Ahlam's Brand New RollsRoyce

Check out Ahlam's new RollsRoyce ... that's exactly what "Money Talks" means!!!
Ahlam ordered a brand new RollsRoyce from the company, which special features and specs and the company did exactly what she wants.
The car was delivered a few days ago and proud new car owner Ahlam posted photos of her pride and joy on her Twitter account.

The car comes in two colors, powder blue and silver grey ... what do you think?

Ahlam and her new RR.jpg

Ahlam & Perwaz Together on New Year's Eve

Ahlam & Perwaz

The popular show "Mahboubi Ana" on MBC, will have a special episode for you on New Year's Eve with Ahlam and her Arab Idol favorite, Perwaz Hussein.

It is said that Ahlam has a surprise for us all ... her first ever Kurdish song, which she'll perform in a duet with Perwaz.

The episode will naturally be recorded, which means that both stars are going to be busy on that night; ringing in the New Year 2014 ...

Ahlam Gets $150.000 from Nishan

Ahlam and Nishan in Ana Wa Al Asal

The appearance of Arab Celebrities at TV shows comes at a big price, for instance, Famous TV host Bassam Youssef got $60.000 from Nishan to appear on his Ramadan TV show ‘Ana wel Asal’ or ‘Honey and I’, Nicole Saba got $40.000, but the most interesting and yet surprising too is the sum that Ahlam asked to appear on the show, Ahlam got $150.000 to appear on Nishan TV Show ‘Ana wel Asal’!

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Many Rumors About Ahlam Going Around

Ahlam has been under heavy attack after her support of Sheikh Mohammad Al Araifi.
Her support came after MBC's satirical show WiFi made fun of Sheikhs and some believed that the person impersonated was Al Araifi specifically.

Rumors About Ahlam Going Around

Ahlam tweeted her opinion and that was the end of the problem.
The actors of WiFi stated that they didn't impersonate Al Araifi, but the character of Sheikhs in general. They also claim that they didn't mean any disrespect to anyone.

WiFi also make a point of impersonating Ahlam herself, through the actress Haya Al Shuaibi. Ahlam has taken it lightly, making a laugh out of it and Haya says that she likes to impersonate Ahlam and will do so next year as well.

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Ahlam and $47 Million Worth of Diamonds

Ahlam has been known for her extravagant taste in jewelry and designer gowns ... she stunned the Arab world with her gem-licious crocodile bracelet last year and the $450.000 gown she wore in the finale of the first season of Arab Idol.

Ahlam wears Mouawad Jewelry

This year, she made sure to surpass the expectations and she showed off beautiful jewelry from the famous Lebanese house of jewelry Mouawad.
Her gowns were all designed by Lebanese designer Tony Yaacoub and they too are no short of being expensive!

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Ahlam is a Queen on Stage in Arab Idol

Ahlam was the guest of the results show of Arab Idol 2, which was Uber special because of her performances.
She performed a few of her songs and one performance was a medley of her greatest songs, each was dedicated to some one different, one for Nancy, one for Hassan, one for Ragheb and one for the peoples of The Gulf.


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Ahlam's Stunning Tony Yaacoub Jacket

Ahlam Tony Yaacob Jacket

Ahlam always makes sure to put on something dazzling on Friday & Saturday night for Arab Idol.
She usually chooses a unique design from Lebanese designer Tony Yaacoub.
Remember the breathtaking dress she wore for the finale of Arab Idol last year?
Yup! That was a $450.000 dress by 'you guessed it' Tony Yaacoub!

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Ahlam Wedding Photos

Ahlam with her husband Mubarak Al-Hajri

Emirati singer Ahlam posted some of her wedding photos on her twitter account after 9 years of marriage to the famous Qatari rally driver, Mubarak Al-Hajri. The photos also include a photo of her wedding cake!

Check out Ahlam Wedding Photos and let us know what do you think.

Ahlam Wedding Pictures

Would you share your wedding photos with the world on twitter?

Ahlam's $450.000 Diamond Dress!

Ahlam Diamond Dress

If you were a viewer of MBC's Arab Idol show, you must have noticed Ahlam's wardrobe throughout the season ... and the not so subtle matching accessories!
Ahlam seems to be a fan of flamboyant styles and expensive trademarks. No?!
During the season, she was spotted wearing a Gold Rolex, an eye-blinding Crocodile from Cavalli and a sparkling Diamond set from Van Cleef & Arpels!

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Ahlam and Yasser Al Masri on Al Arrab

ahlam and yasser al masri

Friday night will be a romantic night on MBC1 with Al Arrab.
Nishan will be hosting singer Ahlam and actor Yasser Al Masri.
I guess we're all very familiar with Ahlam, but might be not very acquainted with Yasser!

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