Eid Fitr Eid Sghir Mubarak

Happy Eid Fitr, or Eid Sghir as some Arab countries like to call it. Another year has passed and another Ramadan has ended. People greet each other with love and families gather together to spend quality time and children play ... Read More

Miss Colombia Wins Miss Universe 2015

Colombian beauty Paulina Vega has been named the most beautiful woman inn the universe and has won the title of Miss Universe 2015. The prestigious event took place last night in Miami. Miss Vega is 22 years old and ... Read More

Eid Adha 2014 Mubarak

Eid is -as usual- a time to think of family and friends and of the unfortunate brothers and sisters ... Read More

Happy Earth Day 2014

Today marks yet another Earth Day ... and we're still talking about the simple steps every human of us can ... Read More

Eid Adha Mubarak 2013

Dear friends and loyal Waleggers! We wish you a blessed Eid Adha and hope it brings you and all your ... Read More