Nicole Saba, Haifa Wehbe and Ahmad Al Fishawi

Nicole Saba

Nicole Saba posted the first photo of herself with hubby Yousef El Khal and her baby girl Nicole on her Twitter account a couple of days ago.
Too bad, in the photo, we cannot actually see the little princess because she's cuddled up in a car seat which Nicole is carrying.
The little family was on their way out of the Dr's office after little Nicole got her first immunity shot.

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Two Weddings and The Winner Is ...

Wedding bells are ringing for Lebanon's stars!
Joumana Bou Eid tied the knot on Saturday, Sept 14th in a lavish wedding that was attended by friends, family and may celebrities.
The attendees included Ramy Ayach, Elissa, Sherine and Walid Tawfiq.

The Bride Joumana Bou Eid

Another Lebanese celebrity is a busy bride-to-be now-a-days ... Carole Samaha is finishing up the final preparations for her upcoming November wedding!
Carole is going to tie the knot in a "Greek" wedding which will be held on Santorini island.
The wedding will be attended by only very close family and friends and will surely be a day to remember ... something from a fantasy! Her wedding gown will be a Zuhair Murad design.

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New Eid 2013 Albums, Marwa Embarrassing Moment and More

Amr Diab

Amr Diab new album is ready but it won’t be released anytime soon because of the sad events that people are currently living in Egypt.

Elissa at hospital

Elissa is unhappy and disturbed because of the recent leaked photo of her while she was at the hospital. Elissa got a bit sick during the past days and she decided to have a checkup…
Elissa new album will be released during the Eid.

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Donia Samir Ghanem and Mohammad Saad

Donia Samir Ghanem is a busy bride-to-be! She's announced to the world that she's going to "enter the golden cage" soon, on June 9th.
She's booked the venue for the big day and is done with all the planning.

Donia Samir Ghanem


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Nicole Saba, Sabrine and Nancy Ajram

Here's a cocktail of short news from here and there!

Nicole Saba, who is pregnant with her first child with hubby Youssef Al Khal, posted a photo of herself performing at the opening of the Cairo Festival yesterday.
She's seen wearing a wide black dress, that clearly hides a baby bump!

Nicole Saba, Sabrine and Nancy Ajram

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A Jumble of Fann News!

Najwa Karam

Najwa Karam has announced that she's participating the annual Mawazine festival in Morocco this year.
She's currently very busy working on her latest album. She's just finished recording a single, which is written by Nizar Francis, but will not reveal its name, because it may be the title of her upcoming album!

Ragheb Alamah has decided to postpone his scheduled trip to Tunisia.
Alamah said that his concert in Sousse will be postponed to an indefinite date, because of the current political situation in Tunisia.
On the other hand, Alamah will be hosting a Valentines Day concert at the Abu dhabi Country Club.

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Shireen Not Totally Divorced and Miriam Fares Has History with Gambling!

Shireen Abdel Wahab

Shireen Abdel Wahab is still not 100% divorced!
She revealed that she hasn't gotten officially divorced and if her hubby asked her to come back home and become his wife again, she's agree and got back without a second thought!
So that brings up a valid question, why have they gotten separated and news of their divorce spread in the first place?!

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Sheeren Valentine's Day Appearance

• Lebanese singer Madeleine Matar recorded a show for New Year’s Eve on Moroccan TV ‘2M’ but the show wasn’t aired because of the tragic events in Gaza. The show was thus postponed and was aired on January 31st instead! The show was very successful and was full of performances from Madeleine and other Moroccan stars like Hakim, Bilal and Nadia Ayoub.

Photos of Madeleine in Morocco

Madeleine in Morocco on 2M TV

• Egyptian singer Sheeren will make her first appearance this year on Valentine's Day by being a guest on Albait Baitek TV show.

• TV presenter Zahi Wehbe and his wife Rabaa Al Zayat welcomed a baby girl to the world. Congratulations :)

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Moodi Strikes Again!

moodi hather hather video clip

• Remember the unleashed treasure that our friend Silvana talked about back in November? Well, Moodi strikes back; he just finished shooting his video clip for his song 'hather hather' or 'Yes Yes'!

najwa sultan and huda hadad

• Each of Lebanese singers Najwa Sultan and Huda Hadad have contributed on their own way to support the people in Gaza, Najwa donated the proceedings of her new year concert which she held at the Movinpic Dubai, while Huda participated in the telethon that Abu Dhabi TV ran.

Miriam fares New Year 2009

• After a successful concert in Beirut, Miriam Fares will be heading to Egypt next month to hold a new concert. She recently recorded a number of songs in Egypt as part of the preparation of her new Album.

Photos from Miriam Fares New Year 2009 Concert in Beirut

Miriam Fares New Year Concert

Gaza News Roundup

Update: Attacks continue as Israel shuns ceasefire call What a mascaraed!

- Bombs hit Gaza as UN urges truce [Video]
- UN Security Council calls for immediate Gaza truce
- U.S. makes U-turn on U.N. Gaza vote. Thank you USA for supporting genocide in Gaza!
- Qaddafi urges Arab to fight Israelis
- UN: 257 Palestinian children killed in Gaza
- Hamas rejects foreign troops in Gaza [Video of the Interview with Hamas senior spokesman Osama Hamdan]. No comment!
- Int'l Red Cross Decries Gaza Humanitarian Crisis
- Pope Calls for Cease-Fire in Gaza
- Gaza survivors' accounts
- 100 Survivors Rescued in Gaza From Ruins Blocked by Israelis
- Scores killed as Gaza UN school hit
- Gaza school strike forces Barack Obama to break his silence
- Egypt's football players show solidarity with Gaza
- Kanoute facing Palestine shirt fine
- Egyptian film star: Hamas is to blame

People Were Asking God If They Could Die!

"... There is talk [the Israeli air strikes] were targeting the police and security forces but in Shifa hospital, I saw many, many civilians, some dead, some injured, some were children, some were women, some were elderly people", "There are people without their legs in very severe pain... Some were asking God if they could die..."

Read full article on The Guardian

"... Killing lots of people on the other side is not only ineffective, it is counterproductive. It hurts your cause. It gets more of your own people killed in the long run...", "Yes the Hamas leaders are crappy and pathetic. Yes they risk their own civilians. That is not at issue. But these Israeli leaders are pathetic, too, so desperate to look tough...", by Lorelei Kelly.

Read full article on The Huffington Post

Photos after the jump

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Shatha and Bahaa Try Out Acting and Saad Fine After Crash!

• Shatha Hassoun has wrapped up filming her debut TV series 'Rasael Min Rajol Mayet' or Letters from a Dead Man.
Shatha also has a busy concert schedule, as she'll be holding numerous ones all over the world!
Radio stations have started airing her duetto with Ilham al Madfai, which was recorded as part of an MTC Iraq ad.

New Photos of Shatha with Magi Nenjian (Jaras TV Presenter) during her hen party

Photos of Shatha with Magi Nenjian

(Thanks to Soo Strange for the photos)

• Saad Ramadan had a car accident a couple of days ago, nothing serious just a bump or two! Hamdella Al Salameh!
Saad is currently in Syria spending a few days with Adnan and Asma who is also there.
As for his music news, he's working on the final touches to his debut single. The lyrics are by Nizar Fransis and the music by Samir Sfeir, two big names, which means it's going to be a success!

Various new photos of Saad Ramadan

various new pictures of Saad

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Ayman Back to TV, No Wadih Al Safi in Carthage Festival

Ayman Qaisouni back to the TV screen! Ayman will be back with a new show called Ton of Cash on Abu Dhabi channel.
The show, which is considered a reality show, will go on for 13 episodes where two teams will compete to win 1.5 million Dirhams!

• The release of the new Hani Ramzi movie 'Nims Bond' has been postponed after the Egyptian censorship committee has decided to investigate the movie!
Why? Becasue it's about a policeman and the story revolves around detective stories and such issues!

Assi Al hilani and Rouwaida Attiah recorded a duetto together last week.
The song is entitled 'Sahra Al Sharq' or the Oriental Desert.
It's worth mentioning that this song was supposed to be a joint project between Assi and Asalah Nasri! Obviously that didn't work out!

• Legendary singer Wadih Al Safi has canceled his participation in the annual Carthage Festival in Tunis this year.
His cancellation comes after he fell ill and will not be able to travel and perform.