Hosni Mubarak & Sons Stand Trial

Mubarak stands trial

Former Egyptian president, Hosni Mubarak and both his sons, Alaa & Gamal are currently present in court to stand trial and face charges of corruption and killing protesters during the January revolution that resulted in the overthrowing of Mubarak and his regime.

Mubarak arrived to court -which was constructed in a police academy- via helicopter and was brought into court on what seems like a hospital bed, his sons by his side.

This is a historic moment. This is the first time in modern Arab history that a ruler is being tried in public for conspiring and indeed killing his own people, along a long list of other charges.

If convicted, Mubarak and his sons could face the death penalty.

You can watch the trial LIVE on Al Misriya channel on Nilesat.

- Will Hosni Mubarak be the Last Arab Leader to be Tried? (Final Trial)

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  1. tam

    even though he was a horrible man its sad to watch and they shouldn't start the trial during the holly month.
    especially that he can't stand on his feet !!!!
    maybe they should make the trial private but not like this

  1. kono

    This was insane to watch. I never would've imagained to witness the former president of 30 years to be standing behind a metal cage just like any other criminal. It was so weird to watch like I was watching a movie. And it was sad to watch although he wasn't the typical loyal president. There were many lawyers and it is crazy of what they accused him of doing. GOD only knows what was really happeneing. Overall, that was defintely a historical trial. I reallllly hope the next presidnet will be truely fair, loyal, and a citizen that knows the real value of this beautiful country, and I truely wish that Egypt will retuen to be what it used to be many years ago, just beautiful, When people were all Egyptians with no religion affility, or whatnot :))

  1. Dina

    First time?!?!
    This is actually the second time. Saddam Hussein was the first.
    Lets pray Egypt doesn't go where Iraq is today.

  1. H.A.R.
    H.A.R. replied to comment from Dina

    Saddam wan't overthrown by his people and was tried under pressure from the United States. It's a very different case.

  1. Noura

    This is very bad very bad, President Muhammed Hosni Mubarak was president for 30 years he has lived his life for egypt he has fight for egypt, his whole history is for egypt and now they are humiliating the president they are humilating this guy, people can think this or that of mr president but you can not disagreee this man fought for egypt and it is a big shame and humilation to humilate this poor man who has dedicate his life for egypt in war and peace and i am sad.

  1. ahmed
    ahmed replied to comment from Noura

    what? why are you defending this murder? look what he done he kill his own people while they protest and he let israel to poison egyptian foods and drink, israel even brought some weapon to kill egypt protesters . hosney been a traitor he kill who ever against him so dont tell me he fight for egypt please dont cause its a lie his a criminal and he deserve punishment

  1. Grace

    Being a ruler for 30 years doesn't give him an immunity from getting punished for his wrongdoings. Actually, staying in power for 30 years is one of his biggest crimes. Egypt has been robbed regulary by him and his associates. Billions of dollars were stolen, corruption has become a daily meal on the egyptian table and people have been plagued with illness and ignorance for too long. If we did have a real democratic leadership, like Turkey for example, during the last 30 years Egypt would have been one of the developed country by now. Anyway is being tried for killing the protesters during the revolution, they are not suing him for destroyed a great country for 30 years.

  1. ams
    ams replied to comment from ahmed

    oh give him a break even thou he was a bad man he has cancer for gawd sake and hes an old man they should'nt put him prison!!!

  1. rawan

    oh so you're saying that we shouldnt put him in prison even though he stole Egypt's money?
    he hardly knows anything about Egypt ! he deserves it !

  1. ous

    Surely he deserves it.. not only because he killed the demonstrators in " maydan Tahrir " but because of poverty obscene located in Egypt . We must all pray to GOD in this holy month -Ramadan- to grant victory to all the oppressed and to take revenge from the unjust rulers , including Bashar al_Assad .. AMIN

  1. AK

    Who told you guys that he killed the protesters ! It's his regime not Mubarak himself such as el 3adly plus last 10 years it wasn't actually him ruling it was his regime stealing the money of the country and what proves what i'm saying that most of his regime are now in prison .. I'm against mubarak but we as egyptians ya2emma we love some1 so much or we hate them like hell ! @noura i agree with youu Go c what the leaders in other countries such as libya and syria doing and then u guyz would be allowed to talk !

  1. Noura
    Noura replied to comment from ahmed

    look at the people in midan el tahir all of thier leaders were train by america and europe and israel to makee fitnah in egypt, and look at the people who are going thier now they are all salafis who want to make egypt into an iran or saudi arabia or afghinistan and make the country chaos. also the deaths in midan el tahir was not president mubarak fault if he really wanted he could of sent the air force and army to midan el tahir to massacre the protestors like bashar el assad or kassafi would but he didn't he let them protest and if thier was violence it was not his fault because president mubarak loves the egyptian people and if thier was mistakes in his government which thier was i do not think it is his fault because he is a deply patriotic man who loves his country and it is a big shame on egypt to humiliate this man who dedicated his life for egypt and who is very sick, it is even a bigger shame during ramadan, they should let him be to live his last days in peace. .

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