Will Hosni Mubarak be the Last Arab Leader to be Tried?

Hosni Mubarak Crying

Hosni Mubarak was sentenced to life in prison earlier this morning and would by now be at the Tora prison where he will spend the next 25 years of his life! He will be 109 years old by the time his sentence is complete.

Watching this breaking news on TV and later checking what online newspapers wrote about this; I'm left wondering about Hosni Mubarak tears the moment his helicopter landed at Tora prison; a security official told AFP that Mubarak refused to leave the helicopter and was crying and would not get out of the helicopter.
Was Mubarak crying for real? Did he finally regret what he did ... ?

The second thing I felt confused about, is a photo of Hosni Mubarak supporters crying after they heard the verdict?!

Hosni Mubarak Supporters Crying

Will the current and future Arab Leaders learn something from the death of Al Gaddafi and the historic trial of Hosni Mubarak? Will Mubarak be the last Arab leader to be tried?

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  1. Lebanon

    It is not about people who support Hosni Mubarak but there are many people who are against Mubarak and still cried after this trial, Egyptians are kind people, even in a case like this, to many it still reached their hearts. I hope we can forgive each other for everything and leave the rest to god. Build your country and strengthen your economy Egypt, just how it used to be because without you, all Arabs will be nothing. God bless Egypt and the other arab countries, I really hope it will get better in Syria.

  1. Cupcake

    well said Lebanon, i second all what you said.
    god bless Egypt and the whole Arab world.

  1. ashar

    I think he better live in jail and see egypt changing, by doing this he can die every day ,as he fight from his past and every day regret of his wrong doing.

  1. sara22

    "I hope we can forgive each other for everything and leave the rest to god. " This is a sentence said in a situation that someone is having a problem with his family or friends. "forgive them" but when it comes to killing innocents thats different. Imagine your younger brother, sister,cousin etc. die due to them going to a protest, im sure you wouldn't want to just forgive. All those mothers crying in tahrir square they expect to have the murder be tried. No one is treated special under the law. If one kills one person they get a life in prison. Mubarak killed hundreds. And even if he was not the one directly doing it, he was in charge of the people around him. He placed his son in charge which led to the country being literally sold out. While its sad to see an egyptian president being treated like this, but please try to understand the people are tired and have reached their limit and will no longer forgive him or anyone else.

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