Give Mai Selim a Break!

It seems Mai Selim fans are really over protective of their star!

Mai Selim in Ush El Bulbul

Her latest movie, which will be in cinema's near you during Eid El Adha, is entitled "Ush El Bulbul" and sheds light on the community of belly dancers and traditional singers and the way they are brought up and raised .. usually in a poor and difficult environment.
In the movie, Mai plays a dancer and performer and naturally, her role demands that she dances and performs!

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Diana Karazon is Free, So Leave Her Be!

Diana Karazon

Diana Karazon has come a long way since winning the title of Future Super Star in its first season.
She's become famous, uber busy and skinny!
The ironic thing is, when Diana was chubby (and I mean that in the cutest way) she was criticized and was called names ... now that she's lost around half of her weight and is thin, she's also being criticized and called names! What's the deal with that?!

Diana has an amazing voice, she was cute when she was chubby and she still is ... but why do people make a target of her and why don't they leave her alone? Is that the price of being famous?

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Who is Malak El Nasser?!

Photos Malak El Nasser Video Clip

Have you heard of a singer called Malak El Nasser?
I, for one, haven't heard of her until a couple of days ago when I came across her new video clip of her song "El Hawa Tayyar Fustani" on Melody TV.
What caught my attention is that the woman can't sing! Not only that, but the lyrics of the song are silly! And to top it all off, she tries to be seductive and ends up being plain unappealing!

I just Googled her name, to find out that she's Jordanian and is mentioned in the Wikipedia page "Music of Jordan"! According to who ever wrote the info, "The controversial female singer, Malak El Nasser, known for her extremely seductive video clips is another popular Jordanian singer."

But the thing is, I am Jordanian, and I've never heard of her before!

Have you ever heard of Malak? If not you can watch her video clip here:
Video of El Hawa Tayyar Fustani

What do you think of her?
Does she pass as controversial?

Mai Selim Tweets The Birth of Her Baby!

Mai Selim Twitter

It seems Arab celebrities are taking to Twitter and are enjoying it!
Jordanian singer Mai Selim tweeted the birth of her first daughter, whom she called "Lily" on her Twitter account a few hours ago!
Mai tweeted: "I am overwhelmed with joy and happiness after I was blessed with the birth of my first child, my babe girl 'LiLY' :)"

Well, it's such happy news and we wish Mai and her little darling all the best and lots of health!
Congratulations Mai from all of us here at Waleg!

Diana Karazon & Mohammad Ramadan Duet!

Diana and Mohammad Ramadan

Diana Karazon needs another good push to remind the Arab world that she's still there!
Diana has been under the radar since she started working on the Egyptian TV series "Muntaha Al Ishq" in Egypt and now needs to come up with a project that will put her into the spotlight again.

The project in the works is a duet between the Super Star and Star Academy finalist Mohammad Ramadan.

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Diana Karazon to Release Diana 2010

Diana Karazon

Jordanian singer and Super Star winner, Diana Karazon, is getting ready for the release of her latest album 'Diana 2010' on Wednesday, Jan. 20th.
The new album contains 12 songs which deal with the usual issues of love and romance.
Diana has already filmed five music videos from the album. The videos are going to start airing on music channels -Mazzika & Mazzika Zoom- just in time for the release of the album.

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A New Hip Hop Rania Al Kurdi!

Rania working on hip hop

Jordanian singer & TV presenter Rania AlKurdi is venturing into a new musical realm; Hip Hop!
She's working with a new Hip Hop group on a few songs and is also preparing an Egyptian dialect song for a music video.

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Diana Karazon with Asmar Yet Again!

diana and asmar team up again

Jordanian singer and Super Star winner Diana Karazon, is teaming up yet again with Turkish actor Saruhan Hünel, AKA Asmar from 'Wa Tamdi Al Ayam'.
This time, it's not a music video, but a TV series all together!
The series is set for Ramadan 2010 and is entitled 'Muntaha Al Ishq'.

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Bashar Ghazawi Returns with 'Ya Salam'

Bashar Ghazawi in Ya Salam

Where has been Jordanian Star Academy 2 graduate, Bashar Ghazawi, been hiding?
Well, no matter what he was busy doing or where he was doing it, he's going to show up on your TV screens soon!
Bashar has been secretly working on a new single entitled 'Ya Salam' and he's even finished shooting a music video for it!
The song which was shot in Lebanon is in the Egyptian dialect and talks about a beautiful love relationship between two lovers.

Photos from Bashar new video Ya Salam

photos Bashar Ghazawi Ya Salam video clip

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Diana Karazon Teaming up with Asmar!

diana karazon and asmar

Lebanese singer Rola Saad outran every female singer when she snatched Kivanc Tatlitug first and shot a video clip with him. The buzz was unbelievable!
Now, Jordanian singer Diana Karazon is following in Rola's footsteps and is going to shoot her new video clip with another beloved Turkish actor.

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Diana Karazon, TV Show Host?

diana karazon - tv show host

We have already established that Super star winner Diana Karazon has an amazing voice and is a very good singer.
What about if she decided to become a TV show host? Would she succeed?
So, i ask you, Would Diana Karazon make a good TV show host?

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