Al Qasirat, Insight into a Disturbing Social Problem

Al Qasirat is not an ordinary Egyptian series, it is brave to go where no other series has gone before and explore the dark world of underage marriages in the Arab world, specifically in Egypt.

Salah Al Saadani in Al Qasirat

Famous actor Salah Al Saadani, takes it upon himself to show us the personality, thoughts and character of an elderly man, who has a thing for underage girls!

This is the first time this social problem has been taken into the realm of TV series.

Reading about this problem in newspapers and novels is very much different than seeing events take place on TV ... the imagination can take us so far but seeing is a different experience; disturbing and scary.

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Al Shak, Egyptian Drama at its Best

"Al Shak" is another TV series that getting a lot of buzz this Ramadan.
It stars a huge number of very famous faces like Hussein Fahmi, Raghda, Sabrine and May Ezzidine.

May Ezzindine in Al Shak

There's also a famous Syrian face that's sharing the spotlight with the others: Maxim Khalil.

The series is attracting viewers because of the surprising events that are taking place, the plot line which has been researched and the acting that seems to be real life and not just for the cameras.

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Laila Uloui is a Wedding Planner in Farah Laila

Egyptian actress Laila Uloui is in the Ramadan marathon this year in a series entitled "Farah Laila".
Laila is a wedding planner and has her job cut out for her. But she's also got the problems of everyday life weighing her down. She also dreams of the day she wears a white gown and walks down the aisle ...

Farah Laila

Laila is a strong woman and doesn't let her problems get in the way of her work.
We get to see the numerous weddings she plans and the numerous problems that she gets to deal with like the dilemma of her sister being secretly married and pregnant and how the two will break the news to their sick elderly father.

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Niran Sadiqa Brings Us Menna Shalabi in Ramadan

Niran Sadiqa is a series that caught my attention not only because of the entangled plot line, but because of the many faces from around the Arab world that it's brought together!

Niran Sadiqa

The series is a thriller that brings together actors from Egypt, Syria, Tunisia and Jordan.
It tells the story of 6 friends whose relationship and friendship has undergone many tests across the years ... one of which seems to be very bloody!!

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Adel Imam and Hussein Fahmi in "Al 3arraf"

This Ramadan, Adel Imam returns to the silver screen in the series "Al 3arraf".
Rami Imam, who is Adel imam's son and the director of the series, brought back Imam and a number of famous faces together again for the first time in years!

Adel Imam in Al 3arraf

Hussein Fahmi, Shireen and Talaat Zakaria join Imam in the series, that sheds light on everyday Egyptian life before and after the revolution of Jan 25th, in a comic style far from politics.

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Jamal Sulaiman in Sayedna El Sayed

Sayedna El Sayed

Jamal Sulaiman has really taken Egyptian drama by storm! He's been appearing in Egyptian TV series for the past few years and has gotten the hang of the Egyptian accent!
This year he's the star of a series entitled "Sayedna El Sayed".

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Laila Uloui in Napoleon w Al Mahrousa

Laila Uloui in Napoleon

This year Laila Uloui is taking on "Napoleon Bonaparte" !
The series, which stars a number of Arab and Non-Arab actors, and is directed by the famous Tunisian director Shawqi Al Majri, sheds light on Egypt during the late 18th century when Napoleon invaded Egypt.

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Al Khawaja Abdel Qader

Al Khawaja Abdel Qader

Egyptian actor Yahia Al Fakharani returns to your TV screens this Ramadan with a series entitled "Al Khawaja Abdel Qader".
Obviously, Al Fakharani plays "Al Khawaja" during World War II in Egypt.
The series sheds light on the troubled political and social life of Egyptians during that period.

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Firkat Naji Attallah on MBC in Ramadan (Photos)

Adel Imam in Firkat Naji Attallah

Adel Imam returns to the little screen this Ramadan with a bold series entitled "Firkat Naji Attallah".
Imam plays Naji Attallah, a diplomat in the Egyptian embassy in Tel Aviv!
Attallah falls into a lot of trouble after speaking his mind about Israel's policies in the Middle East on a TV show. He gets alienated by the embassy and ends up with no assets and money! He decides to rob a bank ... in Israel!

Photos from Firqat Naji Atallah TV Series

Photos Firkat Naji Attallah

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Hind Sabri in Vertigo in Ramadan 2012 (Photos)

Hind Sabri Vertigo TV Series

If you liked Hind Sabri in her last year Ramadan TV series "Ayza Atgwez" or "I want to get Married", then you should be excited about her new series "Vertigo" which will air soon in Ramadan 2012.

In this new series, Hind will be playing the role of "Farida', a photographer who happen to be in bar where highly ranked business men and VIPs in Egypt were having a meeting that turned into a big bloody fight which Hind photographed through her camera. These photos will turn Farida's life upside down and start her journey to escape from people trying to kill her...

Here some photos of Hind Sabri in Vertigo

photos of Hind Sabri in Vertigo

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