Azwaj Al Haja Zahra in Ramadan

Azwaj Al Haja Zahra

News of the TV series ready for Ramadan are already starting to pour in!
One of the those series, which will be aired on MBC, is Azwaj Al Haja Zahra.
This series stars Ghada Abdel Razeq alongside a few Egyptian and Syrian stars.
Basem Yakhor will be playing the husband of 'Zahra'.
The series, as it's name suggests, deals with a social issue regarding marriage and divorce.

Photos from Azwaj Al Haja Zahra

Photos Azwaj Al Haja Zahra tv series

As Ghada herself says, the series doesn't encourage wives to divorce their husbands for any reason, but sheds light on the fact that a woman has the choice to chose her husband and if things aren't working out, then divorce is the best solution to save the couple trouble, pain and legal issues!

These series is brought to you by the same people who worked on "Ailat Al Haj Mitwalli" a few years back.

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  1. human being
    human being

    Sounds interesting!

  1. zain

    ciao io sono zain to pcia me ok grraza

  1. souad

    hi i lik this films

  1. janat

    ahsan maw9i3

  1. djihad

    rawwwwwwwwww3aaaaaa,rawwww3a,dafilm biganin,awi awi awi ,ya sit rhada enti hilwa awi awi w enti ma3a tayar magid ya3ni labi2lek awi awi w ana bahibik ktir w mou3gaba fiki kamen ......................with my love djihaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad bye

  1. latifa


  1. banina

    ana el musalsal 3agabni ktir ou zahra 3amalet edur jaid ou bhaniha 3ala chajsia ou kul ili matalu fi elfilm ou enchala nagah .alf mabrok alah yehmikom . gubulati lil kul ou mbc beljosos

  1. walaa

    One of the dumbest serials this ramadan. No story lline. Its like Zohra is one the last woman on the planet and every man wants her!! Please give me a break! So dumb and Ghada sucks. They should have gotten Nicole Saba. She woudl def been able to pull off this character better than ghada!!

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