Celebrity Duets 2 on LBC

Celebrity Duets

The music entertainment show "Celebrity Duets" returns to LBC with a second season.
The season starts tonight and begins with a kick! The guests are Egyptian star Sherine and Lebanese star Assi Hillani.
The show is hosted by Lebanese beauty queen Dina Azar.

If you watched the first season last year, you must remember George Assaf and how he always got mad at the judge panel for criticizing him and his performances ... it was really funny!

Will you be watching Celebrity Duets this year?
If you are, you can tune in to both LBCi and LBC sat.

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  1. adn

    I watched the first prime....it wasnt that bad...I like the idea of the show...the only thing I didnt like is that most of the celebrities are from the same countries......they should have brought celebrities from more countries....

  1. wth

    The fact that this lane small local show is in the news of the site and the major show in the gylf, the najm al khaleej, is not, indictates what could have been suspected for years, that this site has affiliation with the LBC ! Now, if the site administrator does not erase the comment, and leave it for others to read it, does not mean anything; or, it does not "prove" the opposite.

    It is pain to listen to these "celebreties" turned out "singers". In the starac the candidates are at least all beginners. The show is directed by Rola Saad, and that as an additional drawback: after years spent on directing the starac, predominantly a reality TV show, R. Saad has become an expert for the low level comercial shows, and this side job before the next starac season only proves that she has become unable for any different approach and is only recicling the same old entertainment garbage. The only inconsistency is the presence of O.Rahbeni. Why is he there? Needs money for his theater projects ?

    It is pity the site does not provide any info on the other good music shows.

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