Arabs Got Talent 3 Finale

The finale of the third season of Arabs Got Talent kicks off with a performance from host Qusai ... a song which is a salute to the Arab woman. Very nice! Thanx Qusai!


Tonight 12 talents will perform for the last time and all are on their toes waiting for the result ... the winner of Arabs Got Talent 3.

So, which if the finalists will be the winner of the title, a bundle of money and a Chrysler?

The first to perform are Cherfian Troupe.
Their theme tonight is inspired by Egypt, Um Kulthoum and The Pharaohs.

The second talent on stage tonight is Lotfi Bou Sidra.

Mohammad Diri draws Yaser Arafat

After the break, Mohammad Diri creates a stunning work of art right there on stage, this time with fire ... what will it be? Who will it be?
And out of the fire, comes Yaser Arafat! Wonderful art ... this guy stops at nothing. He drew with paint, sculpture, fire ... he's truly an artist with passion and true emotions.

Next are another dance troupe, Sima.
Their tableau is inspired by power and control and the chair!
Very impressive and sending a powerful message ... the judges loved them!

After the break, Daniel Sayegh is up! He plans to perform something that will blow our socks off! He's got an amazing talent for percussion instruments. Drums and Darboukas of all kinds! Very professional dude!

Mohammad Bayoumi

Then it's time to see Mohammad Bayoumi pop!
Now he's got to pop in a way that will make us all pop!
Judge Ali Jaber said that that was the best popping performance he's seen in all the three seasons of the show! Impressive!

After the break, Shaware3na are up next.
They are truly alive, fresh, fun and creative. Very entertaining.

Then it's time to see Karimbo. How will he stun us tonight? What will his theme be this time? He chose to mix it up a bit and did three different mini acts. And managed to amaze the judges even more than the past two performances.


After the break, Sheyyab are going to perform ... They dedicate a strange Spanish song to Lady Gaga and Tarzan! Then they suddenly tear off their clothes and dance to a Michael Jackson tune and play their funky instruments to it too! They're way too funny and you gotta see them to understand!

Nael Jamal is up next, with his modern performance and the Um Kulthoum music ... he was impressive and each of the judges understood something completely different from the show ... or they didn't get it all!!!

After the break, the last two talents get to perform for the last time on AGT3.
First goes Nadhir Ammar, who gave us a colorful and light-filled juggling show. I'm not sure, but he may have been juggling 10 balls at the same time! Beautiful performance.

Jennifer Grout

Finally, Jennifer Grout is up ... she can't speak Arabic, but she's surely going to be singing in Arabic again!
This time she chooses to sing "Wa7ashtini" in a stunning tableau.

So ... the question is ... Who will be the winner of Arabs Got Talent 3???

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