Egyptian Actors

Say Farewell to Khaled Saleh

Egyptian actor Khaled Saleh passed away yesterday morning, he was 50 ... it may come as a shock to some but Saleh has been at the famous ‪Dr. Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation and hospital In Aswan for the past ... Read More

Said Saleh Passes Away at 76

Famous Egyptian actor Said Saleh passed away yesterday. Saleh has been battling illness for some time but recently his health deteriorated dramatically when he went into a coma. He was 76. May he rest in peace. ... Read More

Adel Imam Dead? Again?

Death Hoax are all the rage over the internet and sometimes people actually believe them and spread the news ... ... Read More

Have you Seen Shadia?

No one has seen the great Egyptian actress/singer Shadia since she retired and wore the Hijab 29 long years ago. ... Read More