Zamzam Water is Safe to Drink

Zamzam Well Today

British reports have come out claiming that the Holy water of Zamzam is poisonous and contains high levels of arsenic and other pollutants!

The reports came after BBC London tested samples of Zamzam water*.
The ministry of Hajj released a statement today rebuking the reports and stating that the water is tested regularly by the Group Laboratories CARSO-LSEHL in the French city of Lyon, and who are authorized by the French Ministry of Health to work in the analysis of drinking water.

The latest tests were conducted in March and the reports revealed that "According to drinking water standards in France and based on the analysis conducted on the samples of Zamzam water, this water is fit for human consumption."

The samples that were tested by BBC, might have come from bottled water being sold in the UK as being Zamzam water.
The BBC investigated and discovered Zamzam water was being sold by Muslim bookshops and mini markets around the UK.

The Saudi Embassy in London assured that Saudi Arabia has not exported Zamzam water and that the presence of people in the United Kingdom engaged in the trade of selling Zamzam water is the responsibility of the British authorities in dealing with them.
It pointed out that writing on the bottles the words of Zamzam water does not mean that they contain Zamzam water which is pure and that comes from the source in Mecca.

It's true, not every bottle of water that has Zamzam written on it means it has come from the well of Zamzam in Mecca! It could be water from God knows where and bottled by God knows who!

I think the BBC should have been more patient before releasing the report and should have been more accurate. They should have taken actual samples from the Zamzam well in Mecca!

What do you think?

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  1. bubbles

    i do not think its poisonious because, there are millions and millions of people drinking it, and i dont think they all have cancer.
    people who have been to mecca and have drank the holy water did not come back with cancer.

    the french have tested it, it all a lie.

  1. saleem

    zamzam has been in ise from the time of abraham son ismail, to this day no one has died from drinking zamzam nor have they been poisoned,
    this water is full of nutritioal goodness and is blessded too,
    many have had their illnesses cured by dirnking this water,
    and for those who seek to make profit from fake zamzam water shame on you for bringing the peaceful lovng religion of islam into disrepute. and may the authorities in the UK deal with you seferely.
    when zamzam water is tested regularly not only in Saudi Arabia but also in France then why did stereotype BBC jump on the bandwagon and start wving its udly battleaxe against islam, it should have fully researched its finding before crying its war cries, is this not another typical stereotyping against islam by the bbc.

  1. Joe


  1. Md. Zahid
    Md. Zahid

    Alhamdulillah... According to our Prophet (SW), Zamzam water is the BEST WATER in this universe. As He's AL-AMIN... So we Believe this from our Heart...
    Anyone who needs a prove, he/she's invited to test this Holy Water...

  1. Zubair

    actually zam zam is atreatment for cancer. If you eat only Dates and drink only ZamZam for 40 days, your cancer will get cured.

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