What if Rania Youssef is in a Swimsuit!?

Rania Youssef New Film Teaser

Despite all what is going on these days in Egypt, one of the main concerns of the media is the issue of actress Rania Youssef appearing in a swimsuit in her latest movie "Wa7ed Sa7i7", which according to many Arabic newspapers is making a huge problem on Facebook!

Is this an issue to discuss at this critical time? Unfortunately, yes!
A teaser of Rania Youssef in "Wa7d Sa7i7" shows her barely appearing in a swimsuit while swimming, a bit that's no more than 1 and a half seconds, has created a big buzz and a lots of critics see this a big No No ... as if Rania Youssef appeared nude!

Rania wasn't the first star to be offered the role in this film. Donia Ghanem, Ghada Adel and Minna Shalabi withdrew from the film and the role was later handed to Rania.

So what if Rania Youssef appears in a swimsuit? She isn't the first neither the last to appear in a swimsuit in an Egyptian movie! Many stars across the years appeared in swimsuits, bikinis and even sleepwear and acted out intimate scenes like Mervat Amin, Hind Sabri, Ghada Abd El Razek and Ilham Shahine!

Here is the video teaser of Rania Youssef's new film "Wa7d Sa7i7" and you can also watch some old videos of Mervat Amin, Hind Sabri, Ghada Abd El Razek wearing hot swimsuits!

Rania Youssef said that she is angry with these critics and attacks and she finds them unjustified!

What do you think?

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  1. Nouf

    are they serious?!?!
    it's a one piece bathing suit!! she's defiantly not the first and there's nothing wrong with it.

  1. Nouf

    Waleg I don't know if you know this but back in the 70's there was a Syrian actress by the name "Egraa" and she did more than one nude scene.
    I personaly don't see anything wrong as this is acting and the whloe point is to make it as believable as they can. That's why movies and actors from back in the day cannot be compared by today's lame stories and untalented actors.

  1. Madi7a

    the difference between zaman and nowadays is that actresses like mirvat amen and saud hosni were respected ones and their acting was natural and sweet which is the total opposite of today's raising actresses such rania and many others, most of them are just wannabes and their acting sucks big time!
    gone are the golden days of the egyptian cinema and so far i can only more darkness and more cheap produced films on the way :(

  1. Omhamdi

    The Level of Egyptian Films is degrading since many many years now.
    This called actress Rania is just another actress that came with this flow of poor produced films and Ruby's alike.
    Hope the Egyptian revolution will be able to put the Egyptian film industry on track again and on the spot lights as it used to be.

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