Femen, With or Against?

Femen ... we've just started hearing about this organization in the Arab world, after the controversy over a young girl in Tunisia posting her topless photo of herself on the net and then protesting against Salafists and being dragged to jail for that.

Femen Logo

Femen has spread into our Arab and Islamic societies only recently, but the movement has gained some success in Europe and was founded in Ukraine back in 2008.
The organization calls for feminism extremism ... as they put it "radical feminism".

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On The Last Day of 2009

Last Day of 2009

This is the last day of 2009. It was a year with both successes and difficulties, but in the end we got through it and learned from it. We covered the past season of Star Academy not only with daily reviews but with daily videos and photos too, it is something that we’ve done for the first time on Waleg; comprehensive coverage of Star Academy.

We have also changed the design of Waleg, making it simpler and easier to navigate. Though we almost finsihed working on the new design, there is still some unfinsihed work that we hope to complete soon.

I want to thank all Waleg friends, fans and readers for being loyal to Waleg throughout all these past years, for sharing their comments on our daily articles and for inviting other people to visit Waleg.com

We also want to specifically thank Masry, Mariam, Nonny, Majdn, Salah, Silvana, Meri, Lilly, Shaza, and all the others … for their interesting work on Waleg, being guest writers and sharing some of the latest news and photos that took place in 2009…

I must not forget to thank Raissa for keeping lots of Waleg blogs updated on a daily basis with the latest. And Haykel who joined us this year to make sure Waleg french version is also updated.
Thank you Raissa and Haykel for your great work.

On this occasion too, I would like to invite all the PR agencies and Arab celebrities managers and agents to work with us more closely, by keeping us updated with their latest news, upcoming events and concerts.

Last but not least, I would like to tell you that in 2010 we have a number of suprises that we will be introducing :) We’ll keep them secret for now, to keep you on your toes!

Save The World's Rainforests!

rainforest clearing

Hey! Can I have your attention please! Ya You!
Whether you live in Australia, The Philippines, Kuwait, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Sweden, The UK, Canada, The U.S. or anywhere in South America, this concerns you!

If nothing is done to stop the cutting down of trees in Rainforests, not only will animals become extinct, but temperatures around the world will rise and eventually the ugly end will come.

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This massacre has to STOP! Enough is Enough!

enough is enough in gaza

More than 1100 Palestinians have fallen under the air raids and bombardment of the Israelis ... more than 5100 people have been injured and the rest of the people of Gaza are terrified and have no way of escape from the prison-like territory they are in.
We are just simple people and we can only do so much, but we can raise our voices in protest, we can put our hands together and ask the international community and the United Nations to lend a hand and force an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.
This massacre has to STOP! Enough is enough! Stop the bloodshed!

To participate in this plea, sign the following petition that will be sent to the UN Security Council, the European Union, the Arab League and the USA.

Special Thanks to Bush and His Fans!

I want to thank the citizens of the United States who have voted for George Bush, not for one term but for two terms, which have finally come to an end, Good riddance!
You deserve special thanks and gratitude not only from me but from the whole world…
Maybe you didn’t see what was coming, but not only has your life turned to hell during these last 8 years and ending it with a total economic disaster but your votes for Bush granted you a lifetime sentence of hate! People around the world hate the United States now and are burning its flag! The American government is now desperate to get new immigrants but no one is interested to live your American nightmare or ‘dream’ as you may recall it was once called.

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Sarah Palin: Former Beauty Queen and More!

Sarah Palin and John McCain

We don't do politics as most of our readers know, our most blogged posts are about celebrities, but today and unlike the usual, our featured photo gallery is of Sarah Palin, an American celebrity who won Miss Wasilla Pageant, finished third in Miss Alaska pageant, was also a sports reporter and recently spent a whopping $32,800 on hairdressers and makeup artists and finally and most importantly, guess what? She may become a very powerful political figure since John McCain chose her as his vice president!

Photos of Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin photos

God help us and help the average American citizen who is currently suffering just like any other below average citizen in the third world!

I'm happy to see the latest polls regarding who will the next president of the United States be, they all point to Obama as a winner, which he may be unless another play with the votes takes place like what happened 8 years ago with Al Gore and in front of the whole world.

If John McCain wins, I just wish his administration would stop criticizing our countries, we are proud to have what we have and want to keep things as they are! Ya! We don't want any interference! Fix your own problems, then come talk to us!

Finally, a message to our friends in the US: Don't disappoint the world for the third time.
Choose the man that will make things better and not continue with the destructive policies of Bush!

The Quickest Way to Fame!

amar or qamar!

The shortest way to fame has become plastic surgery and bit of nudity!
If you're a girl and you dream of becoming a well known singer, then the magical equation is well known; get some plastic surgery, enlarge your breasts, learn some moves from Haifa Wehbe, get some washed out poet to write you some silly songs and strut your stuff in a Music Video!
If you're not a fan of Haifa, then don't be sad! Let your plastic surgeon to make your face as similar as can be to either Nancy Ajram or Elissa! Easy Peasy!
Have you checked out some of the new singers in the business these days?
There are a couple in particular that have taken the word 'Copy Cat' to a new level!
Melissa is copying Elissa ... even the name says so!
Amar or Qamar is copying Haifa, in more ways than one!
She looks like her (check out photo above), she tries to sound like her and she moves like her!

Photos of Qamar

Photos of Qamar

Photos from Qamar Video Clip

Photos from Amar video clip

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We Are Neither Fans of X Nor Z

While reading the recent comments that were posted on the site during the last few weeks especially after we posted an article about Mohammad and another about Nader, lots of our readers have accused us of being fans of Mohammad and that we don’t like Nader…

While we have the right, as all of you do, to be fans of one of the candidate, we are NOT fans of any of the season's candidates, though we admit we like some of the candidates’ voices more than others…

Our only intention when we posted these articles about Nader and Mohammad wasn’t to encourage people to be with or against any of these two contestants, but to show that there are things going on this season which aren't usual, we don’t know if it is just a way for attracting more viewers or is it just part of this year's strategy for the show…

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Facebook Insulting Islam?!

Facebook is a cool international community where friends can meet and catch up ... Where people from all walks of life can get to know each other and make friends ... but what happens when religious issues pop up?
It's ok, as long as each keeps his/her limits ... respects all religions and all beliefs ... but when people start insulting each other and coming up with groups targeting a certain religion, that's when it all crosses the red line!
It becomes a bigger problem when this happens on one of the fastest growing social networking websites like Facebook!

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Where Are The Real Arabs?

I usually write to inform you about the latest celebrity news. However, after the both overwhelming and disgusting response to yesterday’s article about Star Academy contestant Shatha Hassoun, I think a history lesson is in order.

After the collapse of the last great Islamic Empire (which while called Islamic was home to Christians, Jews, and Zoroastrians also), what remained of the crumbling Umayyad Empire fled to Cordoba, in Spain. The Mongols had Arab nation with deep divides, and easily defeated them. But the Arabs in Spain; for 150 years there was a golden age in which Muslim, Jewish and Christian Arab scholars lay down the basis of the math that we use today (Algebra, etc.) and translated the lost works of Ancient Greece. However, just like the Abbasids overthrew the Umayyads in Baghdad, the emirs of Arab Spain (Al Andalus) began to quarrel and split up Southern Spain into little kingdoms.

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We are Time Magazine's Person of The Year!

time magazine cover

Congratulations! We are Time Magazine's Person of the Year! Yepee!
We at Waleg.com are part of the ever growing community of 'Citizen's of Digital Democracy'.
We use the web everyday, we create content & we send messages across to the whole world by clicking! ... Working hard has actually paid off!
And You ... Yes, You are also part of this fantastic community ... You might not be adding to the content of the web but you are using it in your daily life ... Thus, you are also Person of the Year! Congratulations!

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WALEG is For Everyone

In the past few days, some of WALEG readers particularly Lebanese were posting irrelevant comments on articles that have nothing to do with the sad incidents that are currently taking place in Lebanon.

Despite our sadness and all our emotions that go out to the Lebanese people, and our admiration to our Lebanese readers patriotism to their country; WALEG.com remains a website for everyone covering news from all over the world. We are not a Lebanese website neither are we based in Lebanon.

Our articles about American news weren't published with an intention to promote America. They're in the news and there are many readers out there -Americans and non-Americans alike - who are interested in them.

Thank you for your understanding.

Arab Students Abroad

In the past few days, we were really busy and we couldn’t publish new articles on a daily manner as we usually do… and today, checking first emails and recently posted comments, we were really shocked by a comment posted by an Arab student in Canada, specifically in Quebec studying in the University of Laval. The language this student used is an extremely low & obscene language which was directed to us, & was full of swears in Arabic language.

I was once a student who lived outside my country of origin and I was totally comfortable with myself and I spent almost 8 years away from home, during which I never used any such low language towards anybody. However I did meet a number of students who have also traveled away from their countries for the purpose of studying, some of these students were full of rage and anger… they had some trouble like making new friends, passing their exams successfully, etc. Unfortunately, many of them went back home full of disappointment and increased rage and anger after they failed to achieve their goals.

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