Ramy Ayach Engaged!

Ramy Ayach with Cerine Abou Zein

Well ladies, I’m writing this article with sadness, didn’t we all think we stand a chance :)? Ramy Ayach and Cerine Abou Zein had an engagement party at the bride’s house; the party was very small and only the parents of the two love birds attended.

Photos from Ramy Ayach Engagement

Photos Ramy Ayach Engagement party with family

Rumor has it that Ramy got his bride a very expensive gift for the engagement but no one is saying exactly how much it costs. Ramy surprised everyone with this engagement although I wonder why? Since in almost every interview, he says that he wants to settle down and have a small family! Single guys don’t usually talk like that, so from here you can tell that Ramy had something going on!

For the first time the media wasn’t all up in Ramy’s business, the singer even posted the pictures by himself! Ramy’s and Cerine’s families like to live in their own private world and not under the media microscopes and I do respect that.

By Nina

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  1. meme_london

    r u guys seriousssssssss she is ugly and looks older than him omg!!!

  1. oH EM GEE
    oH EM GEE

    well congrats to him...maybe its just the camera? but he could have done so much better :/
    either way Allah yitmimlun 3ala khayr w yis3idhum :)

  1. Cyrina Abdelnour Fan
    Cyrina Abdelnour Fan

    I always thought there was something between Ramy and Cyrine Abdelnour soooo now he has a fiancee who is ugly and looks like a shemale but with the same name of probably his true love....

  1. Funny

    EEEh I clearly didn't have a chance cuz I'm prettier than this girl....so he probably has a thing for ugly women...

  1. Say What
    Say What

    You people are all so hateful & mean! Why are you so obsessed with appearance. God created her that way. I am sure she is a lovely person. Your society is sick. Loook at the deeds of a person, not anything else. May God forgive you.

  1. Stupid people
    Stupid people

    Ramy Ayach engaged!

    SO WHAT? He is fat and ugly which doesn't matter as a singer needs to have a good voice however he just sucks! Ramy Ayach is a complete nobody.

    Abu Wissam and Abu Wad3eee FOREVER!

  1. zezo

    ewwwwwwwwww....shes soooo ugly...she looks soo old and she looks like plastic shes all fake yuk

  1. George

    I'm seriously shocked, the Cyrine abdul nour fan said it best when he/she said that she looks like a shemale, I mean for his stature he could have definitely done much better.

  1. This is BAD
    This is BAD


    Amr Diab's wife: beautifull
    Tamer Hosny's girlfriend: cute
    Kadim al Sahir's girlfriend Ghada Ragab: would look great if she lost a few pounds
    Drug Addict George Wassouf's wife: normal/pretty
    Wael Kfoury's girlfriend: Stunning


    RAMY AYACH'S FIANCEE: WORSE THAN HAIFA, NANCY AND OTHER PLASTIC LEBANESE WOMEN. Yuck she looks like a witch who is almost 40! But uhum I wouldn't be surprised if she is a transgender...waleg are you serious this ain't a joke? I mean Ramy has good taste in women! He was dating the gorgeous Rim Saidi once and now he has this man who turned woman?

    If it's true: ALL THE BEST TO RAMY.

  1. miryammmm

    I can already tell what the gift was, if you look at the first picture, and the second picture, and compare them, you can see that the expensive gift waleg is talking about is the green necklace, earrings set... she is wearing in the second picture,, check it out you guys,,,,
    also what is that thing about Tamer Hosny's girlfriends, THIS IS BAD, said his girlfriend is cute, who is she?

  1. Kadim Al Sahir Fan
    Kadim Al Sahir Fan

    What is wrong with Ramy? I used to be a huge fan of him but today I don't even remeber why!

    He hasn't released an album since 2006 and only that single with ahmed was released but honestly that song wasn't that historical. Forget about releasing albums he gained soooo much weight! And now he is engaged to a plastic lebanese man turned woman....

    I'm sooooo happy I started to listen to Kadim Al Sahir in Ramy's three years dissapearance suddenly I found out that Ramy music just sucks! Kadim is 52 years old and zillion times more handsome than Ramy and next to that his music is phenomanal and his voice is like a orchestra of his own. Now I don't know whether Kadim and Ghada are dating but it definitely seems sooo and THIS IS BAD is right if Ghada would loose that underchin she would look gorgeous....

    So happy Ramy became lazy cuz else I would have missed out the great Kadim Al Sahir.

  1. rasha

    she is soooooooooooo ugly da ana ahla menha bekter


    اولا جدتي احلى منها بكتييييييييير
    كنـــــــــــــــــــــــت اسمع لرامي لكن الان لا لا لا
    يقطع هالزوووووووء

  1. bassil

    she has the biggest teeth i have ever seen in my life , all his life ramy ayach dated the most beautiful women and then at the end decided to get engaged to the ugliest former man , i heard rumores that his family wanted him to marry her becouse she is druze and becouse she comes from well known family

  1. leb man
    leb man

    this is funny becouse for the past past couple of days and every where i went i geard people talking that ramy ayach got engaged to a girl that is very ugly so i had to see for my self ! im surprised !! in lebanon we have very nice women i guess he likes ugly women

  1. LMAO

    bassil is right! he always dated beautifull women but this woman is yuck...i don't get it loubnane has soooo many gorgeous women and he chooses this girl?

  1. Noura

    Eww! That's all i could say. She so looks like a man..
    Well , good luck =/

  1. rola

    i really wonder all u ppl leaving those shameful comments if u evenl look good!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i bet u dont otherwise u wont b that mean.......... beautifu ppl c the good in others...and a man with those boobs I DOUBT! girls r jealous FINE but the guys that left the comments....what r u FAGSSSSSSSSSSSS

  1. hmmm

    miss rola ,first im a big fan of ramy's music and second what do you think that all guys are fags and all girls are jealous or is the girl really not that good looking. she is not ugly like some people think but its clear that ramy is much much more good looking than she is and i personally though he would marry a very beautiful girl , he couldhave done much better and i dont recall people saying that his old fiance reem the top model was ugly becouse they fit each other very well and in this case i think this girl is not that bad but ramy can do better.

  1. oh :s:s
    oh :s:s

    i hope they enjoy life together may god bless them but ramy is alot better looking and she lookes older than him :S

  1. to hmmm
    to hmmm

    I sooooooooooo agree with you Rim Saidi was stunning and they looked gorgeous together! And I'm a girl and I really wasn't jealous then so it's not that...but now I'm kind of jealous I mean I am much better looking than this cerine girl sooo why can't he marry me! With Rim she was prettier than me so i didn't feel jealous...i want ramy to have the most gorgeous girl in the world and now the poor guy is going to marry this weird looking girl.

    Someone above posted a list with names of other arabic singers and that they have more beautifull wives this is soooo true! george wassouf is according to me ugly and old however his wife is good looking...now ramy is handsome and his fiancee is yuck....gives me a really strange feeling this.

  1. to rola!
    to rola!

    i am a guy and i personally just like evryone ealse think that ramy is very handsome if not the most handsome arabic singer and that he deservers to be with a gorgeous girl , does that make me fag or gay in anyway? so please be realistic and accept the fact that he got engaged to a not so good looking girl!

  1. ramy engaged
    ramy engaged

    do they even love each other??!?!? i have not noticed a single picture with them gazing into each other's eyes, or hugging each other or even holding each other's hands , i dont feel their is passion between them it seems as i have read in my articles that he got engaged to her since his parents refused for him to be with a non druze girl so they picked her for him ,still though im druze and i can tell you for a fact we have meny many many good looking druze girls in lebanon!

  1. curios people
    curios people

    hahhahahahahahhahhahah it is realy funny how all of you are so crious and nosey............leave the guy and girl alone...they chose each other so whatever you say is bullshit to them:PPPPPPPPPPPPPPP

  1. to curious people
    to curious people

    very true...stop butting in...........shu khaskon intou! as if he gives a damn to what u say....u r here criticisig and they ar enjoying their time ...get a life for gods sake!

  1. bassam

    ya3ne law bteklou hawwa kilkom bkoun ahssan...l3ama shu fadyeen....he is good looking,she is good looking,they got engaged,will get married and live happily ever after n you will all burn up with jeaousy.......hehehe

  1. hahaha

    very ugly women ....but oh well im not even a fan of him

  1. zebra

    WTF???!?! dat girl is ugly and her dress is worse, ramy got engaged to a zebra , its true they say love is blind :P whatever

  1. saad

    pesonally i have seen this girl so many times in verdun and saraha she looks diff in real.....she is actually stunning!

  1. Haifafan

    what is wrong with you people!!! so what if she is not beautiful its not her fault , hayde khel2et allah so we dont blame her for it !! im sure since ramy loves her he sees her as the most beautiful one ! poor her she will be criticized too much ,its not enough she is engaged to ramy ayach which ,mean she have to deal with all his women fans who throw themself at him !!

  1. baakleen

    Why in all the pics Rami appears sad? I hope doesn't regret it. Cyrine is attractive but it seems Rami is not in love with her at all.

  1. mariem

    oh my god ! poor Ramy I fell sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pity for you!!!!!!!!

  1. siham

    sincérement je me suis choqué j'ai jamais cru que tu as un mauvais gout ta fiancé et vraiment mouche mais j'éspère que vous aurez une belle vie plein d'amour des enfant et de succés parce que tu mérites

  1. siham

    sincérement je me suis choqué j'ai jamais cru que tu as un mauvais gout ta fiancé et vraiment mouche mais j'éspère que vous aurez une belle vie plein d'amour des enfant et de succés parce que tu mérites

  1. salah

    so ugly big teeth and fake face too old her dress from oldies,haram ramii,i pitty u

  1. kazemelsahir

    hal2 fhemet leh el kil 3abyehke ino rami akhad we7de mbayne ad imo w besh3a.walahi sa2at min 3ayne

  1. Arab101

    First of all this girl, is she arab? She doesn't look arab. And I'm gonna have to disagree with you guys she isn't ugly,but she does look like a plastic barbie doll especially in the first picture she can't even smile anymore! Poor thing,lay off the cheek injections or collagen whatever you use.And he himself is not that good looking either.

  1. *FARAH*

    RAMIIIIiIiIIIiiIiIiiiiiiiiiiiiiIIiIiiIiIiiii shes ugly ! :(

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