Elissa’s Album Remains No.1

Elissa number 1

All the hard work that Elissa put into her “Tsadaq Bmein” album has finally paid off because her album is right on the top spot and it seems like it’s staying there for some time. And you know what? Her album has been selling like crazy since more than 12 weeks ago, which means Elissa’s album has been the #1 album for 3 months and that’s according to Virgin Records. It’s awesome right?

Before Elissa’s album came out, Carole Smaha’s album was in the number one spot, but the second Elissa’s new album came out, Carol’s album started making fewer sales... Rotana also released Assi El Halani’s album but it never reached the top! Joseph Attieh’s new album “Mawhoum” reached #2 and then slipped down to the third spot. Why? It’s because of Elissa’s album that he couldn’t reach number 1!

Nancy has a new album coming out soon. Think she will do better than Elissa?

Congrats Elissa! Did you buy her album? What can you say about her songs?

By Nina

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  1. MASRY

    If she could only sing, and have an actual voice...

  1. SNG

    I bought her new album and it is GREAT, AMAZING and FANTASTIC :) The songs of her new album are pieces of art. Queen Elissa is the best and she is the Queen of Arabic Music. I LOVE her soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much and I ADORE her romantic voice :)

  1. Sami

    omg her new album is absolutely amzing i lisent 2 it everyday and i never get bored of it . Its full of emotions, and her voice is warm and romantic. Is jst a piece of Art like u said Sng.love you elissa.x

  1. Valerie

    omg yes. i bought her album the first day it came out. i own every one. her last 4 albums are just beyond amazin.. a7la donia. bastannak.. ayami beek and tesada2 b meen.. these albums are great. i listen to elissa everyday and have those 4 albums on one playlist on itunes and its on repeat.
    one of myy fave songs on this new album is.. min gheer mounasbah. its #3.. and masdouma also is really good. i love u elissa keep up the good work coz ur the queen of romance.

  1. Valerie

    i am not a big fan of nancy ajram but i gottta admit i like her.. i have her last cd betfakar fi eh? and i gotta admit its a nice cd coz her songs are catchy and u wana dance while listening to them.. but i am very romantic so u would see me listening to elissa.. wael kfoury.. fadel shaker.. rayan..ramy sabry..khaled selim.. shrine.. yara. i mean of course they sing some songs with beat. but im talkin more about the romantic slow songs lol

  1. RITA

    So what? Who cares? i really hate her new album...only 3 really good songs...worst singer ever

  1. mounou

    البوم اليسا الأخير رائع كل اغانيها جميلة و معبرة ولاتستطيع ان تفضل اغنية عن اخرى اغنية سلملي عليه -مصدومة-عابالي حبيبي...والبوم كارول سماحة كدلك رائع اما عن نانسي فاغانيها تعجبني فترة و بعدها ما احب اسمعاها و اغنية الرائعة جدا هي اغنية ايمن زبيب الأخيرة بحبك و الله ...شكرا......................

  1. midoO

    just great album and amazing elissa :D
    love you elissa

  1. midoO

    and nancy sure will not bi able to do a album like tisada2 bi min
    because its a perfect album and no one can do like tisada2 bi min ( just elissa ) :D

  1. sama7


  1. Sarita


  1. rami

    people who are hating on elissa.. keep on hating.. ur just jealous coz she has an amazing voice. haters.

    i love elissa..

  1. JERRY

    calm down rami...nobody is hating on elissa...i agree that this album doesn't bring many hits or great songs....its not as good as her previous albums...when it comes down to her voice live; its terrible...its not amazing..its really bad...but she does have some great songs (sometimes)....i like 6 songs from her...i dont give her too much credit.

  1. Mohamad kaaki Elissian
    Mohamad kaaki Elissian

    LOL !! for thoughs who said that the album is not succesful :D oh well, in ur oppinion how does the album get succesful, if Elissa's Tesadaq bmeen toped the charts from the first day it came out, and its still since 3 moths, #1 ... lol ! and u say its not succesful :D NIHAHAA !! jealusy can do many things sometimes ;)

  1. nancylover

    I am Nancy fan but I must admit that Elissa's songs are better and I can't stop listening her old albums. Nancy's songs are catchy but Elissa's has a quality

  1. nicholas

    never get bored of her new album and i think that Only Diva ELISSA can remain for such a period on the top 1 ... like her pre album she was on the top 1 for 5 months ... so i dont think that nancy can beat her but sure i can not deny that nancy is star no2 after elissa .but i love both

  1. tamo

    i love nancy alot.. but after i attended in a concert for elissa (valentines day) this year ohhhh now i adooooooooooooore her she`s like a great personality and for those who say that her voice is terrible ohyaya ... Stop it her voice is amazing now and she`s so adoreable an kind. now i really adore her after this album im a fan of her ... really she`s the star of the age


    I really can't believe someone said Elissa has personality. That is one of the most ridicilous things i have heard. She is a little diva who thinks she is the best,. i find her without a heart or respect for people who are better than her...Elissa only carries a few great hits, the only reason she is successful with her album is because of her fans and Rotana. I have never seen a company push a artist on people. They push and push elissa when she isn't that great. i admit i like some of her songs but don't find her good enough to compete with the likes of Najwa karam, Nawal Al Zoghbi, Nancy Ajram, etc.

    She doesn't have charisma or a wow factor. she is not nice and he songs convey it. I bought her album and i review albums fairly and don't care about their personality. i reviewed her album and its medicore...nothing that amazes me or brings substance. i see a few good songs like 3 of them. i do this for a living and reviewing is what i get paid for. i will say her previous two albums are much better and give them 4 out 5. this new album is a 2.5/5 and thats pushing it.

  1. majed


  1. Shereen

    Ok, lets not care for personality and how people treat each other and focus on music. I re-listened to Elissa's new album and enjoyed 3-4 songs out of all them...if that many.....a few songs passed through my ears and i thought we were still on the same song...they are always alike and some are really boring...ELISSA has NO TALENT...NONE...sorry Elissa fans...her voice is played with so much to pretend that she has a voice...Elissa doesn't change her style in music which keeps her songs boring and not getting people to enjoy her music....im only judging the songs not her....so re-listen to this album and you will only really hear 3 songs you like because the others will just pass and you wouldn't recognize....ELISSA'S NEW ALBUM IS REALLY BAD....

  1. tamer

    fortunately "shereen" u r from the minority who says that elissa`s songs are boring h-h-h sorry dear but apparently u don`t have a music ears + u don`t no what is talent ..

  1. joan

    whatever u say ELISSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ia DIVA she`s the best the best the best and we do care for the artist persanality sure because after all we`re real fans .... ELISSA is star #1 and no one could beat her hh its a fact dude. and for that waleed : rotana and the fans are pushing her .. if they`re not so who will? thats why she`s no.1 because of her loyal fanssssssss -stupidity-

  1. Joe

    Everything sbout Eissa is BEST AND AMAZING!!

    She is the Best Arabic Artist 4ever

  1. Palestinian Sandy- Dubai
    Palestinian Sandy- Dubai

    maaaaaaaaaan her new album is a piece of art ... every single song is sung with passion and love .. we may argue that her voice in concerts may not be as good as najwa's for example ... but i dont think anyone would deny the fact that each song of her new album takes your breath away ... i mean .. just focus on the quality of her words and melody in some songs like " Webyestehi , 3abali 7abibi, Salmely 3aleh " it's like her choice of words gets better every album, she doesn't sing just to make money, she sings with her soul .. with her whole being.. her words touch my heart... and i can't help it but to listen to her songs over and over again ... i been addicted to " Salmely 3aleh " for over 2 months naw .. j am just typing the way i feel about her album .. i think as long as you can relate to EVERY song of her new album ... it's definitely the best

  1. Monica

    I will keep it short. Elissa disappoints with this new album. It lacks quality and substance. She keeps disappointing me. Her voice is so bad now too. I don't like Elissa. I only judge on music not personality.

  1. mano

    Elissa's new album is Simply & Fantastic
    We all know that Nancy's album will never beat Elissa's that\s
    why Nancys album is out six or more months later

  1. hanz

    Everyone has the right to post their opinion! people hate the album people like it...!! so stop attacking one another!! As for her album i loved a few songs maybe 5 of them, and i listened to them for a few days but then forgot about them and its been over a month since the last time i ever listened to them. Her voice is amazing on the cd, but ofcourse with autotune and all those studio adjustments, her voice isnt BAD live but NOT GOOD. Thats my opinion !

  1. dontmesswithnancy
    dontmesswithnancy replied to comment from majed

    the personality is in the music...retard.

  1. awjan

    after reading all these comments, its really comical to see the Elissa fans fighting so much for a person who ll never think of them or fight for them. and on the other side, the Elissa haters, why wud u hate her so much? if u dont like her songs, khalas. its just silly to fight over this issue. just post ur opinions in a respectful manner and the world will be so much more peaceful. wallahi if u can fight for a mere singer, no wonder this dunya is such a mess. as for the Waleg inquiry, i find three of Elissa's songs pleasant to the ears while the rest i just skip. there easy.

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