Amr Diab and Daughters on Twitter

Amr Diab is taking to Twitter and has posted a candid photo of himself with her two daughters, Kinzi and Jana.
The photo, which was posted on September 2nd, shows Diab with his two daughters at his side. About the photo, he wrote: "With my beautiful girls Kinzi and Jana".

This photo caused a stir among Amr Diab fans and everyone started to talk about it.

So, if you haven't seen it yet, here it is!

Amr Diab and Daughters on Twitter

Amr Diab and Elissa for Abu Dhabi Formula 1

Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is just a month away and the event will be as huge as it gets!
In addition to the race itself, celebrities from around the world will be performing in concerts at the famous venue Yas Island.

Amr Diab and Elissa

Stars from the Arab world will be taking to the stage and performing for Formula 1 fans from around the world. They include Amr Diab, Elissa and Hussein Al Jasmi.

The Ya Salam festival will span over 4 days and American star Jay-Z will be performing his very first concert in the Middle East as part of his Magna Carta world tour.

British bands Muse and Depeche Mode will bring the whole event to an end on November 3rd.

Amr Diab Summer 2012 Concert at Golf Porto Marina

Amr Diab Concert Golf Porto Marina

Amr Diab will hold a concert at Golf Porto Marina on July 13, 2012.
Tickets are available in Cairo, you can pick yours at the following address: Talent W.M , 7 Sudia Building, Nozha street, Heliopolis. Tickets are also available at the Marina.

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Amr Diab Eid Concert, A Rave!

Amr Diab Eid Concert

Thousands of crazed Amr Diab fans gathered in Porto Sukhna in East Cairo on Monday night for the stars first concert after the release of his latest album "Banadik Taala".
The concert was sold out. 10 thousand spectators attended, although only 6 thousand tickets were issued! You can imagine the jam and the problems that happened between the people and the security! ... nothing new I guess!

According to many sources, disorganization and lack of planning caused chaos and clashes between the attendees and security forces. The even people tore down the barriers and road blocks to enter.

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Tamer Hosny, Amr Diab Try to Ride The Wave!

Tamer Hosny Amr Diab

Where were Tamer Hosny and Amr Diab when the youth of Egypt where fighting for their freedom on the streets of Cairo on January 25th?
We saw Hamada Hilal in Tahrir Square from the beginning and he was the first to release a song about the revolution and all the young Egyptians who gave their life in return for the change that has happened. Thank you Hamada.
But where were Tamer and Diab? There were no where near Tahrir!

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No More Tamer and Amr Drama!

Tamer and Amr

Is it just me or did you guys also had enough with the Tamer Hosni and Amr Diab drama… such and such happened…Tamer assaulted me… Amr accused me… his voice is better… he is a horrible singer… he is not talented. Who cares?

Both Tamer and Amr have their own fans and there must be a reason people like them, either their voice, songs, music, lyrics, personal look or something that is attracting fans to buy their CDs or watch their movies. I won’t even compare the two because there is a huge difference between them, starting with the generation that separates them.

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Beware of Amr Diab’s Concerts!

Amr Diab

Five girls where mildly injured at Amr Diab’s concert as a bunch of youths released fireworks in the mist of hundreds of people, luckily no one was severely hurt and firefighters came in time to warn everyone from attempting such a stupid stunt again.

The reason I said beware of Amr Diab’s concert is not because of the minor injuries that might happen in most concerts with that amount of people, but because there is a danger that you might get too excited and have too much fun because after all of this years his concerts are still amazing!

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Amr Diab Back to The Movies!

Amr Diab

Would you want to see Amr Diab in a movie, like the old days?
Diab has signed a contract with Good News company and will start working on two movies, in addition to a TV series.
This will bring back Diab to the screen after a long absence.

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Amr Diab in Dubai Festival City


Egyptian star, Amr Diab will be returning to Dubai once again in a hugely-anticipated concert! The concert is scheduled to take place on Friday, the 23rd of April, at the new extravagant Dubai Festival City.

Prior to Diab's concert, a prelude will take place and will include DJ Said Mradd, and a T8 Robot Lazer Show, the first of its kind in the Middle East.

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Amr Diab Launches Diab FM!

Amr Diab

In a new, unique, and stunning idea, Egyptian star, Amr Diab officially announced the launching of his own online radio station, DIAB FM. The channel will be avaliable only through the internet, and will provide fans with Amr Diab's music from the mid-80's to 2009 with his smash hit "Wayah." The radio station will also give all Diab's fan the latest and exclusive news and music, and will include interviews with Amr Diab's longtime friends, and co-operators, from producers, to writers, directors, composers, and arrangers.

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Amr Diab's Beirut Concert & Mohamed Mounir's Opera Concert Cancelled

Amr Diab and Mohamed Mounir

In an official report released by Amr Diab's administration, it was confirmed that Amr Diab's concert in Lebanon has been officially cancelled. It was uncovered that Jan Saleba, who had supposedly "organized" the concert, had yet to pay off the complete money for the area disignated for the concert to take place. Not only that, but the hotel room and special service for Amr Diab and his crew was never put in place! And the special entry Passports for Amr Diab's band were not done by Saleba, as he should have done weeks ago.

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Amr Diab & Melissa 2010 New Year's Eve Concert

Amr Diab and Melissa

It has been confirmed that Amr Diab, alongside Lebanese running diva, Melissa, will perform in a big New Year's Eve gig in Beirut. The concert is set to ignite the Solidere, Downtown Beirut. Reports said that a large tent is poised to receive umpteen crowds. Prices and inquiries will be announced later.

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Amr Diab TV Series for 40 Million?!

amr diab tv series

Have you heard about the new TV series in the works? It stars Amr Diab and may cost a whopping 40 Million EGP!!! And this is only the first estimation of the budget!!!

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