Most Pierced Man in The World Denied Entry in Dubai

If you saw a man with hundreds of piercings on his face and ears, how would you feel? What might the first thought that comes to your mind be?
The man who has been recognized as the world's most pierced man, Rolf Buchholz, has over 453 piercings -plus two horns on his forehead- has been denied entry to Dubai!

Rolf Buchholz

As he arrived to the airport, he was denied entry and turned back and put on a plane to Istanbul!
The guy might be harmless, but the way he looks is freaking scary! So, it seems he was denied entry because authorities thought he might be a Black Magic practitioner.

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World's Oldest Cat, Poppy, Dies

The world's oldest cat, which celebrated her 24th birthday a few weeks ago, has passed away.
Poppy was born in England in 1990, on the same month Nelson Mandela was released from prison.

Although her owners knew she was very old and she had been ill, it still upset them very much that she passes away: "We knew she was old, but it's still very upsetting. She had a bad week last week. She was on antibiotics on the Wednesday because of a water infection and her back legs just seemed to let her down. She wasn't herself at all."


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Prince William Flies Economy Class in America!

Prince William has lots of admirable qualities and being frugal and humble is among them. Even though he is royalty, heís proven once again that he can be like a regular guy.

On Sunday, May 4, Prince William shocked everyone aboard an American Airlines plane by riding economy class! He was spotted sitting on a window seat and seemed to be talking to his seatmates. He didnít appear to be uncomfortable at all.

Prince William Flies Economy Class

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Arab Celebrities on Twitter Now!

Who of us doesn't Tweet these days? We've all gotten transformed into tiny little blue birds chirping and tweeting all over! Celebrities aren't much different and they too have taken to Twitter to spread and share their news.
Arab celebs seem to like Twitter because they get to give their fans the real deal straight from the source. Which is always a good thing.

Today I've decided to share with you what some of the Arab celebs are tweeting right this moment ...

Miriam Fares just posted that she's "Getting ready for my new series press conference in four season hotel" in Beirut.

As for Ahlam, who just finished working on her upcoming album, tweeted something very important for every man to remember: "الأنثى خلقت من ضلعك وليس من قدمك لتمشي عليها بل خلقت من جانب ضلعك ومن تحت ذراعك لتحميها وجانب قلبك لتحبها" ...

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Eyad Nassar Marries Again

Jordanian actor Eyad Nassar has entered the golden cage of matrimony. I don't know why I keep using this extremely corny term!
Eyad married an interior designer, Shaima, after a two year love affair.
The wedding was held in Cairo, and was attended by few of Eyad's friends and family and a number of stars like Durra, Khaled Selim, Ahmad Zaher and Medhat Saleh.

Eyad Nassar Marries Again

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Prince Al Waleed Bin Talal Divorces His Fourth Princess!

Prince Al Waleed Bin Talal and his beautiful wife Princess Ameera Taweel have gone their separate ways, after nearly five years of marriage.
The two have been amicably separated since last November ... she was his fourth wife and it seems he's looking for a fifth!

Al Waleed and Princess Amira

Princess Ameera is a beauty ... she's 30 years old (27 years younger than Prince Al Waleed), she's famous for being glamorous and stylish.
She's also popular on Twitter and runs a business that encourages Saudi youth to be active in voluntary work that helps the Saudi society.

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Dead Fish Washing Up on Tunisia Shores

The environment is changing and global warming is affecting everything and everyone on this planet.
The latest alarming event which is also a sign that the environment is in a very bad shape is something scary that happened in Tunisia during the past weekend.

On Sunday 9th of March, and on three different beaches across the country, fish started showing up dead!
In the famous port of Sidi Bou Said, a huge 15-meter-long whale was found dead inside the yacht-filled marina!

dead whale

More photos after the jump ...

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Phone Number for 2.1 Million Dollars!

I have a cell phone and naturally I have a number so my friends and family could call me on it ... I don't care what my number looks like because after all it's just a number! But not all people share my opinion, because some people try to look for VIP numbers or special combinations. Some want their phone number to be the exact same combination of their car plate number, others want their phone number to be their birth date!

Phone Number for 2.1 Million Dollars

The thing is, some VIP numbers and combinations are very expensive!
The latest VIP number sale happened in Dubai and the number 0507777777 was sold for a whopping 2.1 million dollars!

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Woman Orders Bentley in Favorite Nail Polish Color!

People have color preferences, and that's normal. Some people like black, while others prefer red! Some may like orange and green, while others go for brown and grey.
When it comes to cars, the story is quite the same, but there's one woman who has taken the color preference a bit too far!
A wealthy woman from a Gulf country has decided to buy a fully loaded Bentley Continental GT Speed coupe ... and has had a special request from the luxurious car company; she doesn't fancy any of the 117 colors the company offers the car in, but wants her new car to be the exact same color of her favorite nail polish!

Bentley Continental GT Speed coupe

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Egyptian Claims Prophecy!

Are there prophets in our days? Anyone would answer with a certain "No" ... but in Egypt, one man has been claiming to be the last true prophet and is not budging!

Egyptian Claims Prophecy

An agriculture engineer has been put behind bars and is being investigated after he was caught giving pamphlets that state that he's the last true prophet and that dooms day is near in the Cairo Airport.
This man has been deported from Sudan a couple of years ago for the same reason ...
People have gone mad!!

Let Saudi Women Drive

Tomorrow is October 26th and that's the day when Saudi women will take to the streets, behind their steering wheels and will defy the law than bans them from driving! Yes!
The funny thing is, Islam has nothing against women driving cars, but Saudi men seem to be petrified that women take to the streets ... although from what I know, it's the women who should be afraid of men drivers because they are the ones who are reckless and careless drivers!

Let Saudi Women Drive

I believe there's no substantial reason behind the ban, because the reason one cleric gave; driving may cause harm to their ovaries, is simply absurd and silly!

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Saudi Women are The World's Third Most Beautiful

According to a recent study, Saudi Arabian women are the world's third most beautiful women in the world ... And accordingly, the most beautiful women in the world 2013 is a Saudi!

Saudi Woman

So, what's the criteria for all this? Well, Saudi women have beautiful black hair, their eyes are intriguing with Kohl and they have used Henna to beautify themselves since centuries.

The modern Saudi woman, takes very good care of her complexion, her hair, her style and follows the latest of fashions.

Don't ask me too many questions about this ... all this is according to!

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Asma Al Assad in The Twilight Zone

It seems the Syrian First Lady, Asma Al Assad, is living in the twilight zone!
A midst the war and death in Syria, she still finds the time and peace to go about her "First Lady" duties as usual ... as if life goes on as normal as ever in Syria!

Asma Al Assad in The Twilight Zone

Just two days ago, she posted photos of herself on the Syrian Presidency official Instagram account, as she honored the country's top students and handed them prizes.

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Moroccan Maisa Al Moghrabi is Miss Khalij 2013!

Maisa Al Moghrabi

Maisa Al Moghrabi got the highest votes during a two month poll asking who deserves the most to have the title of Miss Khalij. Maisa got 48% of the votes.

Second place, came Bahrini actress Haifa Hussein with 22% of the votes and in third place, came Kuwaiti TV host Halema Boland with 13% of the votes.

Haifa Hussein and Halema Boland

Finally, itís worth mentioning that despite that Maisa got the title of Miss Khalij, she is Moroccan and has no nationality from any khaliji country; she only lives in the UAE and starred in several Khaliji TV seriesÖ her original name is Zowitan.