Mohannad Back to MBC with Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love Turkish Series

Turkish actor Kivanc Tatlitug is making a comeback to your TV screens this Saturday with a new TV series entitled "Forbidden Love".

Mohannad returns with the same name, but a different character all together this time!
Mohannad is the irresponsible young man and untamed lover, who falls in love with two stunning girls and finds himself in trouble as he tries to choose one and win her heart!

Which of the beauties will be the one for Mohannad?
Who will take his heart after it was occupied by Nour?

Photos from Forbidden Love Turkish TV series

Forbidden Love Series Photos

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  1. Goooooooogs

    What time does it start?

  1. hamood

    i have quit watching turkey drama cause mohanad is there.

    whose the lady next to mohanad? i think i know her but i dont remember

  1. jjj

    is it like a sequel??

  1. ellilta

    i ammm the biggest fan of kivanc he hot, cute etc...i've watched noor,mirna wa khalil.and his new series forbidden love.i love love love love love love love love love love love love you!!!!!!!!!

  1. zozo

    He fall in love with his uncle's wife, that's why forbidden love :P

  1. Feb

    MBC is so overrated.

  1. natalie

    guys i actually watched this in turkish and its really good i highly recommand it i mean i didnt like kivanc a lot in mirna w khalil and noor but to be honest he threw me off my seat with this show!!WATCH IT YOU WONT REGRET IT

  1. Abokor

    mohanad which is suupozd 2 b da main character haz da silliest character and personality eva is he dat dum 2 actualli accept that stupid role OMG ha lool the directpr finally managed 2 trik dat foolish red blushing cat who evry1 is obssesed wiv!!!!!! tut tut!!

  1. firas


  1. Jana
    Jana replied to comment from hamood

    The one is the purple sweater is from the show that she doesn't know her brother till the end and he best friend falls in love with the "Janitor" I forgot what it's called in Arabic but in Turkish it Genco!!

  1. Biley

    I like kivanc a.k.a muhannad.but i didnt understand da main story i think da girl nxt 2 him was da 1 in AL HELM AL DA'E.Called HAZAL KAYA.

  1. :)
    :) replied to comment from Biley

    yea that is her u are right!! i love this show it is awesome i only seen a coup,e of episodes of it i already love it

  1. Maya

    Funny that the only people here dissing Mohannad (Kivanc) are guys....he seriously is giving them a run for their money! LOOOOOOOOOOL!

    P.S. Kivanc is sooooooooo HOT in Forbidden Love. The series is actually very entertaining, probably even better than Noor.

  1. hamood
    hamood replied to comment from Maya

    who? well he just not good actor he come to arab country to get money if he going to do drama in arab world and no am not jealous of him, MISS!

    i think noor really cute actress and she have more classic than this gey dude mohanad

  1. Emma

    I love this turkish series!!It the best one i have ever watched...I think youz should watch it..I love the idea of it.. I didnt actuallly finish it all but i have about 5 more episode left...Its about 69 episodes i think or abit less..Its way better than noor...Mohannad is a guy that is single. He is living with a guy that found him when his parnts had an car accident and died He is dating a gurl called boushra, they stayed together for a long tym.Then his unclez wife died, so after couple of months, he thinks of he marryz a young beautiful woman called samar..So mohannad falls in love with this gurl but he cant tell her that he loves her cz shez his uncles wife and his uncle took care of him and gave him everything he wnted since he was young..AFTER THAT HE LEAVES BOSHRA..then he was gonna get married to his uncle'z daughter nihal..But he actually doesnt wanna get married to her cz he lovess samar and wants to marry her..But he wants to get married to nihal coz of his the day of the wedding,he leaves nihal and goes to see samarr..Samar tells him choose me or niahl but he has to get out and go to the wedding then adnan comes and seez samar and mohannad together in the room..Samar then gets the gun and shots herselff.. iTS A HEKTIK SERIESS.. I LOVE ITT

  1. Hanz



  1. OMG

    MBC DRAMA is already putting the series in up to episode 70. In turkish it finishes at episode 78 but in arabic its gonna finish more than 100 + ....
    Any way its a stupid series nice at the begining but then so over doing it. 2 much over rated is shown and its just pathetic!!!!


  1. lily

    OMG i love kivanc i have wached all his films on mbc and now im watchin this but wen is it on itsment 2 be 9 but it never shows sooo anoyin!!!!!! x

  1. SlŽepin Bešuty
    SlŽepin Bešuty

    HamoŲd i wanna ask Ł somethin mr polite:if anyone tells Ł that Ł r a big nothin wod it b a problem 2 Ł or Ł will take it az an offense?...anyway i don't give a dam 2 wat Ł see but i advise Ł not 2 watch any turkish show & kivanÁ iz better than Ł mr envious..kivanÁ iz fabulous & well-known.. Ł don't know him personally 2 say this shit bout im's not polite 2 say somethin bad about someone Ł don't know...

  1. SlŽepin Bešuty
    SlŽepin Bešuty replied to comment from Hanz

    Hanz tell me about it ،، it's Ł not only ugly but the ugliest،the worst،the evil & fuck wat Ł think of kivanÁ .. Whether Ł hate or love im not a big deal just az Ł r ...

  1. Fati
    Fati replied to comment from Abokor

    what the f***??? u obviously just wanna criticize for nothing. his role is not silly at all it's just realistic he's this young man who enjoys his life and tries to make everything as fun as it can get. And kivanÁ or whatever his name is, can probably choose his roles better than u can choose them for him. He's an ACTOR and a succesfull one too, so that's kinda his job. if u dont like the serie thats totally fine and it's ur opinion just dont go around talking nonsense.

  1. talaat

    je voudrais savoir le titre du feuilleton turc sur MBC 1 , le titre traduit de l'arabe en français est " les feuilles mortes " je trouve se feuilleton très bien et surtout celle qui joue Foutoun très très belle.

  1. razan

    mosalsal raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa3

  1. fatima

    i love watching forvidden love,keep it up mohannad

  1. hallouma
    hallouma replied to comment from Emma

    je voudrais savoir que se va passer en feuillton forbidden love est ce qu'il ya qualqun qui connais la fin..............?????????

  1. DIDI

    MOHANAD TU EST TR2 BEOU MI POUQOUI Taime pas tame mohanad

  1. didi

    je taime mohanad et samar est trť BELLE .MOHANAD MES TU VA PAS TROUVť COMME NOOR.

  1. ana

    Beren saaaaaaaaaaaat is amazing and she is the best actress i have ever seen,,,, amazing Beren,,, also the movie is amazing,, Beren Saat is number one ever ........

  1. jho

    OMG, cant wait to see the finale..we're from Philippines and currently working here in Kuwait.we're following these all the time even if we dont understand but we just maid it thru their acts..sooo nice!

  1. noor

    hi i love that show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its amazing btw what is the last show for them

  1. Adama
    Adama replied to comment from Emma

    Hi Emma am currenting the same film on MBC4, cant jus get enough of it,the film keeps getting more n more interesting after every eposide.... I am now watching the eposide where Mohammed got engaged to BOSHRA and both Nihal n Samar re jealous. My only problem in watching dis film is i don understand there language. but i really enjoy watching this film

  1. edom

    i dont understand the language either but i really enjoy watching it.i love the story and everything and i love 'Mohamed' .please those people who saw the whole story,tell me will Samar and Mohammad be together or will she kill herself? please tell me

  1. Shireen kivanc tatliug / the dauther of kivanc
    Shireen kivanc tatliug / the dauther of kivanc

    I love the show and dady if. You are
    Reading this I want to say how
    Much l liked it

  1. SEMIA

    H EDOM! I have watched the final on you tube translated in english i was too impatient to finish it on MBC. It is an interesting and sad story at the same time as Samar is going to kill herself at the end I hate this party. SAD SAD SAD


    hallo how are you this vidieo its very good i love this so okee bye

  1. fadwa

    hada ahssan film lhad l2an talfzatou mbc4

  1. jemal

    hey there i was watching this movie but unfortunately I come to see this site and mean while I read "emma's" comment And I come to know all about the film from start to end.

  1. mouna

    ana mouna men maroc every day i wach that's film it's god ou lmaghreb colo kaitfaraj fih li anaho 9issa dramia jamila jida ou chi9a lilghaya ou mbc4 tjr aflamha aflam jaida

  1. Raina

    I like dis series and lov u Muhammad u r talented actor.plz ppl don't b jelous

  1. simsima

    ii love the show forbidden love because the story it's very good and i love muhanad and samar so much that's why i wach that series ...but please tell me what the end of this by

  1. djoudjou

    i love this serie because it's the best one that i have ever watched. i love nihal

  1. bezu

    OMG I really love Nihal she iz the most lover n beautiful young lady on this dram and also I like a mother of semar ,her acting iz lik psychologist .i hate Mohamte and semar .

  1. Dexter

    I hate the actress Samar in the story she is so bad to her character like animal (dog) making sex in the garden and besides she is a Shermuta to her roll very bad please to all the woman in the world dont copy this evil woman she is not beautiful she is Evil.....

  1. lily

    this movie is the best.everbody should see it.samar u r so hoooot.

  1. liyana

    waw i like this filim muhannd and nihal and bashiir i hate samar because she is not good i hate you samar

  1. fevzeray
    fevzeray replied to comment from natalie

    what happens at the end

  1. IMAN

    I like this series cant wait until its done, but EMMA u shouldnt have write the final of the movie. U make my day worst.

  1. nur

    I just want to say, Kivanc a.k.a muhanad, was already famous in Turkey and overseas before he played in gumus. He is a model, and a good actor, and isnt it better that Arabs support thier Muslim brothers and sisters in Turkey rather then the Americans or Israelis.

    This series is very good, even though is lacks Muslim morals and ethics, it provides an insight into the 'real world', these things happen, but behind closed doors. They find inspiration from life itself.

    Also Bihter is a very beautiful women, all natural, her eyebrows arnt even plucked masAllah

  1. siham ben radi
    siham ben radi

    raely forbiden love movie is good better than ather ilike it so much

  1. abduselam&meka

    Its good. I love it and everybody should see it.

  1. larsa

    i really loved forbidden love but ezel is better

  1. Bini

    Its the best I love it sooooooooo much

  1. sarah

    i love "forbidden love" i think it's what's happening in real life.I love sammar she's very pretty but unfortunately the movie has an unhappy ending with the suicide of sammar at mohanad's wedding

  1. rada

    je deteste "forbidenne love"

  1. zenaba yamira
    zenaba yamira replied to comment from Goooooooogs

    it start at 7:00 am from Monday up 2 wednesday and Saturday & Sunday

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