Hazal Kaya, A Poor Girl!

Hazal Kaya as Feriha

Turkish actress Hazal Kaya has gained so much popularity after her role in Ask-i Memnu, but that hasn't stopped her from continuing her studies and living her live as an ordinary gal.
Hazal is also always busy with new acting projects, the latest a series entitled "Adını Feriha Koydum" meaning "I name you Feriha" in which she plays the main character, a young but poor girl, who falls in love with a wealthy young man.
As the saying goes: From rags to riches ... but the other way around in this case!

Hazal found out exactly how famous she is last week, when she attended the 11th Kısa-ca İnternational Student Film Festival which was held at the Selcuk University in Konya.
She caused a stir when students knew of her attendance and they gathered around her in the hundreds to get a glimpse of her a maybe get her autograph!

In the new series, Hazal acts alongside Turkish model çağatay Ulusoy ... but I doubt he'll steal the hearts of viewers like Kivanc Tatlitug has!

What do you think? Do you like Hazal Kaya? Do you think she's a good actress?

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  1. halloula

    Absuloutley !! I've seen her in both of her shows "genco" and "ask i memnu" and I have to say she nailed them both althought they are very diffrent . I am excited for this show . She's a very good actress.♥

  1. sundus mohamud
    sundus mohamud

    Realy i like these young girl,the way she gotten famous while still you congratuation hazal.I've seen both her shows ask i memnu n adini feriha koydum but i liked most in i named you feriha she was perfect.Although i have not seen her face to face am sure that she is the best and willing to see her insha Allah.

  1. DM

    Hazala kaya is the best! And Cagatay omg he is so wonderful!! I just love him!! They are so cute together!!

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