Egyptian Drama

Al Qasirat, Insight into a Disturbing Social Problem

Al Qasirat is not an ordinary Egyptian series, it is brave to go where no other series has gone before and explore the dark world of underage marriages in the Arab world, specifically in Egypt. Famous actor Salah Al Saadani, ... Read More

Al Shak, Egyptian Drama at its Best

"Al Shak" is another TV series that getting a lot of buzz this Ramadan. It stars a huge number of very famous faces like Hussein Fahmi, Raghda, Sabrine and May Ezzidine. There's also a famous Syrian face that's sharing the ... Read More

Al Khawaja Abdel Qader

Egyptian actor Yahia Al Fakharani returns to your TV screens this Ramadan with a series entitled "Al Khawaja Abdel ... Read More