Happy Earth Day 2014

Today marks yet another Earth Day ... and we're still talking about the simple steps every human of us can take to be part of a global movement to help save the environment ...
If each and every one of us thought twice before acting, then we'd be one step closer to a better environment and to saving Mother Earth*.

Happy Earth Day 2014

Simple steps we can practice in our everyday life that are easy and can contribute to a better life and to conserving the environment for generations to come, because of we don't, whether we like it or not, there will come a day when everything changes and we won't find water to drink, vegetables to eat, and clean air to breathe ..

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International Day of Happiness 2014

Today is a Happy day! Today, March 20th, is International Day of Happiness!
So, we at Waleg.com wish you and all your loved ones a lifetime of happiness and joy.
We wish that your days will always be filled with laughter and love.
Always try your best to be positive and see the positive in every situation, even if it seems like nothing good may come from it.

Be Happy

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Valentine's Day Concerts Around The Arab World

Valentine's Day Concerts

Are you thinking of spending Valentine's Day with your loved one in a special way? Maybe at a concert of your favorite singer?
Well, you've got only until next Thursday to get Tickets if that's the way you'd like to celebrate and here are the options! Naturally, It all depends on the country your in as well!

If you're in The Emirates:
Wael Kfouri & Maya Diab at Bustan Rotana Hotel in Dubai.
Ridha at Danat Al Ain Resort.
Melhem Zain & Lora Khalil at Abu Dhabi Country Club.
Wael Jassar at Al Ain Equestrian Club.

If you're in Lebanon:
Nawal Zoghbi & Anwar Nour & Bassem Faghali at First Class Restaurant in Mont Liban.
Wael Jassar at Le Royal Hotel in Mont Liban.
Melhem Zain at Santa Preri in Mont Liban.
Ramy Ayach & Sabine & Naji Osta at Al Phenic Ballroom in Tabarja.
Ridha at Massaya Zaman Restaurant in Zgharta.

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Happy New Year 2014 !

Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year 2014 !! It comes three days late ... but it's never too late to wish your loved ones happiness and health.

We wish you all and your friends and loved ones all the best for the new year.
May 2014 bring you joy, success, wealth and health ... and everything else you're wishing for.

May this year be more peaceful for everyone ... may the turmoil and wars all over the world come to an end.

New Year's Eve Concerts in Amman

Do you live in Amman? What are your plans for New Year's Eve? Will you be celebrating 2014 at home or out with friends? If you're plans are still open, then check out those two concerts which will be held for New Year's Eve in Amman ...

Nancy & Cyrine in Amman

Nancy Ajram will be ringing in 2014 at the Intercontinental Hotel.

If you're not a Nancy fan, maybe Cyrine Abdel Nour and Hatem Al Iraqi concert will more to your liking! Those two are holding a concert at the Le Royal.

So, what will you be up to on this special night?

Miss Venezuela Gabriela Isler is Miss Universe 2013

Miss Universe is Miss Venezuela Gabriela Isler. She is the most beautiful woman in the world! This is the seventh time Miss Venezuela wins the title of Miss Universe.

Miss Venezuela Gabriela Isler is Miss Universe 2013

The Miss Universe beauty pageant took place in Moscow on Saturday night at Moscow’s Crocus City Hall.
The glamorous and glittery event was hosted by Thomas Roberts and former Spice Girl, Mel B.

The night started out with 87 beautiful women from across the world but the number plummeted to a mere 16.
Then the Top 10 were chosen and they were: Spain, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, India, Brazil, the United States, Ukraine, Ecuador, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic.

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Eid Adha Mubarak 2013

Dear friends and loyal Waleggers!

Eid Adha Mubarak 2013

We wish you a blessed Eid Adha and hope it brings you and all your loved ones joy, health, good luck and success in whatever you want to succeed at!
As usual, I gotta remind y'all to keep the unfortunate in your thoughts and try to help someone or draw a smile on a kid's face or do an act of benevolence ...

Happy Eid!

Mr. Lebanon 2013 is Ayman Moussa (Photos)

Last night, a bunch of hunky and handsome men competed for the title of Mr. Lebanon 2013. The lucky winner of the title is Ayman Moussa. If I'm not mistaken, the runner up is Rudolphe Bou Nader.

Haifa Wehbe and Mr. Lebanon 2013

The ceremony was one to remember, especially for those Haifa Wehbe fans out there!
Haifa turned heads with her choice of fashion and her performances.

Haifa was a stunner in Zuhair Murad designs, that were totally revealing and even her microphone was one of a kind; diamond encrusted and sparkles everywhere!

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Haifa Wehbe Heats up Mr. Lebanon 2013

Haifa Wehbe will be the star of the show on Saturday night, when it's time for the best looking guys of Lebanon to compete for the title of Mr. Lebanon 2013.

Mr. Lebanon 2013

It will sure be an entertaining couple of hours to see 14 handsome and well built guys from all over Lebanon strutting their stuff on stage! If you're interested in watching, then you'll have to tune in to MTV on Saturday August 24th!

Well, back to Haifa ... she'll be performing three songs from her album MJK, and will be the center of a couple of awesome tableau's.

I wonder what she'll be wearing on such a hot night!?

Wishing You a Love-filled Ramadan 2013

Wishing you and all your loved ones ... and their loved ones as well a blessed Ramadan.

Ramadan 2013 Mubarak

May this Ramadan bring peace and tranquility to all Muslims of the world, to all people who are suffering in the world.
This year we remember our brothers and sister all over the world, where there is turmoil; Palestine, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Myanmar ... and Lebanon, Libya, Darfur, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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Murex D'Or 2013 Winners

The Murex D'Or is an event has big in Lebanon as the Oscar's are in Hollywood!
The event was founded by two Lebanese physicians back in 2000 to honor achievements in Art in Lebanon.
Yesterday the 2013 ceremony was held in Casino du Liban despite of the problems in Lebanon and the fighting going on between rebels and the Army down in Sidon.

Murex D'Or 2013 Winners

The red carpet was star studded with celebrities from across the Arab world.
The winners who top the list are Ahlam, who received an honorary award for lifetime achievement award and Nancy Ajram for most popular and successful Arab artist.

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Give a Thought, World Refugee Day

Today is World Refugee Day ... A salute to the 43.3 Million refugees around the world.
FYI: Did you know that every 4 seconds, someone is forced to flee his/her country?

World Refugee Day

Those people have fled their countries to save their lives and rights ... but they ended up living on borders, in camps, without the warmth of a home and without any idea of when they can return ... they are losing hope and that's the worse that can happen.

No matter how much aid is given to them, no matter how much light is shed on their suffering, they need a solution ... a way to return home and live a normal life, where the dad goes to work, the kids go to school and play and the mom can cook a hearty meal to keep those stomachs from rumbling with hunger! No more oppression, no more injustice.

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Miss USA 2013 is Miss Connecticut Erin Brady

Erin Brady, is a 25-year-old financial accountant from Connecticut ... she loves to cook and bowl ... she's so beautiful and smart that she became Miss USA 2013 yesterday, in a lavish event held in Las Vegas.

Miss USA 2013 is Miss Connecticut Erin Brady

Erin will now be wearing the crown and doing charity work all over the world. She'll also be a spokeswoman for breast and ovarian cancer awareness.
She'll be heading to New York to reside in a multi-million apartment that is exclusively for those beauties that wear the bejeweled Miss USA crown.

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Eliana Nehme, Miss Ronde Arabe 2013 (Miss Fat Arab 2013)

Beauty pageants always focus on the most beautiful, most slender and lastly, the cleverest of the lot! But a couple of weeks back, on a show on one of the Lebanese channels, a beauty pageant of a different category was held ... who's the fairest of the fattest!!!

Eliana Nehme

Miss Ronde Arabe 2013 was held with the participation of 10 big size beauties from around the Arab world, from Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia and Morocco.

They were given 20 points each for strutting their stuff in casual wear, swimsuits, evening gowns and 40 points for the final questions, which were dropped on them by a prestigious jury.

Photos from Miss Ronde Arabe 2013 (Photos of Eliana Nehme and the contestants)

Photos Miss Fat Arab 2013

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