Haifa Wehbe Wards off The Evil Eye!

Haifa Wehbe is certainly a siren, a femme fatale like those dangerous and beautiful creatures hailing from Homer's Odyssey! Take a look at her latest photo! That should convince you! Check out the photo after the jump!

Haifa did a photoshoot for a new line of jewelry called "Khamsa w Khmisa", which is resembled in the hand of Fatma, which is said to ward off the evil eye! Something I'm guessing Haifa is totally superstitious about!

Most recently, ELLE magazine listed Haifa as one of few non-American singers from around the world who are labeled "International & Worldly"! Oh La La!

Haifa Wehbe wards off the evil eye with a khamsa

So, what do you think?
Did this siren leave you dazed and confused?

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