The Voice - Episode 10 - LIVE

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The second LIVE show of The Voice also saw three contestants from each team compete for the audience vote and the coach's choice.

The show kicked off with a joint performance from the four teams, during which each team sang a segment of a song.
Shereen's team did "El 7ilwa Di", while Kathem's team did "Salma Ya Salama".
Assi's team did "Mariam Mariamti", while Saber's team did "Ridha Allah w Radenak".

The voices which moved on to the next phase are as follows: after the jump ...

Assi's Team:
Audience votes: Elie Asmar
Assi's choice: Hassan Amarah

Saber's Team:
Audience votes: (I missed the part where the audience vote was announced!) Plz help with letting us know which of Saber's team members moved on to the next level because of the audience votes)
Saber's choice: Lamia Al Zaidi

Shereen's Team:
Audience votes: Farid Ghannam AKA. Farawla
Shereen's choice: Abdul Athim Al Thahabi

Kathem's Team:
Audience votes: Yusra Mahnoush
Kathem's choice: Chris Jar

What do you think?
Are the voices who've moved on to the next phase, really worth it?
Which performance did you like best from last night's LIVE show?

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  1. caramel

    Kazims team wooooooow, he have 4 amazing voices in his team nour,rouba,kris and yousra!! for sure one one of them will win the voice

    and kris was stunning really! I am against people who sings in english in arabic shows but I think Kris was reallllllly goooood!

  1. Amal

    I think the four team was amazing and very strong this friday fairly enough the people who moved the next phase surely deserve what a show was that,for i like each team for one reason and another,wish them good luck,the show is on the right track so far

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