Harim Al Sultan, A Distorted Image of The Truth

Harim Al Sultan

Turkish drama "Harim Al Sultan" has gained wide success and popularity across the Arab world ... but is what's being portrayed a true image of the time of the great Sultan, Sulaiman Al Qanuni, who is also known as Suleiman The Magnificent?
The answer to that question is simply, No! Not do I only object to it, but Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and some historians believe the depiction is a distorted image of the truth and that the TV series is full of irrelevant content!

It is true that terrible things used to happen in the court and in the Harem, but the Sultan himself was too busy with wars, politics and other important state issues, than to be involved in the trivialities of the sphere of women in the Harem!

The truth of Sulaiman Al Qanuni is that he was the longest-reigning Sultan and he spent most of his 46 years in power on horseback fighting for the Ottoman Empire, thus it was his time that was the Golden time of the Ottoman Empire.

Sultan Sulaiman

Sulaiman was a wise, respectful and brave man. He was as much a man of the sword as a man of the law. during his time, the Ottoman Empire came to the height of it's cultural development. How could a man so cultured, so educated and so serious, be involved in the issues of the Harem and be pictured as a man who most of the time was sitting behind his desk in the Palace? Absurd!

Other discrepancies include details of the Harem.
Not all women in the Harem were for the Sultan to take to bed ... he only chose a few and the other women were servants, some with secretary-like jobs, managers of the household and some were even there by contracts! There service would be for nine years after which they are free to leave and go on with their lives, get married and so on.

As for the wife of the Sultan, or the Sultana, whose name was Roxelana, she was not from Russian descent, but was the daughter of a Ukrainian Orthodox priest.

The series might be a huge production that's breathtaking to the eye ... to the viewer who has no idea of the truth. It may be very entertaining to watch, but that's it! It is just another series ... and we still await a better series to show the true magnificence of Sulaiman and his reign.

What do you think? Are you watching "Harim Al Sultan"? What do you think of the series and how it depicts Sulaiman and the court?

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  1. I see you
    I see you

    It's not claiming to be a historical documentary - it's just an entertainment tv show.
    Created to get ratings, in order to make sales revenue for the production company that created it and advertising revenue for the networks broadcasting it...

  1. wael

    well i think even if he is sultan having 5 children from one girl is that means he is spending a lot of time with for his instincts then a man can rule by a good men from his choice then in that time turkish had weapons more powerful than any country so it didnot need to put soo much effort for winning wars anyway we can say that his instincts played a big rule in his life cause roxelana could inter the palace and destroy every tradition in it and that is not something strange cause even if solieman was the most magnificent ruler of all the empire but also every empire start young then youth then old and then death and to become old there must be something done in youth to become old and that thing was roxelana and the death of mustafa who was not given good care and protection and by the death of mustafa and all the hate that has roxelana rise in and grown in her children made the empire turkish start getting old for that a man could have done too many things in his life but when choosing his heir to the empire was wrong or he had no choice that means he failed to continue on giving pills of youth to his empire and in a way or another he failed on rising good family or men like him maybe as a soldier and emperor he was successful but as a father and a husband he failed and his failling started when he gave roxelana the thrown of empire to become sultana after the death of his mother i donnot know if in the series she was so much powerful or because the turkish producer didnot want to give a weak example on his sultan for he was under her spell for she did too many things that she should have be hanged for it but simply he just die for his instinct and forget what she done and that is true i know that some times history donnot give the true personality of the true ruler and too many things are hidden and example are give like lebanon only one group of people in one area made all victory of lebanon but they are never put in history never should their names should be put as also every war and victory only the political president is put as a war leader and conquerer victory so missing link always found in history for many reasons either because the history must not be written in other political way or because it is too hard to enter the life of that man and to see what is going around him but you can predict some things from some signs but you can never know the true story

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