Guess Who 74

Guess Who 74

She is Lebanese and has a long history with TV and music, could you guess who this is?

Answer after the jump

This is indeed Razan Al Moghrabi!

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  1. Shaqila

    is this razan moughrabi?

  1. GiGi

    I think you're kidding waleg
    but I'll say it is a wax statue for Razan Maghrabi

  1. GiGi

    Although, I think you 're kidding waleg ,but I'll say it is Razan Maghrabi in WAX

  1. rina


  1. Brigitte

    Whoa, Razan seriously needs to stop with the plastic surgery. She is looking worse every time we see a new pic of her. And sorry but Haifa doesn't have a twitter in fact, I don't think any arab star has one unless their management set it up for them. The person(s) pretending to be Haifa, Nancy etc on twitter are total fakes.

  1. Aaron

    Razan super-imposed on Hayfa's photo. So it's both Hayfa & Razan.

  1. Mee

    She is Razan from Perfect bride

    Maruk Nawal and Yahia

  1. Shaqila

    how old is razan?

  1. cedra

    Maybe haifa is not real on Twitter I dunno
    But i can give u 100% that they are famous people on twitter such as Nader guirat who mad the account himself !!

    As for the guess who it's the presenter of perfect bride

  1. zezo

    RAZAAN..i hate that lady..........

  1. amal

    ewwwww she looks awful

  1. Waleg
    Waleg replied to comment from GiGi

    Oh ... trust me that is the real Razan during one of the perfect bride 2 primes!

  1. GiGi
    GiGi replied to comment from Waleg

    OMG ,I believe you Waleg
    but dnt you think it looks like a wax statue

  1. Nounours

    I agree GiGi, she looks like a wax statue. She looks horrible, old and plastic-ish

  1. ;)

    her name is razan and she is so rzeena like we say here in Tunisia which means so pathetic !

  1. Reem AUST
    Reem AUST


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