Ramadan 2010 Best Egyptian TV Series

Ramadan 2010 Best Egyptian TV Series

List your favourite Ramadan 2010 Egyptian TV Series so we can choose 5 of them to be nominated for best Egyptian TV Series of Ramadan 2010.

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  1. Nada

    3aiza atgawez
    el gama3a
    sheikh el arab hamam

  1. Reed

    3aiza Atgawez
    El Gama3a

  1. Imane

    3ayza atgawez is very disappointing and boring! The book is much better. Hind Sabry acting is over,she is shouting and forcing herself to make us laugh, she was a wrong choice, Nashwa moustapha or yasmine abdelaziz could have done better..

  1. dina

    3yza atgawz
    el 3ar
    zohra w azwagha el khamsa
    rish na3m
    ahl cairo

  1. nada

    zohra w azwagha el khamsa (ghada abdel razek)

    kadiyat safiya (mai ezz eldin).......really nice

  1. MASRY

    First of all, I really think Egyptian drama has seen huge improvement this year, following years of poor writing and directing. New storylines are being adopted, and the series' are looking more cinematic.

    In first place comes Al Gama'a.
    2) Sekoot Al 5elafa (Egyptian-Qatari production)
    3) Ahl Cairo
    4) Heyakat We Ben3esha (Captain Effat)
    5) 3ayza Atgawez
    7) Qesset Hob
    8) Al 7ara
    9) Cleopatra
    10) She3' Al 3arab Hamam
    11) Bel Sham3 Al A7mar
    12) Zohra
    13) Maleka Fe Al Manfa - Maleka Nazli

  1. dandan

    1- zohra w azwagha el 5amsa
    2- el 3ar
    3- el kebeer awy
    4- mamlaket el gabal

  1. Nounours
    Nounours replied to comment from MASRY

    Masry my friend, please don't tell me you watch all those everyday, I thought I was an Egyptian drama junky but if you do watch all those everyday, man you've got the title hands down :)

  1. MASRY
    MASRY replied to comment from Nounours


    I record them all morning and watch them from after Iftar to So7oor. :)

    Yes, I am quite a junky when it comes to films and drama. :) lol

  1. syrianglamour

    wow i can't decide, they are all great! if it weren't for the egyptians what would we have watched???

    el 3ar
    zohra wa azwagha el gamsa
    el gam3a
    ahl cairo
    el qotaa(cat) el 3mya ( hanan turk)

  1. Yehia

    1. Al gama3a
    2. Hekayat w ben3eshha
    3. Ahl Cairo
    4. Zohra w azwagha al 5amsa
    5. Ayza athawez

  1. ana

    couldnt they pick better actress then ghada abdel razik in zohra wa azwagha al 5amsa she is sooooo ugly and she has done plastic surgery haha ! she need extrem makeover and she is fat too:O you can never find a beatifiul girl in egypt!

  1. noor

    I agree with all of you, drama this year is soo nice, i enjoy watching alot such as:
    1- Al jamaa2a..brilliant
    2-Ahl Cairo
    4-Al AAr
    5-Qeset 7ob (classic)
    6- Maleka felmanfa is boring since there is no comparison between this one and al Malek farou2 with Taim al Hassan and other cast..Nadia el Gendy is boring and the production is very cheap..

    Yeah ana no beautiful girls in egypt...what's ur problem now?

  1. AJ

    1) 3aeza atgawz
    2) zohra wazwgha el5amsa
    3) elkeber awi (ahmed meky)
    4) cleopatra
    5) elmaleka nazly
    6) qeset 7ob


    1) as3ad alla msa2km
    2) 100 mssa
    3) 7elhm benhm mn el2a5r
    4) ramez 7awl el3alam

  1. Aya I
    Aya I

    1- zohra w azwagha el 5amsa
    2- el gama3a
    3- ahl Cairo
    4- 7ekayat w ben3esh-ha
    5- bara el donia (sherif mounir)
    6- el kebeer awi (ahmed mekky)

    I totally agree that "3ayza atgawez" was a major disappointment, as much as I love hind sabry she just isn't good for the role; she is forcing the laughter out of the situation and over reacting to every single thing! Its true that nashwa mostafa or yasmin abdel aziz would've been so much better.

  1. Tawta

    I cant rank, the 3 best..top 1 material are:
    Elgama3a - 3ayza atgawez - ahl cairo
    The 3 are amazing, but like different genres so yeah
    Other good ones:
    Elkebeer awi (i think of it as a sitcom..1. unrelated episodes besides the 1st few and 2. it's 35 mins long with commercials and the beginning and ending song)
    Qeset 7ob
    Zohra wa azwag-ha el5amsa-I didn't expect it to be this good!!!

  1. palestine

    ayza atgawaz should be ranked number 1. that show is so funny and is full of drama too. theres not one episode i did not laugh. hend sabry is so pretty and funny.

  1. yehialover needs help!!!!!
    yehialover needs help!!!!!

    hi! i know totally off topic but i would love if someone can help me
    so i was listening to mtv lebanon aghani agahni show and this kid was singing and i think his name is omar zeid and his song is like the the son the master in english but in arabic ibn mhalem can someone find me of video or the link to it plz and thank u!!!!
    i was video searching it but i dont think im spelling it right!
    thankkk u!

  1. Hypnose

    Ayza Atgawz is definitely number 1! I love this show! I watched every episode of it , and it the beginning I didnt know ehere to watch it, I mean , on what channels...cz I didnt know the ramadan series schedule...and I had to go search for all episodes on the net to finally find them!!!
    Then I could watch the current ones on MBC and ART..
    I watched them all...So so soooo funny!!!!
    I love Hind sabry! it's one of her best roles...
    I know it is not drama like she used to play in movies, but she definitely excels in her comedy role as and character as well!

    I love the stories and topics they cover in every episode.
    It is very true and discusses the nowadays women's issues...in a very sarcastic way of course...Hilarious!!!!

    I saw today's episode with A7mad Al Saka....that was the funniest episode of all 10 so far...laughed so much !!!

    And I also love Sawsan Badr...she is hilarious too :)

    For the rest, I like Zohra wa azwajouha al khamsa...although I am not able to follow and watch all episodes.

    I am a bit disappointed at Youssra's Bil chame3 el a7mar :((
    Usually I wait for her ramadan series every year...and this time...wel...didnt like the show that much...I think the story is ok, but the acting is so so...

  1. Christine
    Christine replied to comment from ana

    You're pathetic and just, lifeless. What do you mean you can't find one beautiful girl in Egypt? You're so stupid and I suggest you go get some therapy because you're probably really ugly and very self consciouse and insecure about how you look and that's why you said such a thing. Quit generalizing you bitter prick!

  1. mia

    waleg should do a poll on if you love or hate 3ayez etgoaz...just for reference

  1. Adam

    Ghada Abdul Raziq doesn't know what to do with herself anymore, I am afraid she will be like Suemyah Al Khashab someday? as they both started so good with Haj Matwaly then Suemyah direction was movies and Ghada was series but they both changed alot as how they look, so heavy make up and plastic surgeries + getting fat. Why our celebrities when they becomes celebrities! they just change to the worse instead of taking care of their shape for the sake of their career? What is next with Ghada Abdul Raziq? Maybe we'll see her on video clip! Like Semyah? and next time singing infront of Asi Halani in Taratata show! Lol. Why they go crazy I have no idea!!
    Oh, not to mention how elegant they are beside the classy make up, especially the lipstick colours she's choosing that really disturbing with the great looking false whiteness teeth!
    YET ADMIT without Um El Donyah, how would it be? And who really need to be blamed is the DIRECTORS of this series and shows, because they should of advice and actually even give orders of how they look, how to wear,etc...etc... all this years and didn't learn? how to film the sick person without full make up dying in bed! Lol. Same when they go to sleep, same when they are delivering a baby! Lol.Same when someone pass away.
    If they allow Lebanon to control the way they dress and their make up, the Egyptian cinema would be super duper! Don't you agree?
    Regards to all.


    I CAN'T decided because all theEGYPTIAN tv series was greet,I love it so so much

  1. Grace

    1- Al jamaa2a..brilliant
    2-Ahl Cairo
    3-3aeza atgawz

    So many series to follow but these are the ones I could catch and they are really good.

  1. kono

    I agree with everyone who said Al Gamaa'. It's brilliant.
    I used to wach Ayaza Atgwaz, but it's alittle disappointing. It still had some funny moments though :) Ok! Now, back to the question lol. I think Al Gamaa' will be very remarkable and memorable even after Ramdan..Seriously, it's briliantly filmed as well as written. It's just interesting and original. Big success is excpected for this series :)

  1. lebanesepride

    hey everyone to the one who is relating that there are no beautiful girls in egypt then you are just so childish and jealous
    ghada is so beautiful if you saw her before surgery there is no big difference she was beautiful before and the series this ramadan is amazingggg and you see many beautiful egyptian girls and hot guys :D it's just so great
    and NO i dont agree that lebanon would do anything to make egyptian cinema better because egypt is the hollywood of the middle east so they know what they are doing..which explains the success ( this is about the top series and im sick of the people who discriminate lebanon or egypt, we are two beautiful countries becomming bestfriends)
    anyways back to my top series which is tooo hard to choose
    1. el gamaa
    2. keset hob
    3. zohra wa azwagha el 5amsa
    4. el kebeer awy
    5. ahl cairo
    6. el aar

  1. MARK

    *elGma3ah EXcellent
    *Ahl cairo (Khaled Elsawy)
    *elkebeir awe (A.mekky &Donia Ghanem)
    *Sheik Alarab Hmam (Y.elFAKHARANI)

  1. Adam

    Lol to the person who replied me indirectly, thanks. Firstly I am so much Egyptian and Lebanese!! and yes we are the Hollywood of Middle East, and yes so many beautiful girls in Egypt and few knows how to dress such as Fatin Hamamah, Anoshka, Mervit Amin and Najla Fatihi. And yes we rules the Arab Cinema and I didn't say Lebanon is the best, the problem with you guys refusing criticize and when someone does, you consider as childish, jealous and your enemy! don't you get criticize from your parents?? Anyhow, who said Lebanon is the best, I was thinking of Nawal Al-Zoghbi the other day, how she used to have a nice songs, how she used to look nice as well. Look at her now? Everything changed! And again she disappeared and I wonder if another wasp bitten her so she’ll come back with a new look “again”!. Pls. don't be upset truth hurts as they say...
    We are here to share opinions I did not bad mouthing you. And don't mix the opinons as personal issue with you. Ghada Abdul Raziq and Suemaya Al Khashap very sexy and attractive. I really like them, but love is blind doesn't work in my book. That's all.

  1. MASRY

    Nice to see this turning into another childish debate on beautiful women? And Hollywood of the Middle East?

    So Childish.

  1. sara

    'sheikh el 3arab hamam' and 'zohra wa azwagha el 5amsa'

  1. Yoshka
    Yoshka replied to comment from MASRY

    I agree with u Masry, Egyptian Drama this year is amazing, I think u even can say it's the best..I was sooo drawn to only 3 of them actually el kont batab3hoom y3ni because of work and all..3yza atgawez, Ahl Cairo and El Gama3a..I think they're the top of all the series..
    And I don't agree with anyone who's saying en 3yza atgawez momela, really guys u couldn't have watched all the episodes there..like yesterday's episode with A7mad El Sakka, was hilarious :D l2 bgd, I was laughing so loud when he told her he'd take her to a romantic place, w ra7o a3ado fi lagna..LoL..

  1. DOODY

    3-EL GAMA3A

  1. noor

    this year the drama is really intersting..ahl cairo is making me crazy i want to see the next episode once its finished. Al Gamaa is really good , the script, the actors, the direction and production...very intersting to eatch...3aiza atgawez makes me laugh from my heart ..specially with Ahmed el Sakka's episode was hilarious and today when Sausan Badr and Hend Sabry singing 3amooraa...i burst laughing..Sausan Badr is amazing in this series. Al AAr is also very nice to watch..Zohra we azwajha el khamsa very nice too to watch although i wasnt very excited about this series at the beginning...Qeset 7ob with Jamal suliman is also very nice to watch with the quiet acting of Jamal Suliman he is very good this year specially with the egyptian dialect...

  1. wael

    i agree egypt did a great job this year and got me thinking to marry such a beautiful egyptian girl inside out like the series
    i am really amazed it's kind of addictive
    1. haramt ya baba
    2. qaset hob
    3. el gamaa
    4. el kebeer awi
    5. zohra wa azwagha el 5amsa
    6. ayza atgawez

  1. Adam

    One of the big mistakes as usual, where is Majid ???? the boy that Zohra delivered from her first marriage?!? How come never showed him yet!! not even a toy!! Very funny.

  1. Adam

    P.S. She became a mother and didn't act like a mother one second! now pregnant again lol. With all this good acting it is really upestting to see silly mistakes happens. And again the directors to blame I would say.

  1. Abdullah H. Erakat
    Abdullah H. Erakat

    The best and only show to watch this Ramadan can be seen on Palestine TV.

    It is called Watan 3ala Wattar.

  1. chaima

    That's what is making zohra wa awagha el 5amsa so exciting! you never know what will happen and they aren't showing who her 5th husband is and i can't wait for next episode
    - keset hob
    - el ota el 3mya
    - ahl cairo
    - el aar
    - zohra wa azwagha el 5amsa
    - ayza atgawez

  1. Tiko

    3yza atgawz
    el 3ar
    zohra w azwagha el khamsa
    captin 3ft
    ahl cairo

  1. plum

    Zohra w azwagha el khamsa :D

  1. Silvana

    3ayza 2atgawez

  1. HinDawDaw


    please please reply to my email =( or post if u have any info on how we can wat miss universe

    PS and i really think u should post something about that burning the quran day, its awful

  1. Noura

    Barra El Donia - Sherif Moneer

    The only one thats worth watching.

  1. Alf Donia
    Alf Donia

    #1: 3ayza Atgawwez....
    #2: 3ayza Atgawwez....
    #3: 3ayza Atgawwez....
    #4: 3ayza Atgawwez....
    #5: 3ayza Atgawwez....
    Best comedy tv network series.
    Hind Sabry is amazing. The way she is talking to the camera makes it more special than any other series. Yes its a smart western style technique but she knew how to make it her own style. The scenario and the rest of the cast makes it even more funnier, of course it would do without that pharmacist married lady at work she is not funny but hey overall GREAT JOB EGYPT. once again u proved that u r number one in comedy, drama and any other field related to acting.

  1. poka

    1) al gama3a
    2) zakerat al jassad (gamal seliman and manal bouchoucha)
    3) 3ayza atgawez

  1. ahmed
    ahmed replied to comment from Alf Donia

    they shouldn't intimate westerns, man!

    none of the series i dont like its getting not interesting anymore like syrian but not horror like Syrian drama do.

    oh do u know whose that person on the left wearing pink and blak?

  1. ahmed

    hey waleg! what do you think about idea to building a mosque in new york near ground zero? good or bad?

  1. Nera

    Pretty surprised that no one have seen Mohamed Fouads serie Aghla men hayati. The budget to make this serie wasn't much, and there aren't lots of actors in it, but the directors and Fouad have thoughts that sort of surrounds the hole serie. There is a little from everything, comedy, drama, religion, poorhood, neighbourhood, love etc..

    Zohra w aswagha el khamsa have made people crazy about it. Personally, I don't watch it but the rest of the family does.

    Pretty unsure about Mostafa Amars serie, has anyone seen it and can recommend it?

  1. MAI

    2-Zohra W azwagha el5amsa
    3-imraa fi warta
    4-3ayza atgawez
    5-hekayat ben3eshha

  1. maya

    1) 3ayza argawez
    2) ma sama7at aymanokom
    3) aljama3a
    4) al 7arra

  1. jojo

    cuz of my work and of praying i didn,t have the chance to watch lots of series but overall i think they r all amzing especially the ones i watch when i'm free:
    1-ahl cairo(great job)
    2-mama fel qesm( i like how simple it is and interesting at the same time)
    3-ayza agawez( the actors r really nice especially sawsan badr she did a great job as well as they got a middle class girl which made it seem very realistic for all levels)
    4-hekayat w ben3eshha(love the simplicity and the romance)
    :) :) :)

  1. Kokiiz

    1- 3ayza atgawez <3

    2- Zohra w azwagha el 5
    3- Layla 3elwy's series (can't remember the name :D), el kebeer awi, mama fl 2esm, ayam w ben3eshha

  1. Monaliza

    I have to agree to all who said that this year there are several good shows...i couldnt however watch many of them but had a glimpse of most of them..the best are:

    - Ahl Cairo, Khaled Elsawy is doing a great job and the all actors are really good..and its very interesting
    - Al Gama'a, great production, technique, and acting...i knw it caused lots of debates in egypt but its wroth watching
    - Al aar, its different that the movie, and the actors are really good
    - Qeset Hob...Gamal Soliman, as usual, amazing :)

    The rest of the series i got to see parts of or watching:

    - 3ayza atgawez...Hend Sabry is not good...i dnt understand how some of u find her funny coz for me she is the point of weakness in the whole series
    - Zohra, I knw lots of ppl like it, but i find it annoying a bit, Ghada is trying to be the new Nadya El Gendy where all men loves her and bla bla bla

    - El Otta el 3amya, its nice actually but didnt get to watch many episodes...but i would not say great

    - Captain Effat, its really good i have to say, great job by laila elwy, cant wait to see the other one

    - Yousra's is really not interesting !!!

    As for the rest of the series

  1. Imane

    Monaliza, me too I can't understand how people like 3ayza atguawiz, it is the most boring serie I ever watched, Hind Sabry is so over, the whole serie is takilaaaaaa awi!

  1. yusuf

    i like them all but i like al haga zohra and al 3ara and hamam shika al arab

  1. lebanesecyrine

    OHHH i loveeeeeeeee them all!

    1. KESET HOB!!!
    2. haramt ya baba
    3. zohra wa azwagha el gamsa
    4. el jam3a
    5. ayza atgawez

  1. karim

    first of all the ramadan series was the best series ever but i didnt like awyez atgawez hend sabry made a bad role she sucks
    1.les we ketab
    4.goz mama
    5.keeber 2wy
    6.mamlaket elgabal

  1. Hussein

    Elãar was probably the best drama i've ever watched. The storyline is just perfect. Zahra wa Azwagha Elkhamsa is second.

  1. Wael

    I like alot of the series

    first el gamaa
    2. qeset hob
    3. zohra
    4. el qata el amya
    5. el aar
    6. ayza atgawez

  1. Adam

    I'm watching Zohra as a comedy show so I enjoy it! The third baby is on the way, yet we didn't see the first one Lol. Majid death no one beleived it already!... an easy comedy show to watch these days and easy to guess the end as well.

  1. amy

    non, I can't watch any egyptian series, they are very 3adi and nothing special, I can't waste my time watching drama baykha.

  1. rageb

    the best series this ramadan i got to say egypt
    great job 1 el gamaa 2 keset hob 3 ayza atgawez 4 zohra wa azwagha el gamsa 5 teer enta 6 el 3aar

  1. Shadz

    There is a great variety like every Ramadan; Egyptian and Syrian series dominate the TV channels and are all worth watching. My ranking for Egyptian series goes as follows:
    1-Zohra w Azwajha al khamsa
    2-Alliss wal kitab
    3-El Kebeer Awy
    4-Malika fi el manfa
    5-Gouz Mama
    6-Harramt ya Baba

  1. betul

    To be honest syrian series are a bit boring kind of the same, i really loved the egyptian series and SPECIALLY : Keset hob
    it is amazing!! they made a wide range of variety! well done egypt
    1) keset hob
    2) el gamaa
    3) zohra wa azwajha el khamza
    4) haramt ya baba
    5) ehl cairo
    and i also liked ayza atgawez

  1. no name
    no name replied to comment from Imane

    3ayza atgawez monaseb gedan le hend sabry we howa 7elw tayb law nashwa mostafa 3amalto ma7desh haefarg hhhh cause she mot5alefa ya iman we yasmin tedas 3ala soritha de malhash feha
    HEND SABRY...!!!!!
    3ayza atgawz
    qeset 7ob
    el gama3a
    el kebeer awy

  1. shaza
    shaza replied to comment from no name

    7araaaam 3aleekeee ya eman enek te2oli en yasmin we7sha begad yasmin law kanet 3mltou kan hayeb2a tou7fa bosy ana hend sabry is my favorite actress along with ghada abdel razzek bas bardo yasmin kanet hateb2a a7la

  1. Mahdi

    Hello there! Could anyone please tell me, where would i find the Captain Efat series? I have seen for last 15 episode from 3arabtv.com, but out of blue no more episodes. I'm really interesting it.

  1. shaza
    shaza replied to comment from Mahdi

    Actually layla elwi is making 2 series in this holy month and each one of them is only for 15 episodes only .
    the first one was captin efat
    and the second one which is airing now is called Fatat leeeil.

  1. arabian. queen
    arabian. queen

    i LOVEE!!
    el gama3a!! thats my show!

  1. AK

    1.Ahl Cairo
    2.El 3ar
    3.3ayza atgawez
    5.Maleka fl Manfa
    6.El 7ara

  1. Norhan Alsarraj
    Norhan Alsarraj

    ‘Sheikh Al Arab Hamam’…more than just a series
    By: Norhan Alsarraj

    I have addicted the series and planned all my life around it. Now that the season is approaching its end I have no idea what will become of me when it’s over. I am more amazed by it now that I know those were real historic events that actually took place. Whether or not it’s an exaggerated version of the truth, I am sure somewhere somehow this era existed.

    I am not sure it’s because Yehia Al Fakharany always reminded me of my dad in some physical features or several qualities of actual characters he played or maybe this time his role actually reflected everything my father planted in me, like the importance of family, sticking for each other, never letting go, never giving up, fighting back to the last breath, honesty, courage, purity, believing in thyself and in the goodness of others, empathy which later I discovered is so hard to actually implement…to really put yourself in the place of others is practically impossible. Forgiveness, not a trait of the weak, it’s only the quality of the strong ... defending the truth, those whom among the truth was lost, and has not been defended are those who will never see the light.

    My dad had many little stories and tiny examples, one which I particularly loved, this example he always used to repeat…look up he used to say, look at how high and tall a palm tree stands firm and steady, people throw it with stones to get its dates. The palm tree never shakes, never rages, its solid roots fixed strongly to the ground responds only by generously granting its fruits to those people seeking its dates. In exchange for the rocks and stones being thrown at it with fury, it offers back delicious dates with extreme nobleness. So many things I now remember. ‘Don’t kill your enemies with poison, yet poison them with kindness, its more fatal that way, he used to say. What you can’t proudly reveal to everyone is exactly what you should be ashamed of from yourself when you are totally alone.

    So many words and stories that resembled pieces of a puzzle or building blocks that were running lose in my head are now are starting to make sense and create a vivid picture, to form a telescope from which I am looking at to judge the world including myself.

    I miss talking or listening to some of those stories maybe that’s why I love the episodes. I don’t hear them anymore. I miss my dad and I miss the man I found in him or how I learnt a man should be…

    Even the cane made of black ebony wood with the metal silver horse head he carries around in all the episodes is just like his. It made me call mom to ask about it, she said it’s in the cabinet still.

    So many questions haunt me every night as I watch the series. What happened to us? What happened to the ethics and morals that were planted generations ago in each and every one of us? Why are they being labeled now as old fashioned? Why everything that was taboo is now trendy and popular? Why have the words honor, bravery and genuineness lost their meaning? Where have commitment, perseverance and determination gone? How have all the good qualities of a man evolved to ill shaped behavior that seems more common than bizarre? Remarkable Qualities that always preceded the man before his fame like courage, endurance, honesty, reliability, perception, compassionate, generosity, forgiveness and strength have all vanished.

    Why have fake amino made muscles replaced shoulders that used to carry mountains of solid rock burdens? Instead of warrior camps I see internet cafes, instead of tough heavy swords to fight evil, I see drugs and sin everywhere. Instead of real beauty in god’s gifted faces blessed with innocence and purity, I see Botox and fillers and man edited features that have ripped the unique natural charm each one was distinctively born with…

    We replaced magnificent beauty that exclusively identified each one of us with simulated carbon copy appearances that represent nothing but shallowness that make people all look alike dummies.

    I search for faith and values, I find them tagged as extinct ideologies that have long gone. Have we become masters at destroying everything beautiful and pure? We have become physically and morally infertile due to much pollution of the atmosphere as well as of our inner self which we deliberately keep toxicating. Have we become so hollow we can’t see the truth is right where it has always been…deep down in our souls. Has our vision become so distorted as we look at the world through colored lenses and 3d glasses?

    Have we forgotten that when we depart this world we will take nothing with us but the faith we held in our hearts and that what we leave behind is nothing but the reputation that will live on and linger for generations after…good or bad will depend only on which passageway we chose to go.
    You wonder why every year we are damned with a new disease that keep mad scientists busy looking for a cure or inventing another virus to market a vaccine…consider all the sick perverted persons around you to find a clue.

    We keep condemning the natural disasters like earthquakes, Tsunami, floods, hurricanes and so forth…and never considered that maybe it’s God’s means to cleanse our evils away, to resolve the double standards we have developed, plagiarism we have adopted, terrorism, greed, skepticism we have embroidered.

    We think we are liberated in an advanced age free from slavery. We are now mere slaves to our desires, overcome with greed. We have addicted hypocrisy and been conquered by selfishness and love of thyself. Our feelings have numbed as our fingers automatically type and chat with strangers our lives away.

    You keep guessing why one person holds so much money that could feed an entire state yet choose to waste it on brand and luxury brands instead of saving lives from hunger? Watch in wonder how the human being craves power and money and favors it over love and peace. Stupidly believing that with money you can buy health, you can buy love, you can buy houses. You can. You can buy the medicine, not the health, you can buy people but not their love and respect. You can buy castles but not homes where there is peace and warmth of hearts.

    Why have human relationships been replaced by a program called falsebook that allows people to wear masks to fool each other knowingly and willingly and invent yet another new form of betrayal , a new suicidal weapon to terminate the remaining principles and self respect we hold for ourselves and others?

    Many of you reading this nonsense I’m writing probably think I’m losing my head or the series have affected my mind. I’m probably one of the very few people following this drama series of Yehia El Fakharany called ‘Sheikh Al Arab Hamam’ but to those who have read this far I believe we do need a sheikh Al Arab Hamam to get us back on the right track, to remind us why humans where first created to do, to guide us to how we can restore harmony and make peace with our souls which we have misused and upset so much and for so long.

  1. lovely

    I love all the egyptian series! I got to admit i didnt even bother watching any syrian series :P
    anyways i loved that serie called qeset hob then i loved el gamaa, zohra, ayza atgawez, ahl cairo, al 3ar

  1. daniel

    egypt seres are so good dis year i think best seres from egypt
    al gamaa
    zohra wa azwajha 5amsa
    kesat hob
    ayza atgawez soo funny
    haremt ya baba

  1. majeda

    1- 3ayza atgawwaz (top 1)
    2- elkibir (v nice)
    3- ilgama3a (interesting)
    4- al3ar (fine)
    5- zohra (fine)

  1. majeda

    1- 3ayza atgawwaz (top 1)
    2- elkibir (v nice)
    3- ilgama3a (interesting)
    4- al3ar (fine)
    5- zohra (fine)

  1. majeda

    1- 3ayza atgawwaz (top 1)
    2- elkibir (v nice)
    3- ilgama3a (interesting)
    4- al3ar (fine)
    5- zohra (fine)

  1. ameni amouna
    ameni amouna

    el haga zohra number one

  1. aphrodite

    I discover A7el cairo and i love it. Really for me, it's the best series in this year.

    Khaled el sawy and kinda alouch are fantastic. Thanks to these actors.

  1. nada

    el 3ar the best
    moustafa shaaban ,sherif slama , ahmed rizk ,afaf shoaeb and ola ghanim the best actors

  1. lovelylebanese

    i havent watched ramadan series in yrs since bab al hara 2 .. but i started watching 3ayza etgawez nd I love it its sooooooo funny.. I didnt know who hind sabry was till I watched this she sooooo cute.. 3ayza etgawez number one!!!!

  1. Christina USA <3
    Christina USA <3 replied to comment from lovelylebanese

    wow.. i am not trying to be rude or anything.. but how can u not know hind sabry??? she is in sooo many movies and pretty popular ones.. and she acted in another series on tv i think its called ba'ed el fora'a. i mean im sorry maybe ur not into arabic cinema or drama.. but im born and raised in the united states... and im lebanese by the way lol.. but i still know who she is.. maybe coz my parents watch alot of arabic tv.. but im just curios.. if u never watched any of her movies.. i recommend u watch ''Ibrahim Labyad" with ahmed el sakka... "halet hobb" with tamer hosny and "weeja" with sherif mouneer and hani salama.. she has many more but these are the ones i can think of right now coz its 230 am haha lol.. and by the way,... shes tunisian... but im glad u love ayza atgawez coz i love it too and i think its soo funnny esp the first 5 episodes omgt he first 2 i was cracking up bc if u think about it.. its so true.. we are facing this dilemma here in the states among and in our arab community.. im 26 and my friend's ages are between 24-31 and believe me..we are a group of about 15 girls.. and marriage seems so hard.. its not hard to find men.. but where are the decent ones.. and im a teacher this is my first year teaching in high school.. and my friends are all also beautiful and successful with great jobs and careers.. but life is really expensive and tough these days so im not surprised because not only egypt suffers.. but here too. she presents it in a very funny and sarcastic way which is fun to watch.. but she also is presenting true stories comes from our daily lives.. and the way sawsan badr pressures her to get married and wants her to get married so bad, is soo true because i have seen my 2nd cousin going through it and shes 30 and her mom is going insane.. so to the people who say its broing and dumb.. i have to admit.. there are some scenes where i questioned myself.. bc she's a doctor who is smart and educated.. how can she fall for some stupid guys like the one she where he was taking her to coffee shops and art galleries and paid for him... or the guy in the bus or the van taxi cab looking thing lol where she pulled out her money and he just snatched it.. maybe thats a reaction of being desperate or maybe too desperate that shows us that many women/girls or however you want to address them.. will just do anything to be with someone and dont forget family pressure plays a big part..because they dont want ppl talking about their daughter esp when shes almost 30... and thats why some ppl need to pay close attention to the meaning of the show not only the comdey part. because many ppl are getting married just to be with someone and fearing the idea of being alone in the future and this is what's causing high rates of divorce in all over the world.. sorry i know this is long but i just wanted to express my opinion and didnt mean to harm or hurt anyone in here..

    i dont have a fave show.. coz i work alot and barely have time to watch them all... i usually watch ayza atgawez online.. and i like el kabeer awee.. and actually el a'ar and ahel cairo are the only ones that i can catch on tv because they come on tv right when i get home from work.. and i love ahel cairo and cant wait to know who is the killer lol... i wana watch el gamaa because everyone is talking about how good it is.
    oh by the way.. i got to catch few parts from leila elwee's fatat el leeel.. i think thats what its called.. and honestly, im disappointed because leila had an amazing series last year in part one.. i tried watching captin effat..but after the 7th episode i got bored..

  1. tunisie

    a7sen mousalsel dhakiret el jassed linajdet anzour //abu dhabi
    el mousalasalet el masriya tafiha wa moubtadhala


    dhakiret el jassed leenajdet anzour 3amal raee3 .
    el mousalsalet el masria tafiha wa mobtèdhèla .

  1. MASRY



    Da e7na tel3na 7ara2een awi...


  1. salma

    zohra wa azwajlouha al khamsa c le meilleur
    bab al hara , et yousef assedik se sont aussi tres bien

  1. tunisia

    what means 7ara2een ya masri

  1. hana algeria
    hana algeria

    la vulgarité egyptienne on en a ra le bol .
    les syriens sont les meilleurs dhakiret el jassed pour la grande romancière algérienne ahlem mostaghanmi et le réalisateur syrien najdet anzour est un vrai est un chef d'eouvre .
    egyptians must watch it to learn the real art .

  1. MASRY


    Yes, we need to learn real art. We really do. I promise you we will begin taking art lessons as soon as possible.

  1. Not impressed
    Not impressed

    I am so surprised and disappointed that Waleg did not do a story about the Ground Zero mosque that's like the biggest thing right now! Being an arab site I would've expected waleg to do this story first. Anyways the reason why I want waleg to do this story is because I have a lot to say and I want to see what muslims think about this issue. Well I'm sure they're in support for the mosque,but you never know. I just have a lot to say I'm dying right now!!!

  1. ko0ki

    1) AHL CAIRO
    2) 3YZA 2TGWZ
    3) 2L KBIR 2WI
    4) 2DYT SFYA
    5) BL SHM3 2L 27MR

  1. sue

    Barra al dounia was nice But the End Of the serie was very Bad i don't like it because the baby was abused by the the actress Nada was crashed by car really the end was very Bad and sad
    i liked zohra
    ana ayza atgawaz
    bechammaa al ahmar

  1. reem

    el 3ar
    el kebeer awy
    2adeyet safeya
    3ayza atgawez
    el less we el ketab

  1. Nancy

    El kebeer way
    Ahl Cairo
    Ahl Cairo
    Ahl Cairo
    Ahl Cairo

  1. Antakya

    Some dramas were really well done (El3ar, El malika Nazli,Rish na3am,Shahed Ithbat, Cleopatra, El Kebeer...) some others should do better next year incha allah (3yza atgawiz, mesh friends...)
    I find some difficulties to watch all the series...I didn't even remember in which channel this or this drama pass!

  1. sam

    shut up hana algeria. Law 3andik dam u would not make comments 2 provoke people. Go and judge ur own. Enty yali bitshaga3i il fan bitshaga3i il fasad, u r a person who has views that no one will tolerate anymore, especially seeing as algeria has no tv not that I or anyone cares, but if you want to be against Egyptians then be against us without trying to look like you are sided with other Arabs against us. Moron.

  1. HANA

    HAJA ZOHRA W AZWAJHA EL KHAMSA (TOP 1) ME gustado mucho la novela y mas majed es un hombre guapisimoooooooo


    hana algeria a raison ya sayed a3mel masriya tafiha w sat7ia wa moubtadhala //binhom w bin les syriens bo3d sama wel ardh .
    moudha 9dima barcha barcha .
    au maghreb on voit plus leurs vulgarités et bassesse


    hana algeria a raison ya sayed a3mel masriya tafiha w sat7ia wa moubtadhala //binhom w bin les syriens bo3d sama wel ardh .
    moudha 9dima barcha barcha .
    au maghreb on voit plus leurs vulgarités et bassesse

  1. paparazzi

    aloha..im from asia...
    im love egyptian movie
    where can i download all egyptian movie..

    El Gama3a (الجماعة)
    - Ahl Cairo (اهل كايرو)
    - El 3ar (العار)
    - Zohra Wa Azwagha el Khamsa (زهرة و أوزاجها الخمسة)
    - 3ayza Atgawez (عايزة أتجوز)

    please..i want to download it

  1. Daydream

    I find it a crying shame that people "enjoyed" Al Jama3a and call it brilliant.. To be honest, I see them as fools, and as tools. Clueless tools whom are easily manipulated. This series was supposedly based on the "true" story of the life of Hassan El Banna.. The man who founded El Ekhwan El Muslimeen (The Muslim Brotherhood) But any sane person who knows who Hassan el Banna is can clearly distinguish that this was NOT the case.. The story they portrayed was ugly and full of lies, they made him out to be some sort of villain, a crazed Islamist, far from his true characteristics.. I didn't bother finishing this series because it disgusted me.. As an Arab born and raised in the states.. I am repulsed by it and I am positive the Egyptian government had something to do with it. No Sunni Muslim in their right mind would enjoy anything about that unless they are misguided or ignorant. Learn your history first before you let some Soap Opera try to teach you. How dare them for such a poor portrayal of a good man and may he rest in peace!

  1. egypt<3

    i watched el 3ar, resh na3am and 3ayza atgawiz i really loved el 3ar it was amazing and the acting was incredible i also liked resh na3am and 3ayza atgawiz but i didnt like the endings for those but over all they where very good

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