The Voice - Episode 12 - LIVE

Kathem Al Saher's all-girl team

The fourth round of the LIVE performances was great, as usual!
The remaining 12 voices competed to win the votes of the viewers and the judges choice, the judges who have watched over the talents with pride and worked so hard to bring out the best of these voices. Only 8 of the 12 voices will move on to the next phase.

Saber's team consists of Qusai Hatem, Lamia Al Zaidi and Samer Abu Taleb, who has been voted off already.

Shereen's team consists of Mohammad Adli, Inji Amin and Farid Ghannam. The voice voted off was Inji Amin.

Kathem's team consists of three glamorous girls, Yusra Mahnoush, Nour Irqsousi and Chris Jar. The girl whose journey ended tonight was Chris Jar, who Kathem didn't let go of easily.

As for Assi's team, which consists of three guys; Mori Hatem, Murad Bouriqi and Hassan Amarah. The guy whose trip with Assi ended tonight was Hassan Amarah.

But there's one voice that I haven't seen to be so special, which is Mori's!
I am sorry, he may be talented, but his voice is just ordinary! I don't think Assi's description of him as The Arabic Justin Bieber is in place! He's energetic and fun to watch but his voice is nothing extra special. What do you think?

Starting now, the viewers are the ones who decide the fate of the talents.
The judges have done their part and have trained the voices and helped them reach this phase.

What do you think of the voices who have moved on to the fifth episode of the LIVE show?

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  1. Farawla

    Farid Ghanem who is belong to Sherin'S team has the best voice .

  1. rola

    ba3dkoun waleg btet7ayyazo lal tollab men iyem starac ma hada talab ra2ykoun 3an mori eza bet le2ou mnih aw la2 bas 3alaykoun ta3to general info w bas !!! 3am bet ziho 3an khat wazifetkoun

  1. Abdulaziz

    This is a mediocre show and as fake as all other shows of the type. The StaraAc may be fake but it is at least interesting, and, there is nothing more exciting than the StarAc primes (these "episodes" are nothing in comparison). This show is fake because the "judges" work for the MBC network and their selection is always based on the popularity of the candidates: those who get more votes stay, so the production is not loosing cash from the next round of voting! The MBC is protecting their copyrights by supressing all other clips on the u-tube except their own, what is good for making a right estimate about the popular support of the candidates, because all viwers come to these MBC clips - so it is easy to infer where the votes go. Therefore, it is also easy to see who will be dismissed in the next episode, and who will win in the final (Farid, no doubt). So, the judges are just the decor of the gamme and if they stay home nothing will be missing. The show is about the popularity, not about the "voice" quality.

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