Tamer Hosny

Have you Seen Tamer Hosny's "Farq Tawqit" ?

Have you heard of Tamer Hosny's Ramadan TV series "Farq Tawqit" ? He stars alongside Tunisian actor Thafer Al Abideen, Mai Selim and Nicole Saba in this drama, which airs on Telvza TV, YouTube and other satellite channels. The series ... Read More

Tamer Hosny Celebrates Brother's Wedding

Tamer Hosny celebrated the wedding of his brother a few days ago. The wedding was attended by family and close friends and some celebrities. Tamer and wife Basma Bousel were there to celebrate with the new couple and Tamer was ... Read More

Basma Bousel Pregnant

Tamer Hosny is going to be a daddy very soon! Tamer's young wife, Basma Bousel, is 4 months pregnant ... Read More