Bab El Hara 6 in Ramadan 2013

Bab El Hara 6

I never thought I'd be saying this but, Oh No! No More Bab El Hara!!
I think you'd agree with me that 5 seasons of the Syrian drama have been more than enough.
Syrian writer Marwan Qaouq has revealed that he's struck a deal with famous director Bassam Al Mulla for a sixth installment of the "then" famous series Bab El Hara.

The more surprising aspect of this all is that Qaouq talks about the return of Abbas Al Nouri to the Hara! Could you give me a reasonable explanation to how a dead person comes back to life? This is just too lame!

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Will Abu Issam Come Back?

Abu Issam

On the 5th season of Bab el Hara, Abu Issam turned to be alive and not dead! He wrote a letter to his children, Issam and Mutaz telling them that he is in prison ...

Do you think Abu Issam (Abbas al-Nouri) will really come back and appear on the final episode of the 5th season of Bab el Hara?

- Yes, he will come back
- No, he won't come back
- I don't know
- Abu Issam left on the 3rd part of Bab el Hara and this is just a cheap rumor to keep the audience watching!

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Trouble On The Set of 'Bab El Hara 5'?!

Perhaps one of the most anticipated series is the much followed fifth installment in the 'Bab El Hara' series- but it seems all is not well on the set of 'Bab El Hara'. Two actors have dropped out of the production: Sabah El Jazaery and more recently Mostafa El Khany! These two beloved characters refused to be a part of the series after heated arguments with the director Mo'men El Mala and it seems someone video recorded the argument that occurred involving El Khany better known as 'El Nims'!

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Special Videos of The Cast of Bab El Hara 4

Check out these two videos of your favorite stars from the popular Ramadan TV series Bab El Hara 4.
One is an interview with the men of Harat El Dabea on Al Manar TV channel and the other is of the new and much loved character Nems, played by Mustafa Al Khani, as he answers questions from his fans.

Check those videos out, they're fun and give a slight insight to what may be in store for us in the coming season of Bab El Hara!

- A Night With Bab Al Hara Actors
- Nems Answering Fans Questions


Bab El Hara 4 - Episode 29: Will Um Joseph Survive?

Bab El Hara 4 Episode 29

What was the most interesting or shocking thing that happened tonight in Haret Al Dabea?
I thought it wasn't a surprise at all that the mysterious man hiding in Um Joseph's house is Abu Ahmad! Poor guy, may he rest in peace.

As for the unexpected event; the shooting of Um Joseph by the French, that was shocking!
Will she survive that rain of bullets? I hope so, but I doubt it!

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Bab El Hara 4 - Episode 28: Mabrook Abu El Ezz!

abu hatem

It was a sleazy plan from Mamoun Bek to try and spread the news of Abu Shhab's death in Jordan. It was even sleazier to try prove that Abu Shhab was collaborating with the British forces!
It was sad that Sharifeh had to hear the false news, faint and suffer a horrific shock.
Um Joseph's news might be a clue that the mysterious man hiding in her house is in fact, Abu Shhab ... what do you think?

As for Motaz, well, Mabrook ya Abu El Ezz! He's a married man now!

Watch Episode 28 of Bab El Hara 4 here.

Bab El Hara 4 - Episode 27: Motaz to Replace Abu Shhab?


Things are looking up for Motaz these days!
His wedding is only 4 days away and he's gotten an offer to replace his missing uncle Abu Shhab and become Haret Al Debae's new 3ageed!
What do you think? Will Motaz agree and take the leadership? Or will he respect the importance of Abu Shhab and decline the offer in hopes of his uncle returning?

If didn't tune in yesterday, watch episode 27 of Bab El Hara here.

Bab El Hara 4 - Episode 24: The Return of The Men

the men of bab el hara

At last, joy has returned to the narrow streets of Haret Al Dabea with the return of it's men.
The men are free after the execution sentences have been dropped, but unfortunately, there's one man who is still wanted and who is still sentenced; Samou.
On the other hand, another joy has seeped into the hearts of the family of Abu Issam; Huda, the second wife of Issam is expecting a baby after a long wait.

What did you think of the way things are turning out in Bab El Hara?

Watch Episode 24 of Bab El Hara 4

Bab El Hara 4 - Episode 23: Whose Body is it?

bab el hara abu draa

Last night's episode of Bab El Hara wasn't much different than all others, but there was one unexpected surprise.
We've been hearing about the body in Abu Draa's house, which is supposed to be of his late wife, the daughter of Al Hidaashari.
Well, it turns out as Abu Satour found out, after digging the grave himself, that the body isn't that of a female, but a male!
So, many questions arise;
Who is the dead guy?
Where is Abu Draa's wife?

What do you think?

Watch Episode 23 of Bab El Hara 4

Bab El Hara 4 - Episode 22: Bab El Hara Reopened

Bab El Hara 4 Episode 22

Tonight and after weeks of being surrounded by the French army and of being deprived of the minimal daily needs to survive, Bab El Hara reopens again to welcome comers and wish goers the best.
Vegetables and fruits are back and Issam is back to his barber shop.
Things seem to be back to normal, but the other men, under the leadership of Abu Hatem and Abu Hasan are still out there and are still in danger.
Will they get off the hook and return to their families?

And on the other hand, what do you think of the role of the new and suspicious character, Mamoun Al Dabea?

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