Amr Diab and Elissa for Abu Dhabi Formula 1

Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is just a month away and the event will be as huge as it gets!
In addition to the race itself, celebrities from around the world will be performing in concerts at the famous venue Yas Island.

Amr Diab and Elissa

Stars from the Arab world will be taking to the stage and performing for Formula 1 fans from around the world. They include Amr Diab, Elissa and Hussein Al Jasmi.

The Ya Salam festival will span over 4 days and American star Jay-Z will be performing his very first concert in the Middle East as part of his Magna Carta world tour.

British bands Muse and Depeche Mode will bring the whole event to an end on November 3rd.

Elissa Under Attack For Revealing Dress

Elissa Black Dress

Elissa put herself under attack and harsh criticism after the last episode of the X Factor because of the revealing black dress she wore. Though she was admired by her loyal fans, many weren’t happy to see her with this dress and consider it an insult!

Elissa Black Dress Photos

Check these photos of Elissa black dress and let us know what do you think?

Elissa Vs. Jennifer Lopez in Valentino

Why does Elissa look like a pregnant women in this Valentino dress?! I will say it from the beginning, I don't think Elissa looks good in this dress ... or maybe she shouldn't have put on the dress because she made it look ugly!! Sorry Elissa fans!

Elissa and Jennifer Lopez in Valentino Dress

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Wael Kfouri Turns Elissa Down! Ouch!

Elissa Turned Down!

Lebanese singer Elissa held a concert in Beirut a few days ago and got into a very embarrassing situation that left her baffled and disappointed!

Attending her concert was fellow Lebanese star, Wael Kfouri, and he was sitting front row.
Elissa got a spur of the moment idea and asked Wael to come up on stage and share a duet of his song "Ya Hawa Rou7 w Ellu" with her. Wael refused and refused and refused!
He let her down on the reasons that he's not dressed for it and is not in the mood to sing! Ouch! That must have hurt! It must have felt like splashing a bucket of ice cold water on her head:

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Elissa Disregards Islamists and Will Perform in Algeria!

Elissa Algeria Concert

Algerian fans of Lebanese singer Elissa are surely delighted to know that Elissa decided to go on with her scheduled concert in Algeria next month, despite the Islamist 'unacceptance' of her in Algeria.

Elissa will be holding her concert in the city of Annaba, on July, 2nd which marks the Algerian Independence Day.

Elissa recently released her new album "As3ad Wa7da" or "The happiest person"; the Album has 13 tracks. Elissa got several messages from her fans congratulating her on her new album, she also got a special message from Nancy Ajram on Twitter: "I wish you success with your new album and I wish you will be the happiest person". That was nice!

Will you be going to Elissa's concert?

Elissa Officially Breaks Up with Tareq Khaituni

Elissa and Tareq

Elissa was getting ready for her wedding and had all sorts of errands to run, like picking a wedding dress and arranging a huge and lavish wedding ceremony in Turkey, when she was faced with the truth about her fiance, Tareq Khaituni.
Elissa found out from trustworthy sources that Tareq has a violent side to him and that all his previous relationships have gone down the drain because he can't keep his temper under control and has a history of physical abuse!

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Elissa Getting Married to Qaddafi's Nephew?

Elissa to wed soon?

Rumors of wedding bells for Elissa are circulating everywhere!
It seems Elissa will be walking down the aisle soon and will tie the knot to someone very much unexpected!
Why do I use the word "unexpected"? Because the man she's rumored to be getting married to is the very wealthy nephew of Libyan leader Moammar Qaddafi, business man Tareq Khaituni!
Elissa and Khaituni have been spotted together a lot and their latest appearance together in Paris at an Elli Saab fashion show sparked more rumors and may have proved Elissa's usual comment "The media are always trying to marry me off", wrong!

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Elissa and Wael are Not in Love

Elissa Future TV Interview

In an in-depth interview conducted by Future TV’s most influential host Zahi Wehbe, the prominent Lebanese singer Elissa opened up, denying rumors and sharing important facts. Elissa told Zahi that she has never been brave enough to admit her love. She might say ‘I love you’ through text or other means but never face-to-face. Elissa added that she is quite feminine and likes to be treated that way in a relationship.

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Elissa Brings Home Her Third WMA

Elissa and her third WMA

Lebanese superstar Elissa won at the World Music Awards for the third time in her career for Best-selling artist in the Middle East for her album "Tesada2 Bemeen".

She performed the song "Tesada2 Bemeen" on stage, and then received her award and delivered a speech thanking Rotana, Walid Ben Talal, her manager Amin Abi Yaghi, her fans, and finally her mother and father.

Worth mentioning is that Lebanon is the country with the most awards in a row with Elissa winning in 2005, 2006, 2010, Mika winning 3 in 2007, Nancy Ajram with 1 in 2008 and Shakira with 1 this year.

The event was held in Monaco on the 18th of May, and is supposed to be aired soon on TV channels worldwide.

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Elissa at The Big Apple Music Awards!


Lebanese singer Elissa has won the "Best Arab Singer in 2010" award in the
Big Apple Music Awards.

The ceremony will be held in New York on May 16th where International
celebrities worldwide will be awarded.

Elissa is supposed to arrive to New York on the 14th of May to rehearse for
the big ceremony.

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Elissa Guest of Star Academy 7 Last Prime


Elissa has been discussing with Star Academy director Tony Ahwaji when she’s going to guest star on Star Academy and they agreed that it’s going to happen in the last prime which is the most important one. So it’s official Elissa will be the guest of the last prime of the 7th season of Star Academy where she is going to sing songs from her new album, “Tsadak Bi Min.” and it would be her second time as a guest of the final prime of Star Academy!

Elissa was also the guest of Star Academy in:

- LBC Star Academy 4 - Prime 15
- LBC Star Academy 5 - Final Prime LIVE
- LBC Star Academy 3 - Prime 13
- LBC Star Academy 2 Prime – 11.march.2005 –

Elissa Not Working with Walid Nassif

Elissa working on 3a Bali

Everyone is waiting for Elissa newest video clip of her song "3a Bali", including myself!
Elissa has finally asked some directors to give her some idea's for storyboards and rumors started swirling that Walid Nassif will work with Elissa this time.
At first Elissa was planning to shoot a video clip for the song “Tisadaa Bi Min” but “3a Bali” was very successful, so she decided to do it instead.

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