer Marwa is trying so hard, so hard that she is trying to make money now through a Doaa (دعاء) kind of song!
Seriously Marwa? Among all people, I couldn't and still can't imagine you singing an Islamic song and what is even worse making a video clip for it.

Marwa with a headscarf

I believe all singers, except a few highly respected and conservative singers, should stay away from making songs as form of Ad3yia (ادعية) during Ramadan and any other months of the year. It's a cheap and unacceptable way of making money.

Just to be a fair, unless the singer decided to only sing such kind of religious songs for the rest of his/her career, it's not right. How come Marwa, who is known for cheap video clips and cheap movies not to mention several scandals at concerts and during TV interviews ... to appear now with a covered head making Doaa and after the Eid breaking all kinds of Shyness ... Give me a break ...

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Nancy Ajram and Najwa Karam at Jerash 2013

It's summer time, which means festival time! And one of the much awaited festivals in the region is the famous and annual Jerash Festival held in Jordan in the historic Roman city of Jerash.

Najwa Karam at Jerash 2013

Entertainers from all over the world are invited to hold concerts and plays and even poetry readings.

Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram is set to perform tonight, while Najwa Karam will be holding a huge concert tomorrow, Thursday, July 4th at the South theater at 8.30 pm Amman time.

If you happen to be in Jordan, it's worth to drop by Jerash for a taste of history and entertainment!

Joseph Attieh Dodges Fatal Car Crash

Lebanese singer Joseph Attieh has slipped through the hands of death and dodged a fatal car accident!

Joseph Attieh Escalade crash

Joseph was driving his Cadillac Escalade on the road of Nahr El Kalb near the famous Jeita Grotto on the afternoon of last Monday, when he was surprised by a car driving in the opposite direction just ahead of him! They collided head on.

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Happy Birthday Ragheb Alama

Today is the birthday of Lebanese superstar Ragheb Alama ... he turns 51!!
Happy Birthday Abu Khaled! You sure don't look your age ... much younger, might I add!

Happy Birthday Ragheb Alama

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Lady Madonna Total Fashion Disaster!

Talk about a gigantic fashion disaster! Call the fashion police!
What was Lady Madonna thinking??
Lebanese singer Lady Madonna is a fashionista, but is also known for her quirky fashion choices and sometimes sports daring outfits ... but what she chose to look like at two events this past week are totally berserk!

Lady Madonna

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Rola Saad, Before & After!

We never get tired of plastic surgery stories and those "Before & After" photos!
Many singers, TV show hosts and actors all go under the knife to defy age and to look better, more beautiful and more appealing ... maybe more "in style" as well!

Rola Saad

This time, I came across a very old photo of Lebanese singer Rola Saad ... she sure does look different than her current "version"! The photo above, is one of her latest ... although I think in the this photo it seems age has taken its toll on her!

Check out the first "version" of Rola Saad after the jump ...

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Maya Diab & Wael Kfouri Married?

Wael & Maya

What?! Have you come across this rumor?
Some reports have it that Maya Diab and Wael Kfouri have actually tied the knot and are now a married couple!
One report I came across claims that Wael fell in love with Maya the day they first met ...
Then it also claims that Maya has stated that she finds in this new phase of her life a new beginning and that she loves him for respecting her and for having a calm nature.
The reports also claims that the newly married couple have decided to reside in Wael's 25 million dollar mansion up in Al Rabia.

So, what do you think?