Saudi's Make Big Deal Out of Martha Graham Google Logo!

Google Martha Graham

Yesterday was the 117th birthday of American dancer Martha Graham and Google decided to pay tribute to the pioneer by transforming their logo into a dancing animation.
I found it to be beautiful and simple, yet very creative.

Now, some people over in Saudi Arabia over analysed the dancing doodle and found it to be disrespectful of Muslim women wearing the Hijab!!!
They saw the moment where the dancing figure took off the scarf on her head and threw it behind her a call for Muslim women wearing the Hijab to take it off and leave it behind!
Internet users were so annoyed that they asked Google to have respect for the Saudi society and stay away from issues that relate to Saudis!

There are other blogs, that posted responses to the Google logo, featured requests from readers and other bloggers to Google, asking the company apologize, delete the animated doodle and have respect to Muslims, their beliefs and their traditions!

So, I personally think the whole thing was blown out of proportion!
It's just a dancing lady and one should not over analyze things to such an extent!
Just take things as they are, enjoy a creative work of art and move on.
That's the problem with some people, they stay stuck at a certain point and make a big deal out of something so unimportant.
People! Don't over analyze and don't stop at every minute detail.
Move on ... look to the future and try to make a difference in the world by doing something that really counts and contributes to the future of humanity!

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  1. ARS

    All of the representations of Martha Graham in the Google logo were taken from her most famous dances, including the movements and costume choices. There was no commentary about Muslims, just showing respect for an accomplished dancer/choreographer. Not everything is about you.

  1. Anonymous

    The world doesn't revolve around Muslims which is what apparently Saudis think. Do they realize what kind of impression they're making in the world. I mean wasn't it enough that Bin Laden was Saudi? It's really stupid, it's like they are paranoid of the west. Maybe if they finally decide to step into the 21st century things will be better. If they are so sure Islam is the true religion and all the crap they say why are they so scared Muslim women will leave it? Is it because they know by treating women so badly and like they're inferior is wrong and one day women will stand up for their rights?

  1. viji

    On first glance of the doodle, I thought the animation was about a "Nun". Being a Roman Catholic I would have taken offense to the doodle but i did not... Why? BECAUSE THE DOODLE'S NOT ABOUT A "NUN" or "ANY LADY WITH A BURKHA OR HIJAB" ITS JUST ART PEOPLE!
    The underlying statement about that PARTICULAR move in the doodle is about renewal, About how we struggle every single day to do and be ourselves but we are unable to do so because we are bound either by ourselves or society... Until one day...
    I applaud the company and Blakely White McGuire for this endeavor!

  1. saudi guy
    saudi guy

    Look , I'm saudi and I think they over-analyze it . So , sorry guys about all that , every county got "those people" .

  1. Feb
    Feb replied to comment from Anonymous

    Bin Laden wasn't a Saudi and he never was. He's half Yemeni and half Syrian, his Saudi citizenship was revoked from him when he announced his war agaisnt the government for hosting Western military bases on Muslim soil.

    About the doodle, I think it's creative and has nothing with to do with wearing the veil which is becoming an obsession by fundamentalists who want to supress Muslim women and treat them as creatures that are socially and physically inferior to men, and this is related to Islam at all.

  1. Feb

    Typo : this is not related to Islam at all.

  1. Leonard

    The Saudi's want everything in thie world to be in their control , it's not that way and they know it.That truth is what really ticks them off them.
    If the true freedom loving people, Christian and others remain vigiliant and actively engaged in our world, the Saudi's and all "Radical Islam" will never gain the "World Wide Control" that they keep working for.

  1. Peterk

    well once again a seemingly unoffensive has offended the followers of the Religion of Peace. I've stopped asking "what won't offend them?" because apparently they are offended by everything

  1. Who cares
    Who cares replied to comment from Anonymous

    Really! What does Ben Laden have to do with Saudi's reputation? That is one of the most ignorant thing I have ever heard. If that's how you feel then Americans should hide in a shithole for having had a moron like Bush rule their country. Second of all I couldn't care less about this so-called fantastic dancer. Google can honor her legacy without imposing it on the rest of the world. When was the last time google celebrated any international artists? Last but not least, their animation logo was not only unnecessary but was also slowing down the typing in the search query, which was very annoying. For this reason I am glad Saudis made a fuss over it.

  1. Rima
    Rima replied to comment from Feb

    Bin Laden was not syrian! Where the hell did you get that from???

  1. naim.chowdhury

    saudis are illiterate and evil and perverted and mentally sick and not human

  1. George
    George replied to comment from Anonymous

    I second that!

  1. Feb
    Feb replied to comment from Rima

    His mother is a Syrian from Damascus , if you don't believe it google it.

  1. mayamax

    This is called islamic mind. world should understand and aware about their poor thoughts.

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