Youssef Arafat with Fans in Jordan (Photos)

Youssef Arafat in Jordan

Jordanian Arab Idol contestant Youssef Arafat had a special treatment in Jordan last week. He was invited by producer Fahad Alemela. Lots of his fans were waiting for him at the airport ... he later had dinner at the Sheraton Amman Hotel with important people from the music industry where he was greeted by Mr. Akram Masora, the director of Jerash Festival, who mentioned that Youssef Arafat will be present at this year concerts of Jerash Festival.

During this special visit, Youssef Arafat was also invited to Irbid where he was greeted by more than 25000 people of his fans who came to say hello and show their admiration for him for the talent he showed during his participation in the first season of Arab Idol.

Here are some photos from Youssef Arafat visit to Jordan

photos Youssef Arafat with Fans in Jordan

Ahlam's $450.000 Diamond Dress!

Ahlam Diamond Dress

If you were a viewer of MBC's Arab Idol show, you must have noticed Ahlam's wardrobe throughout the season ... and the not so subtle matching accessories!
Ahlam seems to be a fan of flamboyant styles and expensive trademarks. No?!
During the season, she was spotted wearing a Gold Rolex, an eye-blinding Crocodile from Cavalli and a sparkling Diamond set from Van Cleef & Arpels!

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Carmen Sulaiman, Arab Idol Winner

Carmen Sulaiman

Egyptian contestant Carmen Sulaiman has won the title of Arab Idol.
The Finale has just ended and she won most votes leaving Moroccan finalist Dunia Batma in second place.

The Finale was a blast, a night to remember!
The guest was Tunisian singer Latifa.

But what made the night unforgettable, was the performances of both Ragheb Alamah and Ahlam with the finalists and alone.

Congratulations to Carmen and Dunia ... They both deserve to be winners.

What do you think of the result? Is it Fair?
Does Carmen deserve the title more than Dunia?

Arab Idol Final Prime

Najwa & Ragheb

Yesterday night, in the finale prime of the first season of Arab Idol, the two finalists Dunia and Carmen performed beautifully and competed in showing their talent and skill in singing.
But I must say, the star of the night, the one who actually managed to steal the spotlights from the two young girls was Najwa Karam!
Najwa was the really the "sun" of the prime, after all she is called "Shams El Ghenii"!
She transformed the prime into a festival of songs, colors and Broadway-like performances, with Dabkeh, a choir and hanging from the ceiling with wires!

She was even joined by both Ragheb Alamah and Ahlam on the stage for two songs.

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Yousef Arafat Leaves After Prime 8

Yousef Arafat

Jordanian Arab Idol finalist, Yousef Arafat, came to the end of his Idol journey after the 8th prime of the program, on Saturday night.
His departure leaves two finalists, Donia Batma and Carmen Sulaiman, competing for the title next week.

The 8th prime on Friday night was a fantastic one, and I wouldn't have guessed that Yousef would be the one to leave, but Alas, such is the game!

The ever-so-beautiful Nancy Ajram was the guest of the week and she surely took a good share of the spotlight.

During the Friday night prime, each finalist sang 3 songs and the trio shared the stage for a medley entitled "Ummi" or Mother, on the occasion of Mother's Day, which is next week.

Do you think it was fair that Yousef leaves the show?
Will it be a hard competition between Donia and Carmen?
Who do you think will be the winner of Arab Idol?

Nadia Al Manfoukh Leaves Arab Idol


Syrian finalist Nadia Al Manfoukh was the unlucky one to leave Arab Idol on Saturday night.
She was given the boot after receiving the least number of votes.
Her departure leaves three finalists competing for the title of "Idol"; Yousef Arafat from Jordan, Dunia Batma from Morocco and Carmen Sulaiman from Egypt.

What do you think of Nadia's departure? Did she leave at the right moment, or should she have been one of the Top 3?

Arab Idol Prime 7

Arab Idol Prime 7

The four finalists of Arab Idol performed yet again yesterday as they took the advice of the great Arab singer, Kathem Al Saher.

The finalists are only three weeks away from D-day ... well, from the season finale that it!

Each finalist sang two songs and their performances were as follows:

Dunia sang "Ma 3ad Badri" and "Aktar Min Elana Bahlam Bi".
The judges agreed that she did very well in both.

Yousef sang "3ala Remsh 3iounha" and "Ya Hawa".
The judges called him a true artist, especially that he's been feeling under the weather.

Carmen sang "Ya Mniti" and "Adwa Al Shuhra".
She received positive comments from all 3 judges.

As for Nadia, it seems she made an explosive impression on the judges with "Emmi Namet 3a Bakeer" by Fairuz and "Wahashtini" by Souad Mohammad.

What did you think of the four finalists this week?
Who do you think will be leaving tonight?

Mohammad Taher Leaves Arab Idol

Mohammad Taher

Saturday night saw the departure of Saudi finalist, Mohammad Taher from the talent show Arab Idol.
Taher, though very popular, came in with few votes in the danger zone alongside Egyptian finalist, Carmen Sulaiman.
It was an unlucky night for him, because it turned out that he was the one with the least votes.

The judges were divided about giving Taher the "save card".

What do you think?
Should Taher have stayed in the competition?
Should the judges gave given him the "save card"?

Arab Idol Prime 6

arab idol 6

The sixth prime of Arab Idol is one step closer for the finalists to the dream of becoming the 1st Arab Idol! The motto is, Make No Mistake!

Saudi finalist Mohammad chose to sing "Sahran Ma3ak Ellela" and "Weinak Habibi".
He received negative comments on the first one and positive ones on the second.

Egyptian finalist Carmen sang "Mustaheel" and "La tibki Ya Wroud Eddar".
She did great in both performances and got positive comments from the judging panel.

Syrian finalist Nadia chose to sing a Melhem Barakat song, which raised controversy among the judges and her second song "Lazra3lak Bustan Wroud" wasn't a good choice!

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Hasan Kharbash Leaves Arab Idol

Hasan Kharbash

Although last night's results episode of Arab Idol saw the departure of Tunisian contestant Hasan Kharbash, the night was a fun one filled with laughter and joy.

Hasan, who was known for his smile throughout the program, bid his friends farewell with a few tears and a lot of smiles.
He received the least number of votes after Friday's prime and was in the danger of zone along with Saudi Mohammad and Syrian Nadia.

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Arab Idol Prime 5

Arab Idol Prime 5

The 5th prime of Arab Idol last night was a blast!
The contestants performed twice, once singing solo and then joining forces for a few duets.
The judges were all smiles and sending out positive words all night.
At one point, I thought they were not being totally fair, but I guess the positive energy is always a good thing and would always bring up the contestants morale.

The duets were as follows:

- Yousef & Nadia: Mas w Louli
- Hasan & Carmen: Ya Rab
- Mohammad & Dunia: Khaina

Which of the duets did you like best?

More after the jump!

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Ghofran Fatouhi Leaves Arab Idol After Prime 4

Ghofran Fatouhi

Tunisian finalist Ghofran Fatouhi has left Arab Idol after Friday's 4th prime.
Ghofran was in the danger zone during Saturday's results episode, along with Nadia from Syria and Yousef from Jordan.

During Friday's prime, Ghofran chose to sing "Lama Ra7 Essabr Minu" by Sharifa Fadel.
As for her choice for Saturdays show, she sang Fairuz's famous song "Saalouni Ennas".

Do you think it was fair that she departed?
Should have the judging panel given her the "save card" ?
Does it seem they'll ever be using that card in the near future?!

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Mohammad Olwan Leaves Arab Idol

M. Olwan

Iraqi finalist Mohammad Olwan has left the competition after getting the least number of viewer votes.
The judges refused to give him the "save card" but Ahlam promised to produce a song and video clip for the young man.

Olwan was in the danger zone along with Tunisian Hasan Kharbash and Syrian Nadia Al Manfoukh.

What do you think of Olwan's departure? Was it fair? Should the judging panel have given the "save card" ?