Have you Seen Tamer Hosny's "Farq Tawqit" ?

Have you heard of Tamer Hosny's Ramadan TV series "Farq Tawqit" ?
He stars alongside Tunisian actor Thafer Al Abideen, Mai Selim and Nicole Saba in this drama, which airs on Telvza TV, YouTube and other satellite channels.

Tamer Hosny in Farq Tawqit

The series starts off with Tamer , who plays "Yaseen" receiving a briefcase from his late father's lawyer. Then suddenly an assailant enters the room from the window and shoots Yaseen ... then we are taken back 14 month ago, and the story begins.

Are you watching "Farq Tawqit" ? What do you think of it and of Tamer Hosny's performance so far?

Tamer Hosny Celebrates Brother's Wedding

Tamer Hosny celebrated the wedding of his brother a few days ago.
The wedding was attended by family and close friends and some celebrities.

Tamer Hosny Celebrates Brother's Wedding

Tamer and wife Basma Bousel were there to celebrate with the new couple and Tamer was more than happy to sing at his bro's wedding, which surely made the attendees entertained.

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Tamer Hosny and Wife During The Eid (Photos)

Check out Tamer Hosny and his wife, Basma Bousel during the Eid Al Adha days.
The couple received guests at their Cairo home and to our benefit, Tunisian singer Sandy posted photos of the visit on her Instagram account!

Tamer Basma Sandy

In the photos one can see Basma clearly, back to her pre-pregnancy bod and is wearing a black Calvin Klein top and leggings and Ugg boots.

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Tamer Hosny to Host Rihanna's Birthday Party

Tamer Hosny

Tamer Hosny is going to be the guest of honor at Rihanna's February birthday party!
Hosny has been asked to host the party and entertain the birthday girl and all her guests.
Riri wants to throw herself a very unique and exotic party, with Arabic music, Arabic food, Arabic songs and entertainment. There's surely going to be Belly Dancing as well!

Tamer is going to sing a bunch of his songs, one of which is "Si L Sayed" featuring Snoop Dogg, who will also be invited to the party.

Other celebs said to be invited are Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull and Akon.

I guess Tamer is mingling with the Hollywood stars for good!

Tamer Hosny and Basma at Wedding

Tamer Hosny and wife Basma Bousel have turned up yet again, together, in a photo taken in a private wedding just recently.

Tamer Hosny and Basma at Wedding

Tamer looked a bit nerdy in a black suit and red papillon and a weird haircut!
Basma looked slim in a simple black dress, that surely hides the extra weight and post-baby bod!

During the wedding, Tamer performed some of his most popular songs.

Tamer Hosny at Mawazine 2013 (Photos)

Tamer Hosny at Mawazine

Tamer Hosny started this month of June in Morocco where he performed in Rabat at Nahda stage during the Mawazine Festival 2013. The concert was very successful and this wasn't a surprise since Tamer is very much loved in Morocco. Upon his arrival at the airport, hundreds of his fans came to great him and assure him that he is so welcome in his second country...

Here are some photos of Tamer Hosny at Mawazine Festival 2013

Photos Tamer Hosny Mawazine Festival

Tamer Hosny, Arabian Knights with Akon and Pitbull

Tamer Hosny sure loves his collaborations! His next one is with R&B singer Akon and rapper Pitbull, and it's entitled "Arabian Knights".

Tamer posted a teaser on his Facebook account of a poster than joins him with the two celebrities, all dressed in white.

Tamer Akon Pitbull

The single is coming out soon ... so be ready!
I hope it's not going to be like his last collaboration with Shaggy ... that was totally mediocre!!

What do ya think?! Will this be a hit or a FLOP?

Cartoonish Tamer Hosny & Baby Taliyah!

This is a little update on the last post about Tamer Hosny welcoming baby Taliyah to the world.
We already know that Tamer Hosny might not have posted an actual photo of himself with his newborn baby girl, Taliyah, but on the other hand he did post a cartoonish family photo on Instagram!

Tamer Basma Taliyah Catroon

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Tamer Hosny is The Proud Father of Thalia

It's official! Tamer Hosny and Basma Bousel are the proud parents of a little baby girls, they named Thalia*!

So, how did we know? Tamer posted the happy news on his Facebook & Twitter accounts! Yup! That's the way to let the world know!
He also posted thanks to the Lord for blessing him with the greatest gift, Thalia.
He also thanked his wife, Basma and told her "I Love you".

Tamer & Basma

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More of Tamer Hosny & Basma Bousel (Photos)

Tamer and Basma

Check out this fresh photo of expecting couple Tamer Hosny and Basma Bousel.
The two were snapped at a private party over the weekend.

Although you can't see it in the photo, but Basma is sporting a baby bump!
The couple got many congrats for the soon-to-be-there baby.

Obviously, the reports that circulated some time ago about Basma wearing the Hijab were only rumors!

Enjoy these photos of Tamer Hosny and Basma Bousel at the party

photos Tamer Hosny and Basma Bousel 2013

Basma Bousel Pregnant

Basma Bousel Pregnant

Tamer Hosny is going to be a daddy very soon!
Tamer's young wife, Basma Bousel, is 4 months pregnant ... making her due sometime in July! It's going to be a summer baby for the couple! Congrats!

Tamer was contacted but refused to confirm or rebuke the news.

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First Photo of Tamer Hosny & Basma Bousel Together

Tamer and Basma first photo

Check out this first photo of Tamer Hosny and his new wife Basma Bousel in public after announcing their marriage on Facebook on August 30th.
The couple attended a Birthday party at Al Masah hotel in Cairo held by Egyptian actor Majed Al Masri for his two-year-old son, Adam.

I bet Basma is telling all those girls out there: Eat your hearts out girls! He chose me!
Or could she be saying something else? What do you think she could be saying in her heart?

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Tamer Hosny Marries Basma Bousel!

Bamer and Bassma get married

Hey girls ... cry your eyes out, cause Tamer Hosny has tied the knot and is no longer a bachelor! Hosny announced his marriage through a video he posted on his official Facebook account in the wee hours of this morning! What a surprise!

The lucky girl that has become Mrs. Tamer Hosny is non other than Star Academy graduate, Basma Bousel! So, the rumors were no rumors after all!

Check out the message after the jump ...

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Tamer Hosny Arrival in Morocco (Photos)

Tamer Hosny Morocco

Tamer Hosny has just landed in Morocco at the Mohammed V International Airport.
Here are some photos of Tamer Hosny arrival surrounded with his Moroccan fans.

photos Tamer Hosny Morocco

Tamer will be holding a concert tomorrow at the Mazagan Beach Resort. Tickets prices start at 990.00 Dhs; for more information, you can call 05 23 38 80 00.