Tamer Hosny New Song, Hate it Without Any Hesitation!

Tamer Hosny

Patriotism and being devoted to your country is a great thing but when it's used for the sole purpose to make money and fans, it becomes ridiculous, silly and unethical especially when it comes from someone that didn't support the Egyptian revolution from the beginning and was kicked out of Tahrir Square when he tried to save face.

And if that is not enough, we get an out pour of extremely silly songs that Egypt doesn't need at all! On the contrary, such type of songs doesn't help! Listen to the English chorus of Tamer Hosny's "Masr El Salam" song, i tried hard to accept it so i made sure to listen to it several times before i made any judgement... I couldn't accept it, I feel like washing my ears! The girls singing seem under stress to pronounce the English words correctly: "Ancient civilization .. a land of pyramids nation .. you'll love it without any hesitation .. Eeegypt .." Come on!

When Tamer starts singing "Masr El Salam", the first thing that comes to my mind is Hamada Helal's "Shohdaa' 25 Yanayer" which coming from Helal was genuine and full of honest feelings despite the similarity...

Tamer Hosny Crying

Tamer is trying hard after the revolution and he needs to slow down and take it easy!
What do you think, have your say.

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  1. Cherry

    This article is written in a childish way. Who are you to criticize Tamer Hosny? He does not need to make this song to gain more fans because he has more than enough, he made this song because he truly believes in the word he says. Please stop this ignorance, everyone deserves chances.

  1. laura

    Ce genre de célébrités doivent avoir honte de leur comportement vis à vis de leur pays. Des gens sont morts durant la révolution égyptienne, des gens ont souffert, des gens ont perdu leurs famille, leurs travail et monsieur tamer il fait quoi justement ? Il nous chante une chanson pour nous convaincre qu'il aime son pays après l'avoir trahi à la première occasion qui s'est présenté (sous prétexte qu'il ignorait ce qui se passait vraiment). SVP arrêtez d'être ignorants et croyez à la vérité que ces chanteurs nous prennent pour des idiots..
    En effet, merci waleg pour cet article.

  1. nawal
    nawal replied to comment from Cherry

    "Who are you to criticize Tamer Hosny? " - Who is the Tamer anyway ?! An Egyptian jerk who has been cashing in on the cheap songs and the cheap publicity all his life! The problem is that nowadays singers like him and Nancy A. are the popular entertainers and some teens are reading into it the other stuff too. These musical retards have nothing to do with the real life and should better keep away from the serious and meaningful events. The creep should get some good trashing to understand where making money is all right and where it is not. The whole thing is disgusting ! The singer makes a bad image of the Egypt in the world and somebody should make him shut up.

  1. Ahmed

    @nawal: And who the heck are you?? At least Tamer Hosny tries to improve himself. Who the hell are you to judge people? Have to sat with him and got to know him or do you just listen to the media? Make yourself better first before you judge people

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