Cats in Sticky Situations!

Cats are cute ... but they are uber curious and sometimes very stupid!
Cats get themselves in sticky situations and get stuck in things and places that are totally unusual!
I came across some photos of cats in tight spots ... some so unusual and very difficult to get out of.

You've Got a Cat in The Mail!

cat in the mail

I needed to go wee wee & needed Toilet paper!!!

cat in toilet paper

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The Cutest Kitty You'll Ever See!

cute kitty

In the past couple of days, a little kitten has driven cat lovers mad! Me included!
She's small, cute, funny and you can add all the adorable adjectives you can find to the sentence!
I bet you, if you're not that crazy about cats, this little cutie will turn you around!

Check out The Surprised Kitty video.

Kitty in the Box

funny kittens box

Do you love kittens? Well, even if you don’t this video will make you realize how adorable these little felines are. There are three kittens playing around, but one that really gets all the attention is the one inside the tissue box. It seems to be saying “This is my turf, I am the king of tissues, meeoowwrrr...” The other two kitties are trying their best to make that one get out but to no avail. The kitty inside the box is enjoying itself too much to submit to the other two’s demands even if they were already bitin’ and scratchin’ him. They seem to be sayin’ “get outta there it’s our turn to snuggle up in the box!”

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Have You Heard the Jordanian Version of 'Rockstar'?

I just got an e-mail from a friend with an MP3 attachment ... she tells me that it's a contagious song.
The song is entitled 'Suberstar' and it's the Jordanian version of Nickleback's hit 'Rockstar'.
If you're Jordanian you'll really dig the song, but if you're not you'll surely enjoy it just the same because it's just plain funny! (that's if you speak Arabic of course) Listen to 'Suberstar'.
The guys who came up with this cool idea are two Jordanian dudes called Humam Ammari and Nadim Masri.

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Check out this Dog’s Funny Face

dog funny face

When I feel stressed out or when I feel low, I try to look at funny pictures. When there is a funny pic in front of me of course the tendency is to laugh, thus the mood is lightened up. I love dogs, so in browsing for cute dog pics here’s what I found! This made me laugh at the same time felt sorry for this doggy. I don’t know what the owner was thinking of when he got hold of its mouth and stretched it like that. But I must admit it looks funny drawn out like that and his tongue stuck right up his nose.

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Sinisterly Funny Baby Laugh

Funny Baby Laugh video

All of us know that a baby’s laugh is a wonderful thing. Even if you don’t feel like laughing, you’ll be forced to once you hear a baby laugh. But wait! What if the laugh is something like the one in this video? Now, this sound is sinister. I’m telling you. If this video is not titled appropriately I’d freak out because the baby just sounds so creepy. Because of the slow motion, this little baby sounded like someone possessed by a bad spirit! You have to check this video.

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What? A Baby Bat in her Bra?!

Baby Bat in a Bra

It’s the weirdest thing! How can a woman not notice that there is something else in her bra, aside from her breasts?! Abbie Hawkins must have low sensory perception because it was after five hours that she found out there was a baby bat curled up in her bra! She only found the bat’s presence when she thought her cell phone was vibrating in her jacket pocket when she felt some movement.

She didn’t look closely then and got on with her work at the Holiday Inn Norwich North. It was during her lunch break when she felt some really unlikely movement inside her bra. When she looked, she was shocked to find a little baby bat!

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Exclusive: Nader Impersonator

This is an exclusive video of an impersonator imitating Nader at his 10th evaluation.
The video is really funny and the impersonator promised us to record more videos if you like his performance.
This video is not meant to humiliate anybody, it's just for laughs, consider it in Gabi's class :)

Here is the video:

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