The Life of Roshdy Abaza in a TV Series

Roshdy Abaza

Lets go back to the the times when movies were black and white... For those who don't know Roshdy Abaza; He was an Egyptian actor who is a legend in the history of Film making. He was famous by his handsome looks and irresistibility towards women. And for those who do know him would agree with me on that!

Anyway, the company responsible for the production of the new Egyptian television series (Al DonJuan) - referring to Roshdy and his life - have been facing some problems with his daughter Kesmat Abaza who insists on letting her son Mohammed to personalize Roshdy's teenage years in the series otherwise she wouldn't accept the production as a whole assuring that Roshdy's grandson is capable of that in addition to his similarity in looks to his grandfather, She also stated that Mohammed would be one of the future stars and would bring back the glory days of her father.

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Mona Zaki ... Latest News

Mona Zaki

Nowadays the Egyptian actress Mona Zaki is so busy; she is working on the last scenes of her new movie "Taymoor w Shafee'a" with the Egyptian actor Ahmed El Sakka. We all know that Mona and El Sakka are the most popular couple these days. This movie will premier the next summer.
On the other hand, Mona is now facing yet another rumor that has been spread about her divorce from the Egyptian actor Ahmed Helmy. She made a lot of interviews in a number of magazines with her husband, and she even took some photo shoots with him.

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Mona Zaki and Ahmed Helmy Divorced?

Rumors have been spreading about Egyptian actors Mona Zaki and Ahmed Helmy. It is said that they have gotten divorced but haven’t announce it officially yet… Since they got married a few years ago, the cute couple has been faced with such rumors again and again and they always deny them.

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Somaya El Khashab a Fashion Designer

Somaya El Khashab

Egyptian actress Somaya El Khashab is intending to enter the fashion world by opening her own store with her mother where she can present her own designs. Somaya is just following an old dream that was always chasing her even before perusing her acting career. What encouraged her is the success her outfits, that included “Jalabibs”, gained in “Hadayeq El Shaytan” and she wants to offer that style in addition to other modern styles.

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Adel Imam Declares War on Hala Sarhan

Adel Imam was a guest in the famous show of Hala Sarhan on Rotana channel a few weeks but it seems that this show caused a lot of tense between both of them. The reason is that Hala Sarhan promised El Za’im that the show will be divided into 3 episodes but Sarhan fragmented it into 8 episodes that included very long advertising breaks.

Adel Imam said that this wasted the value of the interview and the audience got lost. He also stated that the reason behind this is to make more money since Rotana already made a lot of publicity for the show through billboards that where placed in high traffic areas like El Mehwar and 6th of October Bridge and actually gained like 12 million EGP from the advertisement.

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Ahmed El Fishawy Divorced in 2 Months!

Ahmed El Fishawy Wedding

The young actor Ahmed El Fishawy surprisingly got divorced only 2 months after getting married. After the big scandal we all know about with Hend El Hinnawy, Ahmed El Fishawy decided to move on with his life & get married to have a new beginning but obviously he couldn’t make it.

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Goodbye Souad Nasr

The lovely actress Souad Nasr died yesterday at age 54 after being in a coma for a year. After a doctor mistake, Souad Nasr had to suffer from sever effects due to an extra dose of anesthesia after making a liposuction.

She has been recognized as a comedian and has been known with her spontaneous character and that is why she has been very popular. She was first known with Mohamed Sobhi in “Rehlat El Million” that gained huge success and then participated with him in “A’elat Wanis” that was extremely popular in the whole Arab world in addition to a lot of TV series. She participated as well in a lot of movies including some with Yousef Shahin like “El Massir”. She had also participated in several theater plays like “El Hamagy”.

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Majida Al Khatib Dies at 63

Majida Al Khatib

Famous Egyptian actress Majida Al Khatib died on Saturday after a long struggle with illnesses. She went into a coma before taking her final breath. She is considered to be one of the most famous Egyptian actresses of all time.
Born in 1943, she got her fist break during the 60 in the movie "Al Jabal" which was chosen as one of the best 100 movies in the history of the Egyptian Cinema.

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Hanan Turk Divorced

Hanan Turk

It’s official, young Egyptian actress Hanan Turk and ex-husband Khalid Khatab have divorced.
The news was declared by Mahmoud Saed on the show “Al Beit Baitek”. Although Khalid said that nothing would ever come between them apart from death. I guess he was wrong. It seems that Khalid wanted Hanan to quit acting altogether and dedicate her life to him and the children…what a jerk!

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Yousra Vs. Hijab

Egyptian actress Yousra

Yousra's trying to convince Hanan Turk to take off the Hijab. Hana announced that the famous Egyptian star repeatedly tried to convince her to take it off. She also said that Yousra went as far as speaking to her husband about it in an attempt to have him pressure her too, but it didn't work.
Yousra's idea was to inform Hanan that the Hijab will affect her acting career which is a big waste.
It is interesting to point out that Yousra has attacked actresses who suddenly wear the Hijab saying: "Who are they fooling?"

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Egyptian Stars Get Married by Bulk!

Last week was a festive week for the Egyptian young actors of today!
Three of the popular stars got married & others got engaged! Congrats!
The first to enter the Golden cage of marriage, was Karim Abdel Aziz & his bride Heidi.
As for the second young man to follow in the footsteps of Karim was Hani Salama & his bride Berihan.
These two weddings had something in common, Lebanese singer Nicole Saba was the one to entertain all the guests & invitees!
As for the third wedding, it was held under secrecy & away from any media coverage; Ahmad Al Fishawi & his bride Wisam tied the knot among a group of family & friends.

Congratulations to all the happy couples!

Click here to see some photos from these weddings

photos from these weddings

Adel Imam & The Bomb

Adel Imam

Famous Egyptian actor Adel Imam has announced that he is going to start working on his latest project, a movie entitled "Al Mastool WA Al Qunbulah"
- The Idiot & The Bomb -, on the beginning of the new year 2007.
The story is that of the famous writer Naguib Mahfouth, a satirical political comedy about an ordinary man who finds himself in an important political position...

Dina Busted for Dancing!

Dina dancing

If you’re about to attend the premier of your new movie in Cairo, make sure not to be too happy as to dance in public because you can get thrown in jail.
Don’t take my word for it…
The famous Egyptian dancer and entertainer Dina is to be investigated as she was seen dancing in front of METRO cinema at the opening of her new movie “Alai il Tarab bil Talata”

The party-pooper Ashraf Zaki said that Dina’s actions were humiliating for the Egyptian artist who we defend.

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Hanan Turk Fights Private Lessons

Hanan Turk

After her success in the TV series "Awlad Al Shawari'" or "Street Kids", the young Egyptian actress Hanan Turk is getting ready to start her a new series called “Awatif Mantiqa Taleemiyeh" or "Feelings of an Educational Area" about the Egyptian educational system and how high ranking officials attempt to prevent any development on the system or to eradicate private lessons.

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