Ana Ktir by Sherine, Top or Flop?

Sherine Abdel Wahab's latest album, Ana Ktir, has caused a stir among her fans.
It seems that the songs have broken a record in the number of views on her official YouTube channel.

Ana Ktir by Sherine

The songs have gotten a whopping 10 million views combined in around 10 days ... which means this album may really be a huge success.

Have you listened to some of the songs on the album?
What do you think? Is it really fantastic ... or would you consider it a flop ... even though it's getting huge views?

Delayed Projects, Amr Diab and Tamer Hosny

The horrific turn of events in Egypt has called on some celebrities to delay or postpone their projects. Both Amr Diab and Tamer Hosny have decided to halt their activities and their current projects because of the unstable situation in Egypt these days.

Delayed Projects, Amr Diab and Tamer Hosny

Amr Diab was scheduled to release his much awaited new album Elleila and the single "Garali Eih" after the Eid, but decided otherwise and will not be going forth in his plans.

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Mohamed Hamaki: From My Heart I'm Singing (Photos)

During a closed press conference, Egyptian singer Mohamed Hamaki announced that he finished working on his new music video clip for his song: "Ana Mn Albi Baghni" or From My Heart I'm Singing. He also mentioned that the shooting of the clip took place in Beirut and the video will be aired soon on different satellite TV channels.

Mohamed Hamaki New Video Clip 2013

Hamaki also revealed during this conference that the success of his new album made many Italian and Turkish singers willing to buy the rights to sing his songs in their native languages.

Here are some photos from Mohamed Hamaki Ana Mn Albi Baghni video clip

Mohamed Hamaki Ana mb albe baghane clip photos

Mustafa, Ihab and Hamid .. Blast from the Past!

ancient picture of Mustafa Qamar, Ihab Tawfiq and Hamid Al Shairi

When we're saying Blast from the Past ... then there's nothing that beats this old photo of Mustafa Qamar, Ihab Tawfiq and Hamid Al Shairi!

Oh My Lord! This photo has been dug up from under so much layers of dust, it's just not funny!
This photo of those three Egyptian stars dates back maybe 20 years!

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Shireen Abdel Wahab Divorced

Shireen Divorced

It's official, Egyptian singer Shireen Abdul Wahab has ended her marriage to Mohammad Mustafa.
Shireen and Mohammad still retain a friendly relationship because the two are parents to two cute little girls, Hana and Mariam.

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Lara Scandar at The NRJ Music Tour 2012 (Photo)

Lara Scandar at NRJ Music Tour

Lara Scandar was a guest at The NRJ Music Tour 2012 in Lebanon among top hit performing artists of 2012 like Jessica D, Anjulie, Sean Kingston, Lexter , Chris Willis, Anda Adam and Neon Hitch.

Lara’s performance was spectacular; she sang two songs from her first album, About a Girl and Falling Out of Love. Lara looked like Beyonce and her moves along with the professional dancers that came with her for this concert amazed the audience.

Her family and friends were there at the concert to support her during this huge concert.
The concert was held at Forum de Beirut last Saturday and more than 20,000 people attended this concert.

Photos of Lara at The NRJ Music Tour 2012 in Lebanon

Photos Lara Scandar NRJ Concert

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Karim Kamel Does "Gai Lmeen"

Karim Kamel

Star Academy 8 graduate Karim Kamel has gone back to Hollywood since exiting the academy and has worked on a few projects.
His debut song and accompanying video clip is "Gai Lmeen", which was shot in Los Angeles.
The song is OK, but the tune seems very familiar and there's nothing original in it.
The video clip is simple and shows Karim driving down the streets of LA with his girl and dancing around on a beach.

Karim Kamel Video Clip Model

I actually think the girl in the clip looks more genuine than he does! Sorry Kiko! But you look kinda' fake! Try to be yourself next time and don't act ... the clip will be more true to you then.

Have you seen "Gai Lmeen" by Karim Kamel? (You can watch here: Karim Kamel Gai Lmeen Video Clip)
What do you think?

Ruby Too Shy to Dance! Ha!

Ruby dancing in public?!

Where has been Egyptian singer Ruby been hiding all this time?
Would you believe that she was down in Tahrir Square back in January? But she says she was in disguise, and that's why she wasn't spotted by any of the hundreds of thousands in the Square?

Well, in her latest interview with Al Nahar channel, she revealed that she's too shy to dance in public, but has no problem in shaking her booty in front of a camera. Well, I guess we saw that clearly in her (in)famous video clip of her song "Leh Bidari Kida"!

Mohammad Hamaki Engaged to be Married

Mohammad Hamaki

Egyptian singer Mohammad Hamaki has gotten his health back after a little scare, and has gotten down to business immediately!
Hamaki got engaged to his sweetheart, Nahla Al Hajari, a couple of days ago and is now busy finishing the final preparations for his wedding on December 7th.

The wedding will surely be star studded and the star to be entertaining the attendees is going to be none other than megastar Amr Diab.

Mohammad Hamaki

We all wish Hamaki the best and lots of health. Congrats!

Amer Munib Passes Away ...

Amer Munib Passes Away

Egyptian singer/ actor Amer Munib passed away yesterday morning after a battle with colon cancer.
Munib was a coma in the hospital for a week before loosing the battle and his sudden death comes as a shock to his friends, colleagues and fans across the Arab world.
Munib was only 48 years old ... as some fans said: "too young to go".

A huge number of stars participated in his funeral procession yesterday, some even carried his coffin.

May he rest in peace ... he will always be remembered for his songs and the movies he starred in ... but he will be missed greatly.

Amer Munib Needs a Miracle

Amer Munib

Egyptian singer/ actor Amer Munib is currently under surveillance in the hospital after suffering a serious health scare.
It seems his situation is critical and everyone is praying that he passes from this quickly and gets well soon.
Haifa Wehbe is one of the stars that asked her fans to pray for Munib.

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Happy Birthday Sherine!

Sherine Birthday

Today marks the birthday of Egyptian singer Sherine Abdel Wahab! Happy Birthday!
Sherine was born on October 10th 1980 and rose to stardom back in 2000 with her hit song "Ah Ya Leil" ... which is still one of her best songs yet!

She got married to Mohammed Mustafa and has two little girls.

Sherine's newest is her song "Ma Te3tezersh" with Rotana.
The song is beautiful and is more of the "Tarab" style, which is rare these days.
Sherine looks good and seems to have regained her pre-baby body!

Again, Happy Birthday Sherine from all of is here at Waleg and many returns of the day!

Mohammad Hamaki Hospitalized After Heart Stroke!

Mohammad Hamaki

Young Egyptian singer Mohammad Hamaki has suffered 3 strokes yesterday morning and was rushed to hospital for urgent surgery.
Hamaki was in the studio working on his latest album when he suddenly felt chest pains! He thought it was because of over working and lots of stress. He left the studio for home and decided to rest.
As he arrived home, the pain increased and he found himself unable to breathe!

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Hani Shaker to Retire?

Hani Shaker

After the tragic death of his daughter, rumor has it that Egyptian singer Hani Shaker may decide to retire.
The celebrity circle in Cairo has it that Shaker may decide to retreat from the spotlights and only participate in Religious singing from time to time.
Shaker was very close to his late daughter, Dina. She has left this world and left behind two daughters, twins Malak and Malika.

What do you think? Could this be true?