Khawater Al Thalam Wins Arabs Got Talent 2

Khawater Al Thalam

Saudi group "Khawter Al Lail" were the lucky winners of the second season of Arabs Got Talent.
They where chosen by thousands of viewers to be the winners of the title and 500 thousand Riyals and a Chevrolet Camaro.

The finale show was entertaining and full of diverse talents that have grown and evolved across the weeks of the show.

The judging panel was glitzy and glamorous as usual, yet Najwa Karam was more of a star than usual and in that seductive red dress, bought the envy of every women in the studio ... and in the Arab world! She looked effortlessly stunning!

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Arabs Got Talent 2 - 12th Episode

Dalia Shih performing RESPECT

The final episode of the Semi-final phase of the popular talent show, Arabs Got Talent, ended with the passing of Dalia Shih from Algeria and the Moroccan dance troop La Hala King Zoo to the finals.

Dalia is a talented young singer, she's got a huge voice that blew away all those who heard her perform on stage.
She performed the famous 1967 song "RESPECT" by Aretha Franklin and she sure scored it! Her performance was 100% !
I think she totally deserves to move on to the finals.

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Arabs Got Talent 2 - 11th Episode

Shilbawi Sheikh

The 11th episode of the popular TV show Arabs Got Talent was a surprise this past Friday.
Two of the least talents I thought would qualify, were voted for and chosen to move up to the final phase.
Syrian Maher Al Sheikh, who's got a knack for dancing, got the majority of the audience votes, while Tunisian acrobat Radhwan Shilbawi, who came in second, was chosen by the judging panel to move to the finals.

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Arabs Got Talent 2 - 10th Episode

Rabat Funk

So, what happened yesterday at the Arabs Got Talent Show?

Moroccan Widad Siri did her best to exhibit her dancing skills in a modernized Indian choreographed piece.

Palestinian Ammar Abu Ajineh, who's got a thing for beat boxing, also tried to win over the votes.

As for Saudi troop, Khawater Al Thalam, they wowed the audience with a beautiful sketch that moved ghostly through the darkness.

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Arabs Got Talent 2 - 9th Episode

Lord Gaga X

Tonight, the 3rd LIVE episode of Arabs Got Talent 2 proved that not all talents can go a step further.
One in particular, Lord Gaga X, who admitted that he's only a fan and it's his hobby to dance to the tunes of Lady Gaga, didn't manage to crank it up a notch and do something better and present a segment that's worth voting for!

As for the two acts that moved on to the next phase, Shama Hamdan and the Moroccan dance troop Over Boys, they actually managed to impress the judging panel and the audience with performances that evolved and developed into something better.

Shama new look

What do you think of the fresh and very feminine look that Shama appeared in?
She was really hiding behind that short bob, shirt and trousers last time!

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Arabs Got Talent 2 - 8th Episode

Mohannad from Saudi Arabia

Friday night was a fun-filled night on Arabs Got Talent.
Hopefuls from around the Arab world tried their best to impress the audience and judges for the second time around ... in order to get the highest votes to move on to the next phase.

The two lucky ones to move up are Lebanese Manal Mlat and Saudi Stand up comedian Mohammad.

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Arabs Got Talent 2 - 7th Episode

Maxim singing Opera

Last Friday, 8 contestants performed again for the panel of judges and the audience on Arabs Got Talent 2.
What makes this phase of the show interesting is that each episode is broadcast LIVE and the audience gets to pick the contestants moving on to the next round!
The first 8 contestants tries to impress the audience with more of their talents and skills and get the highest number of votes.

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Arabs Got Talent 2 - 6th Episode

Shama Hamdan

The 6th episode of Arabs Got Talent last Friday ended the first round of the program and paved the way to the second round; the Semi finals.
The episode was entertaining and very diverse, as usual. It was also a positive change from the 5th episode, thus it was really full of worthy talents and skills.

The first talent that caught my attention and which the judges also loved, was 17-year-old Emarati Shama Hamdan.
This girl has a clean talent of playing the guitar and singing ... simple but beautiful.
She deserves the three "YES" 100%.

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Arabs Got Talent 2 - 5th Episode

Arab Eagle

What happened during the 5th episode of Arabs Got Talent on Friday?
Where the talents over rated? Where the contestants full of hot air rather than talent?
Some where! And this time even Najwa Karam used the buzzer a lot!

I'm not going to go through all those who auditioned, but here's a couple that left a lasting impression ...

Sama Quartet from UAE were a group that tried, but failed ... they need a lot of practice and even more harmony! Naser Al Gasabi was speechless! They did go off tune a few times ...

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Arabs Got Talent 2 - 4th Episode

Tunisian Radhwan Shilbawi

The 4th episode of Arabs Got Talent was a surprise-filed one indeed!
There were so many diverse talents from all over the Arab world and one in particular cheated death!

Tunisian Radhwan Shilbawi, who's got a talent for Acrobatics, did well until the last minute of his performance when he slipped and fell a few meters and hit his head on the floor and bruised his eye bad!

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Arabs Got Talent 2 - 3rd Episode

Bob Look from Jordan

The third episode of Arabs Got Talent was an extremely entertaining one!
It started with Palestinian lawyer and impersonator, Mohammad Attah, who has the most amazing ability to mimic animal sounds!

Then the cutest little sisters from Lebanon, did some classic acrobatics with fabric hanging from the ceiling. Their smiles are even more attractive than the show they put on.

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Arabs Got Talent 2 - 2nd Episode

Lord Gaga

The second episode of Arabs Got Talent was a fun filled one on Friday night.
The judges were all in a good mood and so were the contestants ... most of which qualified to the next stage!
The stage saw an array of different skills and talents, some of which were usual like singing and dancing, while others included magic, action stunts and acrobatics.

One contestant in particular really made me laugh ... the Moroccan poet!

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Arabs Got Talent 2 - 1st Episode

Judges - Arabs Got Talent 2

Have you watched the 1st episode of Arabs Got Talent 2 on MBC on Friday?
The judging panel this year contains Saudi actor and comedian Naser Al Gasabi, who makes a better judge than Amr Adib (who was the third judge last year) ... at least that's what I personally think.
Najwa Karam is looking as stunning as ever and allow me to add that Ali is too!

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