Haifa Wehbe Under Harsh Attack!

Haifa Wehbe has managed to succeed and make people attack her all at the same time in her new movie "Halawet El Rouh"!
After the release of the movie, she got positive criticism and with the passing of the days, managed to get negative criticism as well.

Haifa Wehbe Under Harsh Attack!

Now, both Egypt and Dubai are looking into banning the movie from cinemas!
The reason behind that .. the exact words are: "the movie insults traditions and morals" !

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Haifa Wehbe Passes "Halawat El Rouh" Test

Haifa Wehbe is the bomb! Why do I say that? Because yesterday was the premier of her second acting venture; "Halawet El Rouh".
The diva arrived at the Beirut premier in a body-hugging, mini dress, which i suspect we've seen on her before ... In all cases the dress is by Lebanese designer Nicolas Jebran.
Oh Yes! She wore this dress on the cover of Al Shabaka magazine back in December 2013!
In all cases, she was spotted in the front seats among stars like Ramy Ayach.

Haifa and Ramy at premier

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Haifa Wehbe's Dangerous New Look

Check out this striking pose from Haifa Wehbe!
What do you think of her red hair?
This is a photo from a photoshoot done by photographer David Abdallah.
Trying to capture the essence of a paparazzi shot filled with glamour!

Haifa Wehbe with Red Hair

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Haifa Wehbe Teams up with Casper Smart!

Haifa Wehbe was rubbing shoulders with A listers in Hollywood at The annual Grammy Awards over the weekend. She walked the red carpet and attended the event and made small talk with the biggest entertainers in the world!

Haifaat the 2014 Grammys

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Haifa Wehbe Glittery in Zuhair Murad for 2014

Haifa Wehbe rang in the New Year 2014 with a joint concert with Assi Hillani in Beirut.
Haifa was a bomb shell in a daring Zuhair Murad dress and fiery red hair ... a new look that got people's tongues wagging!

Haifa Wehbe 2014

Her sparkly gown was worn before by Jennifer Lopez, who has a knack for Zuhair Murad designs, at the 2013 American Music Awards.

The long-sleeved, bronze-beaded gown featuring a high neckline and open back is from the Fall 2013 Couture Collection.

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Haifa Wehbe & Assi Hillani Together for 2014

Lebanese stars Haifa Wehbe and Assi Hillani are joining forces for a fantabulous and certainly wondertastic concert to ring in the New Year 2014!

The two will hold a concert on New Year's Eve at the Forum de Beyrouth in Beirut.
And to entertain the audience even more, they will be joined by Bassem Feghali!

This sure is set to be one heck of a concert!

Haifa Wehbe & Assi Hillani

Haifa Wehbe Wards off The Evil Eye!

Haifa Wehbe is certainly a siren, a femme fatale like those dangerous and beautiful creatures hailing from Homer's Odyssey! Take a look at her latest photo! That should convince you! Check out the photo after the jump!

Haifa did a photoshoot for a new line of jewelry called "Khamsa w Khmisa", which is resembled in the hand of Fatma, which is said to ward off the evil eye! Something I'm guessing Haifa is totally superstitious about!

Most recently, ELLE magazine listed Haifa as one of few non-American singers from around the world who are labeled "International & Worldly"! Oh La La!

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Haifa Wehbe, Blue in Paris

Check out this photo of Haifa Wehbe posing in the middle of the famous Champs-Élysées avenue in Paris. Large size photo after the jump ...
In the photo you can see the The Arc de Triomphe behind her!
And what about that dark blue leopard skin mini skirt?!
What do you think of the electric blue fluffy jacket?
Not to mention those thigh-high boots ... Sexy or vulgar?

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Haifa Wehbe The Ad Girl!

Haifa Wehbe wasn't always a singer ... before getting into singing she started out as one of those girls in TV ads.
The first two ads she appeared in were a long 16 years ago!

Haifa Wehbe The Ad Girl!

One was for a Spaghetti brand, while the other was a laundry detergent. Both are Syrian ads.
And when taking a good look at Haifa in those ads, one can see that she's come a very long way since those days ... and has definitely went under the knife a few times!

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Another Haifa Wehbe Fashion Disaster

Haifa Wehbe Outfit at Starac Prime

Last night I was shocked by one of the outfits that Haifa Wehbe wore at the Star Academy prime ... she shocked me real bad! My jaw dropped and my brain stopped working for a few seconds!

I'm not sure how Haifa saw that this outfit is cool or IN or whatever ... unless she wanted everyone to get shocked like I did!

The cropped top is full of details, but I ugly!
The there's that see through skirt ... which is even uglier!
I really have no other words to describe the outfit, but ugly!
No actually I do ... see through skirts may be sexy, but this one that Haifa is wearing is plain ol' vulgar! Sorry Haifa ... but your fashion choices sometimes do get a thumbs down!

What do YOU think?

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Haifa Wehbe Heats up Mr. Lebanon 2013

Haifa Wehbe will be the star of the show on Saturday night, when it's time for the best looking guys of Lebanon to compete for the title of Mr. Lebanon 2013.

Mr. Lebanon 2013

It will sure be an entertaining couple of hours to see 14 handsome and well built guys from all over Lebanon strutting their stuff on stage! If you're interested in watching, then you'll have to tune in to MTV on Saturday August 24th!

Well, back to Haifa ... she'll be performing three songs from her album MJK, and will be the center of a couple of awesome tableau's.

I wonder what she'll be wearing on such a hot night!?

Haifa Wehbe Total Fashion Disaster

Haifa Wehbe is currently in Arbil holding a couple of concerts alongside Hatem Al Iraqi.
The thing is, Haifa usually stuns with her choice of fashion ... but what she wore at the concert at Park Sami Abdel Rahman yesterday was so unimpressive! It was even ugly and the fashion police should have dragged her away!!!

Haifa Wehbe in green

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Haifa Wehbe and Ramy Ayach Duet, Yes or No?

News of a collaboration between Haifa Wehbe and Ramy Ayach has been frequently popping up since 2012, but nothing has actually happened! Now, there's fresh news that there will indeed be a duet that joins the two popular stars.

Haifa and Ramy

Haifa said in an interview with a Lebanese website, that she's been offered a duet with Ramy, by Ramy himself and she's seriously considering going for it because the song is very doable!

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Haifa Wehbe Robs Jewelry Store! (Photos)

Have you seen Haifa Lately?! News has it that she has robbed a jewelry store and was chased by the police ... yup, that actually happened in a video clip ... Ha Ha!

This is what happened in Haifa's latest and newest video clip of her song "Ezzay Ansak" which is being broadcast on Rotana nowadays.

Haifa Wehbe Ezzay Ansak

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