Get a Squishable!


Stuffed toys are definite must-haves for a lot of ladies. Especially the big ones that can be hugged and squished anytime they feel like it. There are some toys that are not fluffy and full enough, but with squishable all the stuffed animals are excellently made. By just looking at them you can almost feel their fuzziness. The selection has almost every type of animal you’d want to hug, definitely round and super squishable! Monkey, shark, rooster, duck, puppy, whale, bunny, tiger, leopard, and frog make the squishable zoo complete.

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Get Cuddly Disease Toys for Christmas


When you hear the word germs and microbes doesn’t it just make you feel icky? This kind of topic just sometimes makes your skin crawl… But what if these Giantmicrobes come your way? No worry because these are only stuffed toys. Replica or blown up version of the actual microbes that can serve as educational tools because they come with picture of the actual microbe, together with some info about it. And come to think of it, they also look kinda cute, so if you love the unusual material for display these Giantmicrobes would fit the bill.

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Cool Christmas Gifts for Him

x-mas 2007 gifts

Have you done your X-mas shopping for your guy? If you haven’t and you’re stuck with nothing but a new scarf ... then here are a few cool gifts that will surely be to his liking ...

Guys love gadgets! So, you know you’ve got a load of choices to choose from! But don’t go for an MP3 player or an IPod, they’re too common and not X-mas special!
If your guy is a food lover, then he’ll surely love this cool Homer Simpson doughnut maker! I think you’d like it too! It’s got a recipe book with it, so no trouble in finding the right recipe for those mouth-watering doughnuts! Yum!
If you want something over-the-top, then you should get your ‘other half’ the brand new LG Viewty.
This isn’t only a mobile phone, it’s a sexy gadget! It’s got a great camera ... get to know the LG Viewty more, here. You'll love it!

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Cute Christmas Gifts for Her

christmas gifts 2007

Christmas in only 23 days away! Don't panic! You can still get your sweet-heart something that's trendy and cute ... (Have you still not gotten her a gift???)
Well, here are five gifts that will sure be to her liking ... (we'll be adding a few more gift ideas until Christmas arrives! So, keep coming back!)

A girl is always in need of a compact mirror in her bag ... so, why not get her a sassy new one?
Something that’s in a flower or heart shape, with colorful gems or stones on it.
Don’t choose something cheap, lift up your budget a bit and you will find something worth a huge hug and a kiss!

Necklaces are accessories women can never have enough of! So, if you go for a necklace, try something new, different and sorta exotic!
A charm cluster, with a bunch of flowers, hearts, balls and other objects is always a winner.
Although, you might want to make an effort in choosing something a bit more daring, like a leather strand necklace ... maybe something with multiple charms or silver disks or a combination of silver and pearls!

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Top Twenty Christmas Gifts

op Twenty Christmas Gifts

Christmas is very near, and you probably would want to finish shopping before the last minute comes and all the people who forgot to get stuff … rush to the streets !
Get one of the gifts below to your loved one and you will surely get a big WOW …
The Top Twenty Gifts this Christmas are …

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