Al-Azhar Suddenly Noticed Yousuf Payambar!

Yousuf Payambar

Two years after airing the Iranian historical/religious TV series Yousuf Payambar, which was a huge hit and lots of people around the Arab world watched it and fell in love with Mostafa Zamani, the Iranian actor who portrayed the leading role of Prophet Yousouf in the series, Al Azhar suddenly noticed that such kinds of series should not be allowed to be aired! Hello, almost nobody left who hasn’t heard about it or even watched at least an episode or two!

The Message

In the beginning of the 80s, Al-Azhar had a problem with the famous movie ever made until this day about the first days of Islam ‘The Message’ (الرسالة), Mustafa Al Akkad had to struggle with Al-Azhar for years to get their approval to air the movie … it was only aired in Egypt a few years ago after Al-Azhar gave its ok after a second thought! Keep note that a similar movie that was directed by Youssef Shaheen in the 70’s got Al-Azhar’s approval despite it being very cheap and lousy! I personally believe it was a very poor movie that wasn’t based on facts – you should watch the movie to understand what I mean –

Anyway, Al-Azhar now has a problem with the Iranian series about the Prophet Yousuf because according to Al-Azhar, faces of prophets should not be allowed to be personated by actors … (FYI: The face of Prophet Mohammad and The Khulafa Rachideen weren’t portrayed in The Messenger …!) … My point is, where was Al-Azhar 2 years ago when the series was first aired on TV??? Why are they making a fuss about it now and its Facebook page has huge fan base especially from the Arab world???

What do you think about Al-Azhar’s sudden interest in the series and what do you think about not allowing prophets to be impersonated?

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  1. motara86

    Ya, this is the same guy that supports the establishment of the wall between gaza and egypt, and the destroyment of all the tunnels that carry food, building material and other living essentials. So i am not surprised. BTW I am a muslim that prays 5 times and fasts in ramadan and some other days, so i am not religously rasicst.

  1. walla

    i agree with motara86. his decisions has nothing to do with islam !

  1. sam

    Nothing wrong with stating that somethings wrong; better late than never.

    'Al Risala' did not portray prophets, in fact it went 2 great lengths 2 avoid any blasphemy, only portraying sohaba.

    Iran on the other hand has a history of drawing prophets, eventhough they went nuts over the Danish cartoons...hypocrisy. So yes if you were offended by those Danish cartoons, then you should also be offended by any attempts of imitating any of the prophets...including jesus, ibrahim, moses, joseph...

    No need 2 make it a country issue, haram is haram.

  1. rawan x
    rawan x

    i am watching it those days, i just find it so interesting, i think its okay if they air it on tv, like no1 would go like oh my god thts the prophet cuz an idot would know prophets were long time ago (sorry about my language), it is just amazing, its on Al Salam Channel 6:00 pm KSA if u want to see a couple of the tv show series, and mostafa zamani is just amazing <3 you can go on youtube and search behind the scenes ive seen the vid, its good, and how he talks irani is cute(: this tv show rocks(:

  1. ahmed khalid
    ahmed khalid

    i like that toooooooooooo much i never seen the acting
    that was cool mostafa zamani u r master man

  1. seaz

    the movie was the best and the guy playing as yosuf is so hot.

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