Dounia Batma is Officialy Engaged to Al Turk (Photos)

Dounia Batma with Mohammad Al Turk and Hala

Dounia is not wasting any time to be with her Manager Mohammad Al Turk, after the recent announcement she made during a radio interview about her engagement, Dounia had an official engagement party a few days ago and posted photos of her wearing a traditional Moroccan dress ‘Koftan’ and said: “I’m so happy my dear lovers, I announce to you officially my engagement to my manager Mohammad Al Turk”

Dounia met with her fiancé’s daughter Hala for the first time during MBC Suhoor party and took many photos with her …

Dounia Engagement and MBC Suhoor Photos

Dounia Engagement and MBC Suhoor Photos

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Salma Rachid First Mission as an Ambassador

Moroccan Arab Idol contestant Salma Rachid was elected as the Middle East Ambassador of The Miracle World Foundation of Down Syndrome. Her first mission as an Ambassador for this foundation, Salma visited Ibn Rushd Hospital for Children with cancer in Casablanca.

Salma at Ibn Rushd Hospital for Children with cancer

During her visit, Salma took photos with the children who welcomed her warmly and were happy by seeing Salma despite their struggling with cancer. Salma on the other hand also felt happy through the happiness that these children shared with her.

Photos Salma Rachid with the children at Hospital

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Dounia Batma, A Stepmother Soon!

Dounia Batma

Remember Moroccan Arab Idol 2 contestant Dounia Batma and Arabs Got Talent contestant Hala Al-Turk? Well, Hala's father Mohammad Al-Turk who happened to be Dounia's manager will be the future husband of Dounia!

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Mohammad Assaf Announces First Video Clip Release Date

Mohammad Assaf

After weeks of anticipation, Arab Idol 2 winner, Mohammad Assaf has finished recording his first single in Lebanon and will start shooting his first video clip today in Beirut.

“Good Morning my friends, first I wish you a happy and blessed Ramadan, secondly, I finished the recording of my first song of the album; the video shooting will start today and the song will be released after the Eid…. I love you and I read your comments on facebook and I promise you that I will dedicate an hour every day to reply to your comments …”

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Farrah Yousef Says Goodbye to Syria (Photos)

Arab Idol contestant and finalist Farrah Yousef said goodbye to her country Syria after she spent some time with her family and friends during the past few weeks.

Farrah Yousef in front of the Umayyad Mosque

Before she left, Farrah visited the Umayyad Mosque (Great Mosque of Damascus), and posted some photos of her during this special visit on facebook and twitter; she said “there is nothing more beautiful then al-Sham but the Umayyad Mosque is so special and has a strange kind of holiness …”

Farah also posted photos with her best friends and told them how much she loves them.

Photos of Farrah Yousef in Damascus

Photos Farrah Yousef near Great Mosque of Damascus

Mohammad Assaf Can't Go Home!

Arab Idol winner Mohammad Assaf has gone back home to Gaza ... but until this hour, he cannot actually go home and throw himself unto his own bed!!!

Mohammad Assaf in Gaza

It's not because he has been restricted by any authority or because it's not safe or any of that ... but because there are huge hoards of people around his house and over the walls and roofs that he literally cannot reach his house!

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Arab Idol 2 Finale -LIVE-

The night kicks off with welcoming the judges onto the stage and then we get to see the joint video clip the three finalists recorded together.
The song is called "Kol Youm" and the clip is directed by famous director Fadi Haddad and is sponsored by Chevrolet.

Arab Idol 2 Finale

The 13 contestants who reached the final phase of Arab Idol came up on stage and sang a special song that was done especially for Arab Idol, "Tareeq Jadid". Each had a part to sing and even Perwaz had a part in Kurdish.

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The Finalists Rock Arab Idol 2 -LIVE-

Tonight is the last night before the "Arab Idol" is revealed ... and what a night is's going to be!
The show kicked off with a breathtaking mega mash-up/ medley from the 27 contestants who participated in Arab Idol 2. Their performance ended with an explosion of fire works!

The Finalists Rock Arab Idol 2

The judges look uber stunning tonight, especially Nancy Ajram and Ahlam!
I wonder how they'll be looking tomorrow!

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Assi Hillani and Mohammad Abdu To End Arab Idol 2

Two of the greatest singers in the Arab World will be bringing Arab Idol 2 to an end.

Assi Hillani and Mohammad Abdu

Tonight, for the final prime, Lebanese Assi Hillani will be gracing the stage and sharing the spotlights with the three finalists.
Hillani will surely be performing some of his most famous songs, in the form of a medley with the finalists and solo.

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Arab Idol 2 Winner

Farrah and Ahmed and Mohammed

Who do you think will be the winner of Arab Idol second season?

- Farrah Youssef from Syria
- Ahmed Gamal from Egypt
- Mohammed Assaf from Palestine

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