Asalah & Husam Habib Duetto

Asalah & Husam Habib Duetto

Asalah is always a busy bee, even if there's no news of her, she's surely working on something.
Asalah is currently working on the final details of her upcoming duetto with Egyptian singer Husam Habib.
The duetto is entitled "Baladi" or My Country, and will be produced by Asalah's husband, Tareq Al Arian.

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Asalah Attacks Bashar Al Assad


Around a month ago, Asalah said in a press conference that she supports the Syrian revolution, but has nothing against the Syrian president, Bashar Al Assad.
Now, she seems to have changed her mind and is now saying (according to the German Press agency) that she is not convinced of what's being said about the protesters in Syria; that they're criminals and are just after spoiling things and causing chaos.
She also said that Syria does not belong to Bashar Al Assad, but to all the Syrian people and who ever defends Al Assad and his regime is the criminal.

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Asalah Takes it All Back!

Asalah in Cairo

Syrian singer Asalah seems to have regretted the song "Ah Law El Kursi Biye7ki"! Or has she just gotten afraid? ...
Asalah said in a press conference held yesterday evening in Cairo that although she still supports the Syrian revolution, she has nothing against Bashar Al Assad and does not hate him!!!

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Asalah Supports Syrian Revolution

Asalah sings for Syria

Syrian singer Asalah has decided to side with the people of Syria and support their plight for a free Syria.
Asalah bravely released a song entitled "Ah Law El Kursi Biye7ki", which is obviously addressed to Bashar Al Assad and talks about the revolution and why the Syrian people have decided to erupt against the government.

In response to the song and Asalah's stand with the people, she has gotten negative reviews from people supporting Al Assad's regime and was called many degrading names.

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Asalah Gives Birth to Ali & Adam

Asalah gives birth to twins

Syrian star Asalah has welcomed her twins to the world on Friday.
The happy event was announced on her official Facebook account.
Asalah named her baby twin boys Ali and Adam, and thus she now has four boys. She has two boys, Khaled and Sham, from her previous marriage to Ayman Al Thahabi.

From all of us here at Waleg, we wish Asalah all the best and congratulate her on her two little munchkins. May they bring her and hubby Tareq lots of joy and happiness.

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Get Ready for Assala's New Album


Assala is getting ready to release her new Khaliji album, which is her 1st album after breaking away from Rotana.
The album's release will coincide with her birthday, which is May 15th.
Assala is currently busy putting the final touches on the album and is collaborating with Egyptian photographer, Karim Nour, for the album cover.

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Asala in a Movie About Her Life

Asala with her Husband Tarek

That’s interesting! The Syrian singer Asala Nasri is getting ready to start filming a movie that sheds light on certain parts of her real life, and who better to produce this movie other than her husband Tarek Al Aryan?

The thing that I found a little weird is that in this movie Asala has to be pregnant and apparently the singer is working on that with the help of doctors. If Asala doesn’t become pregnant the movie might be postponed so it’s a must for her. This is huge pressure right?

This movie features the popular Syrian actor, Samer Al Masri, who is well known as Abu Shahab from Bab Al Hara, Egyptian actor Sherif Mounir, and her husband Tarek Al Aryan might also star in the movie as himself!

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Another Asala & Mohammad Abdo Collaboration?

Asala and Mohammad Abdo in Tefaregna

In 2008, Mohammad Abdo and Asala performed "3ala al Bal" together and 2009 saw the collaboration of them again in an amazing song entitled "Tefaregna Essinin" -The years bring us apart-, which was a great success for both artists.
My question is, should Asala and Mohammad Abdo join forces again and give us another smashing duet this year as well?

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Asalah on Eddunia Ghinwa Tomorrow (Photos)

If you're a fan of Syrian singer Asalah Nasri, then you should tune in tomorrow to MBC1 for another episode of the show Eddunia Ghinwa.
Asalah sits down with Hiba Al Abasiri for a candid interview, a bit of reminiscence and some singing.

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Asala: Pompous?!

Syrian singer Asala

It is extremely common for TV presenters to ask ‘seasoned’ singers what they think of the potential and voices of others who are currently trying to make it in the world of Arab music! So it was no surprise when Nishan as part of the show ‘Taratata’ asked singer Asala this very question, her answer however surprised many!

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Rotana Puts Najwa Karam before Asala!

Asala’s new album 'Nus Hala’ has been ready since last July but Rotana pushed the date of release of her album forward to Eid El Fitr. The reason for this delay was slightly disturbing; apparently Rotana was too busy with Najwa Karam and Latifa. Because these two Rotana stars were taking up the majority of the advertising space, it seemed that it would be difficult to then add another star to the mix especially someone with an outstanding history like Asala.

One begins to wonder, was the fact that Najwa Karam and Latifa were allowed to release their albums in the summer going to help their albums beat Asala’s?

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Asala’s New Album on Eid Al Fitr 2008

Asala with Tarek Al Aryan

With big stars like Asala it is not necessary to release an album in the peak season that is the Summer! So she took her time and has just finished recording all the songs for her new album with Rotana and she is getting prepared to release it during Eid! The name of the album has not been decided yet and we know very little about it other than that she worked with Khaled Ez on two songs called ‘Etfarag Ala Nafsak’ and ‘Kan Wahm’

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Asala Nasri is Fearless with Tarek El Eryan!

Asala and Tarek

Asala is preparing to film a video clip for her song ‘La Takhaf’ (Do Not Fear) from her new album ‘Sawaha Kalby’ (My Heart Did It). Asala says that she will be once again having her husband Tarek El Eryan directing the video clip for her after the immense success she saw when she worked with him in the past. Asala stressed that contrary to common ideas, her husband is not keeping her to himself and not allowing her to work with other directors. Asala claims that she feels that she has nothing to fear when working with Tarek and that had she found the ideas and the professionalism she found in Tarek with another director, she would have worked with him.

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