Sarkhat Hajar, A Brave Move from MBC

Sarkhat Hajar

The Turkish series "Wadi Al Thiaab" created a diplomatic crisis between Turkey and Israel ... but that didn't stop MBC from broadcasting another Turkish TV series that sheds light on the suffering and plight of the Palestinian people under the Israeli occupation!
"Sarkhat Hajar" is a brave move from MBC and it's sure going to get on the nerves of Israel!

Are you watching "Sarkhat Hajar" ?
What do you think of the series and the plot so far?
Do you think another diplomatic crisis may arise?

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  1. opersde

    i think it's a great plot and MBC shud broadcast it. theres no reason why israel and turkey to have a fight becuz of a tv series that depicts the truth! anyway, i dont support a diplomatic crisis between turkey and israel!!!

  1. Feb

    Those Zionist pigs are getting what they deserve, an Israeli diplomat was fired from London for being an official of the Mossad which is behind Al-Mabhouh's assassination in Dubai two months ago.

  1. koko

    yesssss every at home are all waiting till 9:00 GMT omg its amazing but at the same time its depressing i mean i cant belive arabs cant even do anything to stop or well allah is still there anyway

    and plus its a very brave thing of suadi arabia to be doing this i mean because suadi arabia owns the channel of mbcs ini

    thats the atleast thing they go do subhanallah lol

  1. looooola

    i think there is a lot of double standards with israel , on the one side they mock the killing of al mabhouh on one of their comedy shows where actors resembling the assassins are brought in and are clapped for and have re-enacted the scene in a comical manner , i mean who has a nerve to re-enact a murder in a comical manner and the same show with haiti survivors another comic episode making fun of the survivors and displaying "jewish " superiority , but when it comes to the arabs posting or talking anything about israel then you have memri that goes cherry picking across arab channels , as if arab channels speak about israel 24/7 and we all know if there was an arab memri against what israel broadcasts then washington would go crazy and make every attempt to stop it ! let aside dawood hussain's depiction of sharon in a ramadhan fawazeer sharon even threatened to take the matter to the UN ! i am glad turkey and mbc have decided to put this up !

  1. hager

    so far it is quiet an interesting series that contributes to the awakening of the arabs from their heavy sleep; it's rather honorable to have such brave nation like turkey to show the truth of the zionists to the world through this serious work of drama a new era is about to come soon where the voice of justice will be heard

  1. sanae zine
    sanae zine

    vraimnet un series qui est tres belle j tm amir

  1. fayfouuuuu

    hey everyone i'm sarkhet hajar's bigggest fan and i would like to ask u if know why he is too short?? please answer me soon!! peacee!! because it's the first shot tukey show!!thx

  1. YaSsOoo <3 SaLLimEeH
    YaSsOoo <3 SaLLimEeH

    sucktin to the israeli dogs they soo deserve it. Anyways im here to answer your question?? the reason why the turk series is very short is because the series was going to go on for more but because the jewish rats made a debate on the turks who made the series so they shortened it alot. thanks for reading.

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