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What's in common among Gandhi, Lipton and Salahuddin?

Today in history is a very important day! Influential people were born, while others passed away and some really significant events took place. Today marks the birthday of one of the world's greatest leaders; Mahatma Gandhi. It also marks the ... Read More

My Dream is to Marry A Gazan Woman

A young man from Indonesia has managed to make his dream come true. It has taken him years and endless efforts and persistence but he finally got what he wanted and what he'd dreamed of for years. You would think ... Read More

Eyad Nassar Marries Again

Jordanian actor Eyad Nassar has entered the golden cage of matrimony. I don't know why I keep using this extremely ... Read More

Let Saudi Women Drive

Tomorrow is October 26th and that's the day when Saudi women will take to the streets, behind their steering wheels ... Read More