Leila Kanaan Directs Nancy Ajram for World Cup 2010

Nancy Ajram

Young Lebanese director Leila Kanaan directs Canadian artist Kanan and Nancy Ajram for their FIFA World Cup 2010 song "Waving Flag".
The shooting of the $1 million music video took around one month and took the cast and crew to Denmark, Portugal, Brasil, Lebanon and of course South Africa.

In the clip, Leila made sure to bring out the casual and modern side of Nancy Ajram.
Nancy's wardrobe was all courtesy of Balmain, who usually dresses Madonna for most of her video clips.

In this clip, we're going to see Nancy dancing for the very first time.
Nancy practiced for the choreographed dance moves for a whole month to perfect the routine.

The clip will soon be broadcast on numerous satellite channels during the World Cup.

- Nancy Ajram FIFA World Cup 2010 Video Clip (Photos)

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  1. Lovely

    This song is by K'naan he is Somalia-Canadian. the thing that i can't imgine is that i saw article in a website that Nancy saying that he is name is akon ,how come she doesn't know? and i saw an interview of Nancy and this time she was saying that he is American. I just liked to make things clear

  1. Zezo

    K'naan is from somalia and the song is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. sam

    Why waste $1 million on a world cup music video when ur not even in the world cup??? Seems like another desperate scheme 2 make money.

  1. MASRY


    Its part of the Coca Cola Egypt campaign. Wavin Flag is the official Coca Cola World Cup Anthem.

  1. NASSIF<33

    I love how in the Video the Syrian flag is in 70% of the shots even though we've never made it into the World Cup....LOOOL
    I think somebody from production team got the wrong Memo & mixed the Algerian Flag with Syrian one

  1. Mariam

    Its a nice song, but....

    "Nancy practiced for the choreographed dance moves for a whole month to perfect the routine."

    She was dancing??? o_0 where?? you mean the hands up hand down moves, i don't think that needs 1 month of practice..

    it was nice, but the ending how she sits down an takes a drink, just ruined the song...

    I agree with Sam, its all about the $$$$

  1. Mariam
    Mariam replied to comment from NASSIF<33

    LOL!!! i agree hahaha i read alot of complaints about that!!

  1. Samia

    How come, Algeria who the only arab team who made to the world cup 2010 did not take part in this video? isn't that weird?

    Also, the way Nancy is dancing, sorry..you can't call it a dance, looks like a kid...what a shame !!

  1. tabooooosh

    lool 7aramaat :P im at the library so i cant listen but im sure its great :D

  1. sisi

    nice song but SUCKY DANCING......that's all i have to say :) The choreographer should find another job FAST...

  1. courtney
    courtney replied to comment from Mariam

    i luv j bieber

  1. arda

    hello , is anyone know these dancers name? especially behind of nancy.. this girl, very sympathic, i wonder her name, and actually i coudnt find her name.. in this article captured by dressed black short and her belly opened girl.

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