Nawal Al Zoghbi, Before and After!

Nawal Before After

I just can't get my head around cosmetic surgery! Sorry! But I believe people who undergo such surgeries don't have enough confidence in themselves! They feel something is lacking and thus try to compensate in changing their appearance or enhancing it!

One of the Arab stars who has definitely undergone some sort of change, which I find unnecessary because she was beautiful before she went under the knife, is Nawal Al Zoghbi!
Don't tell me it's just a few Botox needles! She must have gone under the knife to change so drastically!

I mean, check out her before-after photos ... and you judge for yourselves!

Nawal Before After

I'm not saying she's the only one ... needless to say Elissa, Haifa Wehbe and Najwa Karam have had a lot done! Oh! And let's not forget Nancy Ajram!

Is it a must to go under the knife because they're public figures? The answer is NO! But they do it anyway! Why? They're a multiple array of reasons and to me they all sound absurd!
The reasoning would change in the case of the singer being horribly ugly ... but they're all just fine before!

What do you think of this?

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  1. Alain NRM
    Alain NRM

    Maybe she just wants to be ugly? If so, the surgery reached its aim.

  1. ahmed

    she look the same ya alain i dont any do you? all i see her hair is changed to blonde or am i blind???

  1. Maria

    She definitely had botox, a second nose job and maybe a eyelid correction.

    She was really a beauty, its a shame she felt to had the need to get work done.

  1. Alain NRM
    Alain NRM replied to comment from ahmed

    Nah Ahmed, she succeeded to make herself ugly with that surgery crap. Look at her puffy lips, eyelids, cheeks and deformed nose. Maybe you need glasses mate if you don't see the difference. lol

  1. jools

    Well in Europe they say less is more here in the ME it's a case of more is more and let's add even more. She's like everyone else fake and plastic face it you're getting older

  1. Yara

    But you can't really compare them both pictures because the recent image of her has been edited a lot.

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