Firkat Naji Attallah on MBC in Ramadan (Photos)

Adel Imam in Firkat Naji Attallah

Adel Imam returns to the little screen this Ramadan with a bold series entitled "Firkat Naji Attallah".
Imam plays Naji Attallah, a diplomat in the Egyptian embassy in Tel Aviv!
Attallah falls into a lot of trouble after speaking his mind about Israel's policies in the Middle East on a TV show. He gets alienated by the embassy and ends up with no assets and money! He decides to rob a bank ... in Israel!

Photos from Firqat Naji Atallah TV Series

Photos Firkat Naji Attallah

He recruits a bunch of Egyptian young men, who disguise as Israeli soldiers.
This group of men, gets kidnapped by Hezbollah! Then as they are being deported to Egypt, get kidnapped again, this time by Somali pirates!!!
Sounds like fun!!!

Will you be watching Adel Imam in "Firkat Naji Attallah"? I think I will.

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